My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 2162 - How Come Hubby Has Come?

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Chapter 2162: How Come Hubby Has Come?

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The chilly moonlight shone upon the clear green ripples in the pond.

The little stoic turned around, and her cold, bright eyes were fixed on that woman who was sitting weakly on the ground. She did not disguise the electrifying chill in her eyes.

“I let you off last time, yet you dare appear in front of me again.” The little stoic spoke coldly, “Ye Lingmin, today I will act on behalf of the sect to rid you…”

Qiao Mu suddenly halted and looked past the streaming moonlight to where Mo Lian was.

“Hubby?” The little fellow finally noticed her dear sullen-faced hubby. She flitted to the man’s side and looked up at him. “How come you have come.”

“Ha ha.” Feng Chen the Great facepalmed weakly and commented, “Instead of sleeping, you ran to the red-light district in the middle of the night. It’d be strange if Mo Lian could sit still!”

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Upon mentioning this, the little stoic immediately became unhappy. “Hubby, where did you run off to in the middle of the night.”

Mo Lian couldn’t help but laugh out of anger.?This little fellow even learned how to cry thief first!

“Tung called me out to report on something.” Mo Lian pinched her petite cheeks with a beaming smile. “This isn’t the important point. The important point is that when I returned to the room, I found that my wife had disappeared!”

Qiao Mu felt a bit guily, and she hastily looked to check on Ye Lingmin, who had gotten hit by the talisman energy and still didn’t have the strength to move. “It was her, she tossed a small rock at the window! She brought me here!”

“Hubby, this restaurant is super strange.” The little stoic spoke in a quiet voice as she played with the man’s hand. “You have to be careful.”


Everyone: …

Ye Lingmin gritted her teeth and then suddenly moved. However, she didn’t run but lunged at the nearby General Jia. “Jia Zhong, go die!”

General Jia squinted his eyes and flared up at Ye Lingmin’s actions. “Who are you!”

Ye Lingmin didn’t say anything further and thrusted three strikes at him with her sword.

However, after getting hit with the tracking talisman and being forced to appear, she was still in a weakened state. The spiritual energy she struck out thus was a bit feeble.

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She and General Jia had comparable martial skills. Even though he was not a match against the little stoic and Mo Lian, he could still deal with Ye Lingmin, who was only an elementary spiritual cultivator.

He kicked Ye Lingmin in the stomach after several exchanges and forced her back.

Ye Lingmin turned to look at Qiao Mu. “Little Junior Sister, first take down this person. Later I’ll accept however you want to punish me.”

“Who is he?” Qiao Mu asked with furrowed brows.

“On the surface, he is the general of Shuntian Prefecture’s Hupeng Battalion, but according to my investigations, he is the deputy commander of Geng Pengcheng’s private army, the Shuntian Defense.”

So that was it. Ye Lingmin had lured her here to assist her in capturing this Deputy Commander Jia.

Qiao Mu let go of Mo Lian’s hand and leaped over to General Jia.

Ye Lingmin’s words freaked out General Jia, and he was completely sober now!

He was furious upon hearing Ye Lingmin expose his identity, but he was unable to stop her from continuing to talk.

He glanced at the little stoic then turned tail to run.

You’ve got to be joking! This stoic face also had two formidable helpers. If he didn’t leave now, what was he waiting for!

Unfortunately, a vine caught his left leg just as he turned around.

He looked down and saw a green vine entwining his left leg. He abruptly got yanked to the ground and fell flat on his face.

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