Museum of Deadly Beasts - Chapter 715 - Beast Deity Cult

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Chapter 715: Beast Deity Cult

Yang Jie felt fear. He didn’t think immortals still existed in this world.

These were living, breathing immortals he was seeing. These beings were so supreme that they were only heard of in legends.

Who would have the audacity to make a foe of immortals?

Lin Jin?

Yang Jie was skeptical even when his teacher told him Lin Jin would come to their rescue.

No matter how strong Lin Jin was, how could he possibly be stronger than immortals?

And now, reality had given him a cold hard slap across the cheek. Standing inside the blood realm, he saw the immortal who had single-handedly defeated his teacher and the other mentors of the Friar Association. That immortal even managed to subdue Lin Jin’s female disciple. Despite how formidable he was in Maple City, the immortal was now on the brink of death as Lin Jin interrogated him.

This was unbelievable.

Also, was that gigantic fire wolf Lin Jin’s pet beast?

Why was he so big? It hadn’t even been seconds after he leaped away when he brought back the immortal between his jaws. It appeared that the immortal had been defeated by the lone fire wold.

Were immortals that flimsy?

Or was Lin Jin too strong?

Yang Jie finally knew why the enemy decided to send immortals. To send anyone else would be a waste of their effort.

Lin Jin had already killed one immortal just now.

When did immortals become so easy to kill?

In fact, Yang Jie wasn’t the only one to be surprised. Aside from the unconscious ones, every other person in the blood realm wore the same expression as him.

Their eyes were widened and their jaws hung open.

Some of them considered themselves to be close friends with Lin Jin. Back when he was at Maple City, they used to interact with each other every day, and yet this was like their first time getting to know Lin Jin.

At that instant, another powerful wave of aura crashed into the area.

Here comes another immortal.


Not only one.

Even within the confines of the blood realm, Ye Yuzhou and Yang Jie could sense the emergence of this domineering aura. Even from ten thousand feet away, this aura felt potent. It was so intimidating that they felt their blood start to freeze.

“Teacher, this…” muttered Yang Jie.

Ye Yuzhou nodded at his disciple.

“I sensed it too. We won’t be of any help in this situation. If we can sense it, Appraiser Lin must have realized it long ago. Don’t speak, let’s just watch the fight unfold. I pray for Appraiser Lin’s victory, but if he loses, we’ll all be dead.”

Ye Yuzhou wasn’t exaggerating. This battle was on a whole new level. Aside from watching from the sidelines, there was virtually nothing they could do to make a difference.

Ye Yuzhou left out one key detail. He felt the aura of multiple immortals, but there was one particular aura that was so powerful that he had never sensed anything like it before.

Shang’er was most anxious. As much as she wanted to help her master, she wasn’t strong enough to fight.

Just as Ye Yuzhou said, Lin Jin had already sensed the arrival of new immortals. Now, he had all the answers he needed. The half immortal in Xiao Huo’s mouth feared death, which was ultimately how Lin Jin forced him to talk.

Lin Jin now knew what was going on, including the mastermind of this operation, and how they managed to enter the mainlands.

Still, this half immortal knew nothing about the black haze.

Looks like it was the true secret that he needed to uncover.

Just as Lin Jin previously suspected, Patriarch Xue Pao was the one fueling the flames here. Shortly after Lin Jin left his hiding place, Patriarch Xue Pao was rescued by the priest of the Beast Deity Cult, the man whom Lin Jin had sliced cleanly in two.

The Beast Deity Cult had a long lineage dating back millenniums, and immortals were once followers of this faith. Apart from that, Lin Jin also learned one other secret.

The cult operated during the peak era of immortals, and following the great immortal tragedy, instead of escaping to the extraterritorial land, they sought refuge inside an immortal magic treasure called a ‘Hell Cage’.

It wasn’t crafted by the immortals of the Beast Deity Cult. Instead, they found it at an ancient ruin. No one knew the craftsman of this item but they were sure it must be the work of an unfettered immortal.

Immortal magic treasures were rare, even during the peak era of immortals. The Hell Cage was supposedly a device to imprison others. One captured, half immortals and profound immortals would find it difficult to break free from it. A layer of black haze could be found within the cage, separating the inner realm from the outside world.

No one foresaw that such a magic treasure would be used as a place of refuge.

This black haze prevented the immortal devouring beast from sensing their presence, so for the past two millenniums, none of the immortals from the Beast Deity Cult dared to leave the Hell Cage.

One immortal tried going out once, but they lost contact with him ever since. That prompted them to give up their dreams of leaving the device.

It wasn’t until recently that the immortals of the cult mastered control over this black haze.

After confirming that the black haze could avoid detection by the immortal devouring beast, the Beast Deity Cult reclaimed their power that had been lost for the past two thousand years. All this happened one month ago when Lin Jin was in the extraterritorial zone.

That explained why the Beast Deity Cult had been functioning like an empty shell in Grassy Continent. It lacked the strength to influence the politics there.

But now, things were different.

With absolute power, the Beast Deity Cult controlled the entire Grassy Continent.

The immortals of this cult were ambitious. Perhaps they had been locked inside the Hell Cage for too long, they began plotting for world dominance immediately after stepping into the outside world.

Their first step was to seize control over Grassy Continent.

According to their plan, this would open an opportunity for them to seize control over the world. Although the Beast Deity Cult wasn’t a weak organization in the past, they had to compete with other immortal sects. This meant that now was their prime chance to expand their territory. They would recruit experts and eliminate rebels.

During their quest for world domination, they discovered Patriarch Xue Pao. With the black haze to block off their immortal aura, Patriarch Xue Pao could finally emerge from his hiding place. Although he couldn’t remove the immortal corpse inside his body yet, his movements were no longer restricted.

As Lin Jin suspected, it was Patriarch Xue Pao who proposed for them to get rid of Lin Jin.

Of course, the immortals of the Beast Deity Cult weren’t dumb enough to attack Lin Jin just because a stranger told them to do so. To convince them, Patriarch Xue Pao mentioned that Lin Jin possessed a ‘sacred stone’, which ultimately triggered the Beast Deity Cult into taking action.

This was the second time Lin Jin heard of this sacred stone. There must be a reason why Patriarch Xue Pao decided to mention it.

“What is a sacred stone?”

Lin Jin felt he had to get to the bottom of this.

Perhaps he could use this issue to turn the Beast Deity Cult against Patriarch Xue Pao. After all, Lin Jin did not own any sacred stones.

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