Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1230

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Chapter 1230: Chaos in Court 2

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Gu Chaoyan looked in the direction.

That was the first time in decades for the Saint Divine Land to win a battle, so almost all the important officers as well as their family members were at the banquet. There were many people gathered here.

The sudden chaos and screams made everyone panic. Everyone was just running about and the servants were not able to stop them. The imperial army was yet to arrive, so Gu Chaoyan suddenly realized that something must have happened in the court.

She took hold of First Mrs. Chu and reminded her. “First Mrs. Chu, something must have happened in the court, don’t worry about Elder Miss, Lord Huai’s men are watching over her, just don’t wander about.”

Gu Chaoyan glanced about and saw that she only had Sword One, who had not yet arrived. For the first time, she had no idea how to arrange First Mrs. Chu.


She started to panic all of a sudden.

As she saw a safe spot, Sword One returned so Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief. She said to Sword One, “Sword One, take good care of the ladies of the Chu Family. I will go and see what is going on there.”

Sword One was not very happy to do that. “Elder Miss…”

She hurried to this place instead of hiding her martial arts skills, because she was worried that Elder Miss would be in danger, but Elder Miss was asking her to take care of the Chu Family! Who would be helping Elder Miss, when Sword Two was already at the Elder Miss of the Chu Family’s side.

Sword Three and Sword Four were doing other business so Sword One could not feel assured to leave her alone here.

Gu Chaoyan threw a serious look at Sword One, who helplessly nodded and took away First Mrs. Chu. She knew her Elder Miss well. She would not allow her arrangement to be doubted. It would be best to finish her task first before coming to assist Elder Miss.

Before First Mrs. Chu had any idea of what was going on, Sword One had already taken her and the other members of the Chu Family away.

Seeing that the Chu Family was settled…

Gu Chaoyan headed towards where the scream came from.

As everyone was running outwards, she was heading inwards.

It was not the yard, but the King’s palace. Many injured people were running about with blood everywhere on the ground. There was blood on the flowers on both sides as well. The injured people looked mentally-disturbed and Gu Chaoyan just could not stop them. Finally, Gu Chaoyan stopped one slightly-injured guard and asked, “What is going on!”

That man was so startled. “Inside, inside! Just run!”

Then he dashed off…

Gu Chaoyan did not understand what was going on.

The only reason why someone would get so frightened that he could not describe a thing was because what that person ran into was totally beyond imagination. Gu Chaoyan suddenly realized what was going on here.

The King was too bold!

Too bold! How dare he? He was mental!

Gu Chaoyan rushed onwards whilst the others were running outwards. As she passed Qianqing Palace and saw the mess, Gu Chaoyan continued to head towards where the blood was from.

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