Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart - Chapter 506 - Stalked

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Chapter 506 – Stalked



Just as planned, the next day came and both of them made their way to the shopping mall to get the best outfit for Li Jing.

He wanted for her to look her best while accompanying him. He did not want anything other than that. He wanted all eyes to go wow and wide upon setting their gaze upon her.

And just from their small visit, he found the one gown right from the spot they were with the cashier.

"I love it, thanks" she thanked him in glee. She looked like a child that just got her Christmas gift. Even if he had not gotten anything for himself, just seeing her smile like that was more than enough reason for him to go home with lots of smiles on his face and ignore the meal.

As they checked other things to buy, they felt someone walk up to them.

Turning around first, Ye Cheng smiled when he saw who it was before Li Jing in her good gracious turn around too.

"Hey, Tang Zixin!" she half yelled from excitement.

"Li Jing, Ye Cheng. Nice running into you here."

"Pleasure," Ye Cheng said extending his hand to him for a shake.

He shook him then smiled at Li Jing and shook her too. "Shopping for the birthday?" Tang Zixin asked going straight to the point.

"You can say that," Ye Cheng replied.

"I see. Well, I came here for the same. Have you guys bought what you need?'

"Umm, I am done for hers. Now she is helping pick for mine."

"I see. Then let us check together. After which, we can get a bite of some burgers and cheese before heading to our respective offices. It has been a while you know."


By the time they finished their shopping, they headed for the restaurant to catch up and dine.

Unknown to them, one of the guys there shopping was actually a spy watching and tailing them and by the time the day was gone, he had more than enough to report back.

It was not until Tang Zixin went back home that he knew what was going on today.

"Good evening, Master," a young man in his early twenties greeted immediately he walked into the study.

"Yes. Evening. Anything important?" Tang Zixin asked.

Although he wanted a quick bite with them, he ended up enjoying himself and spending time.

Now, he needed to make up for such with his evening. Good thing his assistant sent his work home.

So, disturbances that weren't important wasn't a welcomed idea now.

"Yes, Master."

"Go ahead. Shoot, I am all ears."

"Judging from today's outing you had, we noticed someone stalking your pair."

"Anyone, I know?"

"No sir, but from my presumption, the person in question was stalking Mr Ye Cheng and his wife. You just happened to be in the picture because of your chance meeting. Furthermore, after you left, the person stayed behind and watched till they left before he too took his leave."

"Ah! I see. Okay."

"Yes sir. We took some pictures. They have been sent to your mail."

"Okay, thank you very much."

He bowed his head lightly and then took his leave.

Without wasting time, he opened his system and went straight for his mail. 'Hmm, I wonder what Ye Cheng would make of this and of this stalker,' Tang Zixin thought.

He knew how the latter was when it came to his woman. The stalker would be in some serious shit if caught.

Forwarding and typing a message, Tang Zixin worked on something first before hitting the send icon.

"Perfect. I leave the rest to you, protect her and yourself."

Leaning back against the chair headboard, Tang Zixin shut his eyes briefly as he reminisced about old times with Li Jing while displaying a pleasant smile on his face.

"You won, Ye Cheng. You won."

Days rolled by quickly and soon it was the D-day. The plan Bai Qing Mei, Hao Huizhong and Li Xiu had for Li Jing was already set in place.

All the needed machinery for the plan to be carried out had been contacted and paid adequately.

For Bai Qing Mei she could not just wait for it to start and end so she see Li Jing's shocked expression on the news that she was a public whore.

This was going to be one of the most epic reveals of all time that year.

"Qing Mei, ready baby?" Hao Huizhong yelled from behind his closet.

"Definitely. I wouldn't want to be late and miss such a show now, would I?" she smiled at him.

"We won't my dear. We won't. You know Ye Cheng always like to make an entrance. So imagine the bigger the embarrassment afterwards. Baby, you are a mad genius."



Adjusting his tie before the mirror, Ye Cheng yelled out his question since his wifey was in her walk-in closet. "Are you ready, my love?"

"Coming! I just need to find something and I would be done. Just give me five more minutes to prepare completely," Li Jing yelled her reply to him.

"Okay. Just recall that you are shy, my love."


"Nothing! Look beautiful for me."


He waited for another eight minutes before he heard the door to her walk-in closet click and turn around.

Due to the fact that she wanted to surprise him, she chose to d her make-up in her closet to keep herself veiled before the time.

Nothing like him seeing the end product rather than the process, she thought.

'It would take away the beauty and surprise.' Li Jing said in her head.

The ticking of her aristocratic heels against the titled floor presented the dignified legacy and the respectable blood in her veins.

Her crystal light onion peach bodycon long seemingly regal gown was perhaps another thing that oozed the literal representation of fury, yet pose of her culture.

She didn't mask her beauty behind the facade of excessive makeup, instead she kept it to the minimal shades of her skin to enhance her brighter skin tone.

In all, she was a simple delectable, stunningly gorgeous damsel.

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