My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 1258 - Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little

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Chapter 1258: Chapter 1258 Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little Princess (VIII)

Secretary Liu suddenly entered the office and rushed to Third Young Master Ye’s side with an excited expression. He looked at Third Young Master Ye with an excited expression. He did not even have time to catch his breath. “President, we’ve found it. We’ve found out who the little princess’ mother is.”

Third Young Master Ye, who was clearly a little absent-minded, had a slight change in expression. He quickly stood up. At this moment, Third Young Master Ye’s face clearly had a hint of excitement and an obvious sense of urgency.

The video conference was still continuing. When the people on the other side saw the president’s sudden action, they were stunned again?

This was the first time they had seen the president’s reaction like this?

The president, who had always been calm and composed, had actually been so anxious and lost his composure like this?

What on earth had happened?

“The conference is over.” Third Young Master Ye remembered that the computer was still on, and there were many people watching from the other side. He directly said that the conference was over, and then quickly turned off the phone, regardless of whether the other side agreed or not.

As for the matter regarding the little princess, he could not let anyone know until he had investigated it clearly.

The people on the other side were instantly dumbfounded. It was over just like that? It was over just like that?

This was already the second time today!!!

Fortunately, this time, most of the discussions that should have been discussed had been completed. What should have been passed had also been passed. So what if it was over? The people on the other side did not have much of an opinion. Of course, the main reason was that they did not dare to have any opinions!!!

After turning off the computer, Third Young Master Ye looked at Secretary Liu and said, “Quickly say it.”

Although he was trying his best to control himself at the moment, he could still faintly hear the urgency in his voice.

“The little princess’ mother is called Qin Yutong.” Secretary Liu was stunned for a moment, then he secretly sighed and said.

Hearing Secretary Liu’s words, Third Young Master Ye’s face obviously darkened, and his heart also sank. He was disappointed and sad.

Was it?

Was it really?

Could it be that he was really thinking too much?!

Seeing his own president’s appearance, Secretary Liu was stunned. He quickly said, “President, hear me out.”

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes flashed quickly. He looked up at Secretary Liu again, “Get to the point.”

“The point is that this Qin Yutong is unmarried and has no children, so the little princess is not her biological child.” Secretary Liu did not even dare to breathe. He finished in one breath.

Third Young Master Ye narrowed his eyes slightly, and there was an obvious hint of contemplation in the depths of his eyes. “So?”

“So, the little princess’ real mother is someone else, but I haven’t found out who it is. I only found this out, so I quickly came back to report to the president,” Secretary Liu answered repeatedly when he heard his own president’s words.

“So, could her mother be Chu Wuyou?” Third Young Master Ye’s slightly narrowed eyes overflowed uncontrollably. Could it be? Could it really be as he had guessed?

He had always felt that Tang Zhixi and Chu Wuyou were more like mother and daughter, more similar…

Their styles were similar, and their expressions were also similar.

At this moment, Third Young Master Ye was too excited, so he subconsciously said these words.

“Madam? Madam’s child?” Secretary Liu obviously did not think of this possibility and was completely shocked.

That was Madam’s child? Madam’s child?!

“Who did Madam have a child with?” Secretary Liu was too shocked and was stunned. He could not think straight and subconsciously asked.

Third Young Master Ye narrowed his eyes. For a moment, his eyes were ice-cold. He slowly turned his eyes and looked at Secretary Liu…

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