My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! - Chapter 319 - Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo

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Chapter 319: Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo

Fortunately, the person who lived next door to the Tian family was an old auntie with a good heart. That old auntie originally hated the Tian family, but it was mostly because of Auntie Tian. Now that the Tian family no longer had a woman, although Tie Wa was detestable and evil, he didn’t have a mother, so she promised to help take care of Tie Wa during the day.

However, this old auntie also had a grandson at home. It was unknown if it was because they had been playing too crazily during the day, but Tie Wa was already a little cold. Tonight, there was a thunderclap that shocked the weak child. Tian Laoqi was at home preparing to sleep with Tie Wa when he realized that Tie Wa’s face was suddenly pale and his body was covered in a cold sweat.

His small body was also trembling slightly.

He saw that his eyes were closed and he was completely listless. He couldn’t wake him up no matter how hard he tried. When he touched him, he felt cold and hot. It was strange and frightening.

“Tie Wa, Tie Wa.” Tian Laoqi discovered his symptoms and was so frightened that he hurriedly touched his forehead. After that, Tie Wa’s expression became more serious and he actually started to roll his eyes.

However, there was still no reaction.

Tian Laoqi’s legs trembled in panic. He picked up Tie Wa and rushed out of the house.

Similarly, the grandson from the neighboring family had the same symptoms as Tie Wa. The old auntie had a son and daughter-in-law, so the family was panicked.

In the midst of her daze, she heard someone rushing past the door of her house, shouting ‘Tie Wa.’ The old auntie was smarter and looked through the cracks of the door. She saw Tian Laoqi running past.

“The Tie Wa next door must be like Ren Shen Guo!”

Ren Shen Guo was the old auntie’s grandson.

“Tian Laoqi carried Tie Wa out. He must have gone to find someone to think of a solution. Hurry, hurry. Let’s quickly bring Ren Shen Guo along as well. Otherwise, Ren Shen Guo will run out of breath!”

The old auntie was so panicked that her throat was dry and she was about to cry.

She was old and experienced. She could tell at a glance that children’s symptoms were inexplicable and dangerous. Usually, they would be hot and cold. The problem was that their faces were pale, not red. If they were blushing, it would be a fever that isn’t fatal. However, if they were pale, it was very likely that they would not know what urgent illness it was.

Children in poor families were weak. Once something happened, they might die for no reason.

The old auntie had a bad feeling. She was so anxious that her face turned pale.

Her son and daughter-in-law were usually more filial and listened to her. When they heard what she said, they immediately panicked. Her son picked up Ren Shen Guo and rushed out, ignoring the rain.

The old auntie and daughter-in-law did not care about anything else and followed them in the rain.

They did not know where Tian Laoqi was going. However, since Tie Wa should be like Ren Shen Guo, Tian Laoqi must be carrying Tie Wa to think of a solution.

Tian Laoqi was dizzy and his mind was buzzing. He was so nervous that his thoughts were in a mess and he couldn’t think of anything. He only knew that Tie Wa seemed to be in trouble and wanted to bring him out to find someone to help.

However, in his panic and anxiety, he instinctively thought of… the Guan family.

For some reason, Tian Laoqi carried the unconscious Tie Wa and ran to the Guan family’s courtyard.

Behind him was the old auntie and her family. When they saw that Tian Laoqi actually carried Tie Wa to the Guan family, they were a little surprised. However, on second thought, they understood. The Guan family went to the city to do business. They must be more knowledgeable and might have different abilities. They might even know what was going on with Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo. They could also save them!

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