Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 559 - I’m Set On Yaoyao

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Chapter 559: I’m Set On Yaoyao

“Yo, what’s going on?”

Grandfather Huo carried his bird cage and slowly walked into the hall.

With a glance, the entire lounge area was packed with about thirty people.

These were all collateral family members of the Huo family who had long been allocated elsewhere. Each of them managed different subsidiaries of the Huo empire but they relied on the Huo family to survive. Even so, their lives were much better than most of the top wealthy families.

Every year during the New Year, they would pay a visit and have a New Year’s Eve dinner together.

Other times, without permission, they could not even enter the Huo Manor.


Huo Tian’s eyes lit up when she saw Grandfather Huo. She ran over to him and held his arm, feeling wronged.

Grandfather Huo was smiling happily. He looked like a kind old man. “What’s wrong? Who wronged you?”

Amongst those in the younger generation, Huo Tian was relatively young. Grandfather Huo had watched her grow up, so he still doted on her.

Hearing Grandfather Huo’s words, Huo Tian’s confidence rose.

She ignored Gu Fenlan’s anxious gaze and pointed proudly at Song Yaoyao, “Her! Grandfather, why did Uncle find such a woman? Even though there are so many guests here today, she ignored her image and ran down in her pajamas! And when she saw her elders, she didn’t even address them as ‘elders’!”

“Huh? Who are you talking about?”

Grandfather Huo was stunned for a moment before he raised his eyebrows and questioned her.

“The woman beside Small Uncle!” Huo Tian didn’t realize what was wrong as she held Grandfather Huo’s arm and accused Song Yaoyao.

As soon as she finished her sentence, she suddenly felt her hand go empty.

Grandfather Huo was still smiling, but he seemed to have distanced himself from her and pulled her hand away.

“What? Did Yaoyao offend you?”

Huo Tian was stunned. “I…”

The other party didn’t actually offend her. She was simply close with Dai Shiqing, and Dai Shiqing’s heart was completely focused on her Small Uncle. So, when she saw Song Yaoyao, she exploded.

Hearing this, Huo Zexi immediately stood up. “Grandpa, don’t listen to Huo Tian’s nonsense! Small Auntie didn’t say anything at all. She was humiliated by Huo Tian the moment she went downstairs!”

“Is that so?” Grandfather Huo’s expression turned serious. “Tiantian, is that how your parents taught you? As a junior, who gave you the guts to humiliate your elder without any reason?”

“Grandfather, I…” Huo Tian didn’t expect that even Grandfather Huo would stand on Song Yaoyao’s side.

Worst of all, Song Yaoyao was roughly the same age as her!

She cowered and tears flowed out of her eyes. “I-I didn’t do it on purpose…”

“Enough, I don’t want to hear an explanation. A mistake is a mistake.”

Grandfather Huo swept his gaze across the crowd, “I’ll only say this once. Yaoyao is my daughter-in-law and the future mistress of the Huo Manor. She can wear whatever she wants and do whatever she wants. Even if you have any objections, hold it in! If you feel that it’s unfair for you to stand here, then leave! Otherwise, all of you will show me some respect!”

Gu Lanfang pushed Huo Yunyi away and the two of them stood up, looking embarrassed.

“Uncle, you’re right. We didn’t teach our child well.”

“Tiantian! Hurry up and apologize to your aunt!”

Huo Tian’s tears streamed down her face as she felt her cousins of the same age looking at her mockingly. Meanwhile, Dai Shiqing remained quiet as a chicken from the moment that Grandfather Huo entered, pretending to be invisible.

Huo Tian had never felt the helplessness of being alone like this before.

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