Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 360 - Prescription

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Chapter 360: Prescription

“Why not?” Gu Chaoyan asked Gu Yunhe as she looked at him calmly.

Hearing the words, Gu Yunhe burst into laughter. He had one hand on his stomach and the other pointing at Gu Chaoyan, looking as if he were passing out in amusement. “You?”

Gu Chaoyan looked at him calmly.

When he was done with laughing, she said, “Young Duke got stabbed and almost died. I saved his life, and for this, the King will reward the Gu Family. And I am at home these days by the Dean’s order, so why am I wrong?” Gu Chaoyan stared straight at Gu Yunhe.

Gu Yunhe could not laugh any more. A complicated expression appeared on his face. Then he turned to his father. A smile hovered over his face. “Is that real?”

“Why not?” Gu Chaoyan asked speechlessly.

Soon Gu Zhenkang bought her words. He heard some news at his work about the Young Duke of Duke North’s Mansion getting injured and that imperial doctors were there helping him. Even some students from Saint College went there trying to cure him. And Gu Chaoyan was one of the students. Although he did not believe that Gu Chaoyan was capable of medical skills, she did have some prescriptions from the Lin Family and maybe one of them could bring people back to life.

So that was a very likely matter. She had gotten lots of benefits with the prescriptions!

The more he thought about this, the more excited Gu Zhenkang got. He had not been noticed by the King for years and he had not gotten any achievements either.

If he could get praised for this matter plus Lord Ling’s added words, he would be promoted!

Gu Zhenkang showed a smile and pointed at one seat. “Take a seat, Chaoyan. You have done a good job. The King favors Young Duke, and you have done a great deal to have saved his life. You should definitely get some rest, and…”

Gu Zhenkang looked at Gu Chaoyan. He had no idea how to say what he was going to say, but Gu Yunhe nodded at him and assured him that the Gu Family did need this right now.

He looked at Gu Chaoyan and said, “Chaoyan, can you show me the prescriptions your mother gave to you? Your mom would have given them to me years back, but I was too busy to remember those. Now….”


“Now Madame Gu is not doing well and she has no choice but to stay in bed. If we can use the prescription to help Madame Gu up, then all our problems would be solved!” Gu Zhenkang said, “I had meant to ask you about these a few days ago, but your sister’s wedding kept me busy too. Now you are so everything can work out. Madame Gu treats you well too, so can you offer us the prescription?” Gu Zhenkang asked.

He had thought about getting the prescription from her, and now when he saw her establishing so many achievements with the prescriptions, Gu Zhenkang was determined to get them. Only with the prescriptions would he be able to make great use of them.

“You won’t be unwilling to do that, would you? You are part of our family, so you should make a contribution to our family too.” Gu Yunhe added passionately.

Gu Chaoyan looked at them two. Both of the men looked greedy.

She nodded calmly. “Sure.”

Gu Zhenkang had prepared a lot of speeches so he almost got choked by what he was about to say.


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