My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 2161 - Beat the Teeth Out of Him

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Chapter 2161: Beat the Teeth Out of Him

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Young Sir Songfeng was surprised. He said with a smile, “You must be telling a joke. That little lady is so martially skilled that she can come and go as she pleases in our parlor. How are we able to stop her?”

Feng Chen smiled at them spuriously. “Where did she go?”

Afterwards, his expression turned icy. “If you don’t fess up honestly, we’ll tear down your parlor.”


“Aiyah, this lord, please don’t!”

Mo Lian: …

He had a headache looking at these wimpy escorts, and he massaged his throbbing temples.

His wifey truly was being rebellious by running to this kind of place in the middle of the night!

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“This young sir, our Spring Abounding Parlor conducts proper business.” The red-clothed man shouted angrily, “How can you be so unreasonable?”

Young Sir Songfeng stopped the furious ROYGBIV group and looked at Mo Lian and Feng Chen. He cupped his hands and informed, “These two masters, please do not toy with this humble establishment anymore. That little lady just now had chased after someone into the rear courtyard. How about we go take a look right now?”

“Lead the way,” Mo Lian growled impatiently.

Yet the drunk red-faced General Jia cut in and hollered, “How is that little stoic face related to you?”

“And who are you.” A sharp glint flitted across Mo Lian’s eyes.

Seeing that General Jia was about to start an argument without care for his life, everybody reached out to stop him. “General, General, calm down, General.”

“Who are you?” Feng Chen looked that general up and down with a raise of his eyebrow.

Yet who knew that General Jia would lustfully drool over Feng Chen’s handsome and smiling face? His expression turned dazed as he lunged over, “Beauty, this general is from Shuntian Prefecture’s Hupeng Battalion…”

*Slap!* A heavy slap landed on General Jia’s originally swollen face.

Everybody felt their hearts cringe for the general!

Feng Chen’s slap through the air was not a light one!

It even knocked out two teeth, which shocked General Jia into screaming erratically.

Yet before that General Jia could say anything, he then took a slap to the right side of his face. Thus, this heavy slap knocked out two more molars from the right side.

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With this, his face was now symmetrical. Both his cheeks were swollen, squeezing his eyes into slits.

Beating the teeth out of someone was probably the way to describe this scenario.?All the escorts mused as they kept their mouths shut.

So scary!

“Quickly lead the way.” Mo Lian swept that Young Sir Songfeng a cold look in displeasure.

Young Sir Songfeng didn’t say anymore and turned to walk to the rear courtyard.

Everybody followed them down the stairs to the back with the flower garden. Sure enough, they saw from afar a figure standing behind the artificial mountain.

Just as everybody walked over, they saw the little lady’s back and heard her berating, “Ye Lingmin, why haven’t you gotten the hell out here yet? Why did you lure me here?”

Just as Mo Lian was about to stride over, the little lady suddenly formed a talisman seal and raised both her arms. Several dozen tracking talismans and detection talismans flew out from her hands.


Everybody turned their heads at the sound of the explosion. They saw a figure appear near the flowers. The person was dressed in male attire, but the hat had fallen off, revealing a full head of long hair.

Sure enough, it was a woman!

The stoic-faced little lady had barged into the Spring Abounding Parlor for this woman?

Young Sir Songfeng was surprised as he watched the sequence of events unfold.

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