My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1257 - Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little Princess (VII)

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Chapter 1257: Chapter 1257 Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little Princess (VII)

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Was this still the valiant and heroic president they knew?!

“President, has the decision for the video conference been passed?” Secretary Liu clearly knew the importance of the video conference. Secretary Liu also clearly knew that the conference had not ended, so he wanted to make up for it.

Secretary Liu felt that his reminder should be obvious enough. His president would definitely notice it.

“Eh? Yes.” Third Young Master Ye’s voice rose slightly. He seemed to be a little puzzled, but the last word was affirmative.

The meaning of his words could not be more obvious. It had already been passed.

Secretary Liu. “…”

President, are you not ashamed of lying like this?

May I ask what has been passed?

It has just started and you shut it down before you could say anything.

His question was so obvious, but the president still had not come back to his senses. He had not even realized the problem.

Originally, this matter was very important and very serious. Logically speaking, the president should have gone over personally, but for the sake of Madam, the president did not want to go over and said that he wanted to resolve it through a video conference.

Since you want to resolve it through a video conference, president, you should seriously resolve it. This is just the beginning, and you already ended it. What exactly is going on?

I know that your family is big and you’re not afraid of bankruptcy, but can you not be so willful?!

Secretary Liu really wanted to ask him what decision he had passed?

But secretary Liu thought about it and still did not dare to ask.

At this moment, Third Young Master Ye’s phone rang. Third Young Master Ye took a look and picked it up.

“Ye, What’s going on? Why did you turn off the video conference?” The voice on the other side was obviously a little anxious. There were many things that were on fire and waiting for him to resolve.

“Isn’t it already over?” Third Young Master Ye still had not completely recovered from his shock, so he blurted out these words.

Secretary Liu. “…”

He could not look at it anymore. He really could not look at it anymore. If it was possible, he really did not want to admit that this was his president.

“Over what? It’s only just begun? This hasn’t even been discussed yet. How did it end? How did it end?” The man on the other end of the video was stunned for two seconds, and then he roared.

Meng Yuan was the person-in-charge over there and was also a shareholder of the company over there. He was usually a little afraid of Third Young Master Ye, but this time, he was really flustered.

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes blinked. Perhaps he had finally realized the problem just now. Then, he replied very nicely, “If it hasn’t ended, then it hasn’t ended. Why are you so fierce? You have no manners.”

Secretary Liu. “…”

For a moment, Secretary Liu felt that he had almost thrown the steering wheel.

F*ck, was this really his president? Was It really his president?

What was with his president’s good-natured and cute way of lecturing people?

This tone?! This good-nature?! Why was it so familiar?!

This was clearly the style of the little princess!

His president was poisoned, poisoned by the little princess.

The man on the other end of the phone was dumbfounded. He held the phone and forgot to speak. He felt that he must have dialed the wrong number just now. It must be the wrong number.

He lowered his head and looked at the display on the phone…

The number was right?!

“I’m going back to the company. The video conference will continue.” Third Young Master Ye finally returned to normal and ordered solemnly.

“Ah, okay.” Meng Yuan nodded mechanically and replied. However, he had a feeling that he did not know where he was. After hanging up the phone, Third Young Master Ye continued to be in a daze and continue to daydream. Secretary Liu watched but did not dare to say a word.

After arriving at the company, Third Young Master Ye continued the video conference just now. Secretary Liu always felt that the president was still somewhat absent-minded.

However, this matter was not under his jurisdiction. He followed the president’s instructions to investigate the matter of the little princess.

The video conference had not ended even after nearly four hours.

Secretary Liu suddenly entered the office and rushed to Third Young Master Ye’s side with an excited expression. He looked at Third Young Master Ye with an excited expression. He did not even have time to catch his breath. “President, we’ve found it.. We’ve found out who the little princess’ mother is.”

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