My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1462 - A Farce…

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Chapter 1462: A Farce…

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But the Raksha Princess simply couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

At least after Crown Prince Mo sent people to destroy Master’s underground villages one after another, it was impossible for Master to not resent such large losses.

Particularly that time in the Mystic Beast Forest. They had such a large deployment, yet the people Crown Prince Mo sent over had easily destroyed it in the end.

Their organization’s largest underground base on Sikong Planet crumbled as a result.

It had to be known that they had painstakingly used the news of the phoenix egg to lure so many people to the Mystic Beast Forest, all to…

With Master suffering one defeat after another in the hands of this Crown Prince Mo, it was impossible for him to continue lying low in wait with his temperament.

They were certainly going to give the crown prince of Northern Mo an unforgettable lesson this time.

After thinking this, the Raksha Princess curled her lips and revealed a gorgeous yet callous smile.

*Crack, bang, crackle—* As the sounds of firecrackers rang out, the Vassal Prince of An’nan and Commandery Princess Yi’an’s lively wedding progressed rapidly under an eerie atmosphere.

As Commandery Princess Yi’an was a young lady who was getting married from the palace, in addition to nominally being the queen dowager’s adopted granddaughter, her dowry had been arranged according to the standards of the highest-status princesses.

Ordinarily, this would be a grand and impressive wedding, only paling slightly compared to the crown prince’s wedding.

Not to mention the majority of ranked court officials, even people from sects and patrician families showed due respect and attended this wedding.

Yet who knew…

Everyone participating in the wedding ceremony felt their scalps go numb.

Let’s first not talk about the groom’s fuming and vicious aura, which was spooking people out.

Also, what was with the, cough, the very prominent teeth marks on the groom’s chin?

Uh, the most ridiculous part was his left eye, which had swollen green. This made things extremely awkward.

Not only did it affect the vassal prince’s attractiveness, it made him look comedic.

When the vassal prince led Commandery Princess Yi’an by the other end of the red sash through the main door of the Vassal King of An’nan’s Estate, everyone could feel a seething killing intent…

F*ck, wasn’t this supposed to be a wedding!

Why did it seem like a funeral…

The vassal prince’s facial expressions were too abnormal for the occasion!

Was it really okay for the vassal prince to go through the wedding with a tense face and no smile at all, looking as if he had lost his parents?

Also that Commandery Princess Yi’an, who was walking with small steps while reluctantly pulling onto the other end of the red sash. She would halt every time after taking a step, which made the vassal prince keep turning around to glare at her.

Cough, cough, this wedding really was the weirdest wedding ceremony they had witnessed lately.

While clutching tightly to her end of the red sash, Yi’an asked Xu’er, who was beside her, in a suppressed voice, “Has the crown prince come?”

“He, he has not, my lady.” Xu’er was nearly about to cry. Everything that happened the night before last was simply like a nightmare.

Before marrying the vassal prince, her lady had become the laughingstock of the entire estate.

Let alone Lord Vassal Prince who was disgusted with her, even the Vassal King Consort of An’nan loathed her very, very much!

“D*mn girl, you didn’t give the letter to Xiao’xi’zi?” Yi’an gripped Xu’er’s arm, her sharp nails practically digging into the latter’s flesh.

Xu’er whimpered, “My lady, Xu’er gave it, Xu’er had given the letter to Eunuch Xiao’xi’zi, wuwu.”

“Then how is it possible for His Highness to not come?”

“My lady, I heard that the crown prince consort had suffered from a shock yesterday.. The crown prince did not even attend today’s morning court and has been accompanying the crown prince consort in the Eastern Palace,” Xu’er explained aggrievedly.

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