Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 446 - Line Up. One At A Time.

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Chapter 446: Line Up. One At A Time.

She walked quickly, spurred by anger.

Song Jingwan couldn’t even catch up. All she could do was watch as she disappeared out the classroom door.

“Come, line up. One at a time…”

In the doorway of Class 3-3, Shen Xun narrowed his eyes and rested one leg on top of the other roguishly. A QR code was on the screen of his phone. He curved his lips without any warmth and lifted his head lazily. “Okay, next.”

The boy standing in front of Shen Xun immediately breathed a sigh of relief and quickly ran away.

Behind him was a girl who had turned pale in fear. “Brother Xun, I didn’t bring my phone…”

“Oh? Cash will be fine too.” Shen Xun burst into laughter. “What? Do you want to watch for free?”

There was still a bandaid on his forehead. Normally, something like this would look quite comical, but on him, it somehow looked fierce and roguish. A sly smile covered his cold face.

“N-no…” The girl wanted to cry. She quickly waved her hand and replied, “I didn’t bring any cash either…”


If she knew this would happen, she wouldn’t have joined the crowd. Didn’t she know how the third class was like?


Shen Xun brushed his hair back and bit his lollipop stick with a sneer. “How dare you join the crowd when you had no money? Do you think anyone can see this face of mine?”


Just as the girl was feeling helpless and tears were about to flow out from her red eyes, a white paper appeared in front of her.

A handsome boy with a gentle smile curved his eyes and comforted softly, “It’s okay, you can write an IOU.”

The girl immediately blushed as she smiled thankfully. She quickly grabbed the paper and a pen.

“Okay, okay, thank you.”

“No need to thank me,” An Feiran smiled. After the girl finished writing, he took the note and had a look. “You’re from the second class? Okay, don’t forget your money tomorrow~”

“Yes, I will definitely remember!”

Shen Xun’s lips twitched as he looked at An Feiran in disgust. “Fake!” he scoffed.

He then waved his hand coldly. “Next.”

The person behind the girl rushed forward, afraid that the boss at the door would beat him up if he was too slow.

Meanwhile, the girl squeezed out of the crowd and looked at An Feiran with her twinkling eyes. “Hey, what’s your name?” she asked quietly.

He looked so gentle, like a warm school senior from a comic book with a reassuring smile.

He had helped her out.

An Feiran turned his head and looked into the girl’s teary eyes. He laughed gently, “Bu Yongxie (T/L note: no thanks needed).”

The girl: “???”

Bu Yongxie? What a strange name.

She nodded her head, “Okay, Schoolmate Bu, I will bring you the money tomorrow!

Shen Xun gritted his teeth. “F*ck…”

Were they treating him like he wasn’t there? This sissy was clearly doing the same thing as him, yet he was being treated like the good guy.


Was she crazy?

“Continue.” He narrowed his eyes and deepened his voice.

Everyone shrunk their necks and paid in a line.

50 yuan each.

Some of them didn’t bring their phones, so they had to borrow from their friends.

Otherwise, they got paper from An Feiran and wrote IOUs.

How unlucky. They had simply come to join the crowd, but they had somehow provoked the crazy Brother Xun.

Their intention was to see the pretty girl. Who wanted to see his fierce and angry face? No matter how handsome he was, no one had the guts to look at him!

“Fine, you can take a look now.”

Shen Xun lifted his head and pointed at his face.

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