Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 445 - A Camera In The Closet

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Chapter 445: A Camera In The Closet

Commenter #66: “How disgusting. If someone did that to me, I would fight them to the death!”

Commenter #67: “I found her name! It’s An Ruoyao from Class 3-1. Tch, I heard she and School Beauty Song are best friends, and they are practically joined at the hip~ Since the School Beauty only got third place, I’m sure you can guess the rest!”

Commenter #68: “Previous commenter, An Ruoyao is An Ruoyao, what does she have to do with School Beauty Song? Open your eyes and take a proper look. Song Jingwan’s not like that.”

Commenter #69: “One should pay for their own actions. No problem with that~”

Commenter #70: “Is anyone gathering a group to check out the first class? If possible, I want to interview her. She destroyed someone’s dress and wasted all their effort. What was she thinking?”

An Ruoyao quickly looked through a few comments and couldn’t continue.

She gritted her teeth and lifted her head. Her eyes were red.

“Dammit! That wench actually hid a camera in the closet!”

Who would do something like that? An Ruoyao never expected this.

She had specifically chosen a time when no one was around and pretended to enter for the first time after everyone had returned.

In the end…

Her entire act was just a joke in Song Yaoyao’s eyes.

Song Yaoyao knew long ago that it was An Ruoyao who destroyed her dress!

But since An Ruoyao didn’t expect it, there was no way that Song Jingwan would have expected it either.

Her eyes blinked. She gripped her skirt and her expression immediately changed.

“Ruoyao, how could you…” She opened her mouth and looked at An Ruoyao in disbelief and disappointment. “Could there have been a misunderstanding? You have no grudge against her. This video must be fake.”

Everyone looked at them.

An Ruoyao looked into Song Jingwan’s eyes. She pursed her lips and said coldly, “So what if I did it? Can the school kick me out because of this? I did it because I couldn’t stand her arrogance! Moreover, doesn’t she always oppose you? Compared to what she’s done to you, this is nothing!”

Everyone was stirred up as they looked at Song Jingwan with complicated expressions.

Song Jingwan froze as she complained on the inside that An Ruoyao was an idiot.

She didn’t care that she admitted to what she had done, but why did she have to implicate her?

“Ruoyao…I didn’t think you were serious…” Song Jingwan scoffed and quickly shook her head in response. “I thought you were just joking…”

An Ruoyao was in a bad mood as she sat down. “I already did it. When did I tell you it was a joke?”

She pulled out her phone and pressed on the ‘report’ button.

“That b*tch Song Yaoyao, must have been the one to post it up! Just wait, I’ll teach her a lesson!”

She was clearly the one who was in the wrong, yet she didn’t acknowledge her mistakes after she was exposed. Instead, she tried to make Song Yaoyao sound crazy.

Who the hell would place a camera in their closet? What a psycho!

“Don’t be upset.” Song Jingwan sighed as she held onto her. “This all started because of me. I will apologize to her later and ask her to take down the post. I’ll try to reduce the impact as much as possible.”

“I’m afraid everyone at school has already seen it. What’s the point of taking it down?”

Anger burned in An Ruoyao’s eyes as she gritted her teeth. All of a sudden, she slammed her hands on her desk and stood up. She then stormed out.

Song Jingwan received a fright. “Ruoyao, where are you going?”

“I’m going to make Song Yaoyao pay!”

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