My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1441 - The Chairman Was Enthralled

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Chapter 1441: The Chairman Was Enthralled

“Ah Ning, the Chairman will definitely like you dressed like this. Try to charm him into dancing the first dance with you. The Guardian Star will be yours then.”

Lu Ning’s heart skipped a beat. She had forgotten about the dance.

“He won’t ask me to dance. Ann is his girlfriend, he will ask her to dance. The Guardian Star is also Ann’s.”

“Ah Ning, I smell sour grapes,” Xiao Qiu covered her mouth and laughed.

Lu Ning was confused. “There’s no sour smell… Ah, okay, Xiao Qiu, you’re laughing at me. Are you saying that I’m jealous? I’m not!”

“You know very well whether you are or not.”

Lu Ning admitted to herself that she did feel jealous when she saw Zhihan and Ann together.

“Alright Ah Ning, go and change your clothes quickly. We must try to charm the Chairman!”

At the ball.

Chow, the King of Gamblers, looked at Yin Zhihan. “Zhihan, you’ve been dating Ann for quite some time. She is so in love with you. Have you considered marrying her soon? Or maybe an engagement?”

Ann looked shy. “Daddy, don’t say such things. It’s so embarrassing.”

Despite that, she looked at Yin Zhihan expectantly.

Yin Zhihan’s deep-set eyes showed no emotion. He just smiled tenderly at Ann and said, “Ann and I are still in the honeymoon phase. Marriage is a little far away. We’ll talk about it when the time is right.”

Chow wanted to say something but Ann grabbed him and said, “Daddy, a man should focus on his career first. Han and I are not in a hurry to get married anyway.”

Chow had no choice but to agree, “Alright.”

A collective gasp rose from around him. Yin Zhihan followed everyone’s gaze and looked towards the door. A lovely vision came into his line of sight.

Lu Ning had arrived.

She wore a pale yellow long sling dress with the thin straps hanging snugly on her creamy shoulders. Her breasts were a nice C cup and they looked nicely rounded under her dress.

The key feature of the dress was that it was backless. Most of her flawless back was exposed. Her pedicles were very well defined, and the concave indent running down the middle of her back was creamy and soft. People would willingly drown in it.

Lu Ning’s long hair was coiffed into a bun. There were two pearl earrings on her dainty earlobes. Her petite face was extremely stunning. Her beauty was indeed unrivalled.

“Han! Han!” Ann called out to Yin Zhihan several times, but he did not come back to his senses.

His eyes were filled with astonishment and his breath was taken away by the woman in front of him.

This gorgeous color really suited her well.

He remembered many years ago when she was still young and green, his sister Linger had plucked a rose and tucked it behind Lu Ning’s ear. When he saw her, he was already stunned by her beauty.

At that time, he thought to himself that many years later when she was grown up, countless men would definitely fall for her charms. Little did she know, he would be the first man to be enthralled by her.

Lu Ning was not accustomed to dressing like this and awkwardly tugged at her dress. Xiao Qiu said excitedly, “Ah Ning, look. All the men are looking at you. You look like a goddess in this dress. I was right.”

Lu Ning replied, “Yes, that’s right. Xiao Qiu, you’re the most annoying.”

“Ah Ning, look. The Chairman is also looking at you.”

Lu Ning’s heart skipped a beat. She raised her eyes and immediately found Yin Zhihan in the crowded room.

Their eyes met. His burning gaze scorched her body. This was the first time she felt his heated gaze. It was so hot she felt as if she was melting.

Expectedly, Lu Ning blushed furiously again. She evaded the eye contact and lowered her eyelids.

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