Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 864 - The New Queen (1)

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Chapter 864 The New Queen (1)

The Empress Dowager looked up at Honored Princess Jing and judging from the way she behaved, she more or less understood what Honored Princess Jing was asking for.

She had been defending Honored Princess Jing for years. So she could tell directly what Honored Princess Jing wanted when she showed certain expressions.

Instead of saying anything, the Empress Dowager looked at Honored Princess Jing, waiting for her to say whatever she had in


Honored Princess Jing smiled flatteringly as she said, “The Queen has been gone for so long, and Ling has become the heir. I am in charge of all the affairs and have the authority token in hand.”

“I have not made any mistakes in dealing with the errands either, and I was thinking about helping Ling to be seated firmly, so I am wondering…”

Honored Princess Jing showed a smile to the Empress Dowager.

Honored Princess Jing just could not say her thoughts so directly. It made her nervous.

She had thought that since the Queen was gone, the Empress Dowager would start to suggest establishing the new Queen, but when the news never reached her, Honored Princess Jing got slightly anxious. That was why she came to remind the Empress Dowager.

Hearing what Honored Princess Jing said, the Empress Dowager showed no expression on her face, but looked at Honored Princess Jing quietly, waiting for her to finish speaking.

Honored Princess Jing said with a very timid smile, seeing that the Empress Dowager had not spoken for so long.

She had to finish her words directly, since she reached this point. So Honored Princess Jing continued. “I have been in the court for more than twenty years and I have dropped some ambitions, but Ling has become the heir, and no one dares to do anything to me either. I just feel that normally, an heir should be the lineal child of a family, and yet I am just an Honored Princess Jing…. so I am worried that the heir will be talked about outside the court. That is why I am here asking you for help.”

That was a speech Honored Princess Jing said. She had to mention the heir for her own sake.

Honored Princess Jing knew pretty well that she was not that important for the Empress Dowager, even though she was part of her family clan, but the heir was different. The heir had their blood running throughout his body. And the Empress Dowager would not let her bloodline be humiliated at any point.

The Empress Dowager looked at Honored Princess Jing and sighed.

Honored Princess Jing was a very nice woman except that she could not think practically.

That was different from Jiang Shuang, who would tell the King that she wanted to the Queen directly. Honored Princess Jing was too timid to say anything straightforwardly, and she was in the right position to put forward the suggestion, but she did not dare to say it out loud directly.


The Empress Dowager did not like this point of hers. Why should someone from her family be so cowardly and timid whilst the daughter of the Jiang Family could be so bold?

Was the Yao Family worse than the Jiang Family? Not at all!


No matter how much she disliked her for this point there was nothing she could do.

The Empress Dowager stopped dwelling on the dislikes, and said to Honored Princess Jing, “The King must have forgotten about setting up a new Queen. I will remind him these days.”


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