My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1461 - Looming Storm Clouds

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Chapter 1461: Looming Storm Clouds

“Hey, that punk isn’t some normal person. Recklessly going to eradicate them will cause you big trouble.” The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal looked up at Mo Lian good-humoredly while holding his teacup.

“So fussy.”

“Humph!” At this, the Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal rolled his eyes at him. “I am reminding you kindly, but you really don’t know how to discern other people’s good intentions. After all, something like the poison-repelling fruit has been planted inside that punk’s body. You should be well aware that something like the poison-repelling fruit simply doesn’t exist in this minor star domain.”

“That Young Chief Asi should be someone from the Upper Three Provinces, right. Furthermore, his identity probably isn’t all that simple either.”

“But which province exactly is he from?” The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal blinked gleefully. “Right, how is my Qiaoqiao doing right now?”

“Who is your Qiaoqiao.” Annoying! Mo Lian glared at him indignantly.

The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal countered pitifully, “She was the one who summoned me, so I am hers and she is mine. If she isn’t mine then whose is she.”

“You!” He loathed to quibble anymore with this scoundrel. In any case, the reality was that Qiaoqiao was his wifey. It was just that simple!

At the same time, inside a certain rundown temple on Xiluo Street.

Nearly a thousand masked men in black had congregated there.

“The master has orders to carry out this time’s operation in advance. Everyone prepare to move out in three days!” Behind the metal demon mask, the middle-aged man apathetically announced the most recent order.


The Raksha Princess deferentially stood in the very back with her group of Raksha Ghost Sect disciples. They lowered their heads, afraid to even heave a deep breath.

“Everyone go back to rest for now! Await further orders.”

After saying this, the man in the metal demon mask vanished from the rundown temple like a wisp of gray smoke.

The Raksha Princess released a sigh of relief. The man’s presence exerted such a heavy pressure that she had practically lost her footing just earlier.

This was the difference between the great spiritual realm versus the normal spiritual realm.

However, just as the Raksha Princess heaved a sigh of relief, she suddenly realized that the man in the metal demon mask had appeared next to her.

“Raksha.” An iciness seeped out from his voice, causing the Raksha Princess to shudder inexplicably as she nodded repeatedly in response.

“If this time’s operation ends in failure again, I believe, your existence will no longer be necessary.”

The Raksha Princess’s pupils contracted, and she nodded continuously. She even became tongue-tied as she replied, “I-I, will certainly fulfill the hall master’s mission successfully.”

A cold glint flashed past the eyes behind the metal demon mask, and he commented with a nod, “Raksha, do not disappoint me again.”

After saying this, his figure vanished from the Raksha Princess’s side. He should have truly left this time.

However, the Raksha Princess still felt limp for a long time even after he had gone. She could not muster any strength, and it was as if her body had gotten drenched from rain. Her knees were so weak that she could not put any energy into them.

Nearly a thousand people in black vanished from the rundown temple.

The Raksha Princess clenched her fists. Last time’s rice distribution disturbance did not create any serious casualties, which caused Master’s plan to fail again.

That Crown Prince Mo truly was a difficult opponent. He could see through Master’s actions and deployment every time. Hopefully everything goes successfully this time!

But speaking of which, why didn’t Master eliminate such a strong adversary completely, settling this matter once and for all?

However, this thought merely flashed through the Raksha Princess’s mind before she stopped her train of thought.

How could she dare fathom Master’s intentions.

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