Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 376 - The Mean Stepmother

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Chapter 376: The Mean Stepmother

As the words were spoken, he walked into the hall, looking very angry like a lethal killer. His cold eyes were glancing at everyone in the hall. He spoke with such an intimidating tone that everyone present felt pressed.

Only Gu Chaoyan was showing a familiar and light smile at the sight of him. He was always so assuring.

Gu Zhenkang was shivering out of fear. He had met Lord Huai several times, but he had never met Lord Huai in such a manner. The rumor was right, he was a lethal man!

He got back to his feet and pointed at the supreme seat. “Lord, take the seat, please.”

Zhou Huaijin glanced at the place where Gu Zhenkang had sat. Instead of moving, he stood straight by Gu Chaoyan’s side and did not show willingness to take the seat there at all. He glared at Gu Zhenkang.

Gu Zhenkang shivered in fright. He never predicted that Lord Huai would have popped out when they were talking about dowries. And he said that the dowries were for his future Princess Consort?

Hang on… Future Princess Consort? What was he talking about? He was marrying Gu Chaoyan? That could not be possible, he must have heard it wrong.

Gu Zhenkang asked boldly, “Lord, what did you just say?”

“Gu Chaoyan is going to be my future Princess Consort.” Having said the words, he threw a look at Gu Zhenkang and then at Mrs. Gu as well as Gu Ruxue before saying, “I would like to see who dares to bully her!”

Mrs. Gu and Gu Ruxue were both wearing a very miserable expression on their faces. Especially Mrs. Gu… Her face had turned pale.

She thought that she had won when Lord Ling proposed to marry Ruxue as the concubine in the Princess Consort’s manner. She thought that she had brought down Ms. Lin and that her own daughter was the most precious one, but now… She had not expected that the b**ch Gu Chaoyan was getting married, and the future husband was Lord Huai!

What made her capable? Why did Lord Huai fall for her?!

“Princess Consort? Are you marrying Gu Chaoyan to be your Princess Consort?” Mrs. Gu was unconvinced, so she still spilled out the question.

“Of course.” Zhou Huaijin answered calmly. “And Yan is going to be the Princess Consort, and my only wife in my whole life.”

The words had just been spoken, when Mrs. Gu shook her head excitedly, “No way!”


“She is the daughter of a business family, so she should not be the Princess Consort!” Mrs. Gu denied.

Zhou Huaijin snorted. “They all say that stepmothers are evil, and I had not believed that until I saw you now, Mrs. Gu. You have proved the rumor.”

Zhou Huaijin was irritated, truly irritated. If Mrs. Gu had not been a woman, he would have killed her directly.

Gu Zhenkang also realized that Mrs. Gu was saying something improper. He rushed to Mrs. Gu and glared at her fiercely, “Shut up, you know nothing!”

Damn, a lady from an officer’s family knew nothing about manners! She was dragging him down!

Gu Chaoyan was, after the Elder Miss of the Gu Mansion. She could be ignored when she was not needed, but now, Lord Huai was marrying her to be the Princess Consort, and he had to approve of this matter. It was an enormous honor for the Gu Mansion. How evil this woman was, just like what the Lord said.

After bellowing at Mrs. Gu, Gu Zhenkang showed a flattering smile. “Lord, don’t take this b**ch’s words seriously.”

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