Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart - Chapter 507 - Jewel Of Them All

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Chapter 507 – Jewel Of Them All



Draped in a crystal light onion peach bodycon one hand puffed sleeved mermaid dress. At the other side of her hand was a slanted off the shoulder hand that came to a stop a little bit at her breast level.

The onion peach dress hugged her body in the right places while accentuating her delectable curves that even the nature of marriage could not hide, making her look like a lovely nymph.

She knew he was watching her and just like that, Li Jing raised her head, only to see him with a face mesmerized by what he saw.

A small smile broke out on her lips that were adorned with a matching nude coloured matte lipstick, giving her the bloody glow and making her look intimidating in her outfit as she took the very first step towards his direction.

As she walked, the slit which ended at her mid-thigh on her left leg, exposed her fair legs to his beautiful eyes.

Her hair was neatly combed and allowed to drape down her back with just a few strands coming to dance at the front of her left shoulder covering her lovely skin a bit and reminding them of her marital status.

Her dress was complemented with a nude handy purse, designed intricately with crystal coloured stones, further adding to the glitter on her gown and matching with the lovely waist tiny belt and making her look like a pearl of shining gems.

For the first time that day, Ye Cheng took a good look at her from her head to her toes, taking note of every single added accessory on her being. From her crystal earrings to the hand which was clutch at her purse and was equally adorned by a diamond bracelet with a similar crystal to match her earrings.

She was exquisitely breathtaking.

"How do I look?" She asked, breaking him from his trance.

"Like a goddess. In fact, no woman in that party would compare to you today. You would snag the attention of all present."

"Thank you. You do not look bad yourself. You are drop-dead gorgeous, makes me want to eat you."

She winked at him, especially emphasizing the last part and making him a blushing mess.


He too was dressed in a matching white slim tuxedo with a lovely touch of onion peach lining the sides of his suit and pockets. His shoe glazed with a touch of wealthiness as the toe not only shone in the light but sparkled just like the crystals on her dress.

In fact, their out was specifically designed for them and when he saw it, he knew it was the one.

"Shall we?" He asked raising his carved elbow at her to take.

"Definitely." She said and took his arm as both of them left their room matching on to take the night away.

By the time they got to the party, the doors to their limousine opened and Ye Stepped out first before going to open the door for her and lead her through the red carpet.

It was supposed to be a birthday party but being the an that Mr Yan Mu Chen was, he made it look like he was giving out a national award to start the entertainment industry.

As they took their stroll in, several reporters were there to catch the show and its entourage but little did they know that one of those reporters they would run into was an old friend of theirs.

"And if it isn't the powerful duo," she started, snagging their attention towards her.

Li Jing's lips parted as a small gasp escaped her mouth but calmly enough to hide her expression from the rest of the busybodies.

"Ying Yue," Ye Cheng called out finally. It was like he had just finished ransacking his brain for her name but she of all people knew that was not the case.

"Miss me?" Her face lit up, revealing her lovely gap teeth as a pleasant smile formed on her lips. "It's been a while, I must say."

"Yeah. I guess not much of my scandal to go around these days right?" Li Jing chipped in.

"Nah, they weren't scandals but one love blooming story that the two characters failed to notice or come to terms with. He loved you back then and we all saw it even though he hid under the boss and staff relationship. He was still the naughty CEO who chased the other guys away."

"Hey, I'm still here remember," Ye Cheng quickly reminded them.

"Like heck, I didn't notice? How can such brilliance in the night fail to go unnoticed by my lovely camera?" She smiled to herself and then took a quick snapshot of the couple.

"I am sorry I wasn't there at your wedding. I missed the biggest article in town. Anyways, congratulations on escaping those scum, Li Jing. You were brave and tough to stand by his side through it all."


"I hate to break up this union, but you know, we got to go in."

"Ah, by all means, I would not be the one to prevent their eyes from gawing on her today. Nice one as always. You are the jewel of them all."

"Bye. See you inside."

"Would be there in a while," she half yelled her response.

Waving her goodbye, both of them walked their way in, smiling every now and then to the cameras till they got in.

The second Li Jing stepped foot into the magnificent hall used to host the birthday party, she got heads turning in her every direction as all eyes fell on her instantly.

As though the DJ knew what to do, the lights fell on her, announcing her arrival by itself with a lovely tune as the intro.

She took a breath in, recalling her first time making her way through one of those doors. It had been nerve-racking for her but she managed to encourage herself in.

Her mind flashed back on that particular evening. She had him there, as he reminded her to breathe with each step she took until she found her confidence and passed through it all.

Like that time still, he was there by her side just that this time, he was here as her husband and not just her boss anymore.

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