My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 1058 - Who’s Raising Who In Captivity?

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Chapter 1058: Who’s Raising Who In Captivity?

Lan Xihe disliked being seen in such a sorry state; she had gotten used to being invincible after all. Even if she was defeated, she had to make sure she did not look too wretched. At this moment, her shoulders were trembling as she panted for breath; her chest heaved up and down accordingly.

When her breathing finally calmed down, she muttered softly as she lifted her jade-like hand, “Thunderblast…”

On her palm, scorch marks that looked like tree roots could be seen. These were the scars she obtained when resisting the Thunderblast. The marks snaked along the veins on her arms into her body and into her internal organs.

At this moment, her index finger and ring finger suddenly trembled.

The Sun, Moon, and Star Wheel appeared out of thin air in her hand. As the light from the weapon shone on her palm, the Primal Qi and vitality energy outside of the white tower gathered in a flurry.

When the light vanished, the marks on her palms had also disappeared.

Lan Xihe disliked changes and hated marks that marred her skin and affected her appearance.

After exhaling lightly, she murmured to herself, “How strong are you exactly?”

As news of Lan Xihe, the Tower Master of the White Tower Council, sparring with the Pavilion Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion spread in the White Tower Council, more than 100 cultivators gathered and flew toward the peak of the snowy mountain. The long line they formed looked like a white dragon from afar. Some of them flew on their swords, and some of them flew with their avatars.

At this moment, Lu Zhou and the others had just arrived at the peak of the snowy mountain. They had only noticed the white-clad cultivators from the White Tower Council when they turned around. Due to their white robes and the snowy background, if one did not look carefully, it would be difficult to see them. Only dots of black, which were their heads, could be seen.

“Master, they seem unresigned,” Yu Zhenghai said with a smile.

Lu Zhou frowned and said sternly, “They don’t know what’s good for them.”

On second thought, what methods did he have left to deal with so many cultivators? He did not have the Peak Trial Card or the Supreme Mystic Card now.

At this moment, the large group of white-clad cultivators stopped about 1,000 meters away and watched from afar, not daring to get any closer.

Si Wuya smiled. “They’re afraid that we won’t leave and will stay here.”

Little Yuan’er said, “It’s not even fun here. Only fools would stay here.”

The white-clad cultivators watched with varying expressions on their faces; there were wariness, anxiety, and fear. They seemed at a loss over what to do.

Yu Zhenghai smiled faintly and said with a bow, “Master, you shouldn’t trouble yourself with such trivial matters. Let me deal with it…”

Yu Zhenghai flew about ten meters out. The Jasper Saber shot up into the sky and pierced through the clouds, boosted by energy.

Soon enough, Primal Qi gathered around the Jasper Saber like a tornado.

Yu Zhenghai said in a clear voice, “Those who are unresigned, please step forward.”

The group of more than 100 people shuddered as they gulped.


Hundreds of thousands of energy sabers appeared in the air, lined up neatly. They formed a disk-like formation.

One of the white-clad cultivators hurriedly said, “My lord, you’ve misunderstood us. We’re here to respectfully send Pavilion Master Lu off. We meant no offense…”

Yu Zhenghai said, “Is that so?”

“This is the Tower Master’s order; we daren’t disobey her.”

The energy sabers vanished into thin air.

“Let’s go,” Lu Zhou said expressionlessly before he stepped into the runic passage.

Yu Zhenghai retrieved his Jasper Saber and followed the other members of the Evil Sky Pavilion into the runic passage.

The runic passage lit up, and a beam of light shot up into the sky.

Following that, the more than 100 white-clad cultivators looked at each other in dismay.

“I don’t believe the Tower Master was defeated.”

“I don’t believe it either! How can the Tower Master lose?”

Someone at the back said, “If you’re not afraid of incurring the Tower Master’s anger, then go and ask her! All of you clamored for a battle to regain the White Tower Council’s dignity but shrank back in fear as soon as his disciple stepped forward…”

“What do you mean by shrank back in fear? Who dares to attack Pavilion Master Lu? However, just because we can’t beat him doesn’t mean we can’t beat his disciple!”

At this moment, Ning Wangqing’s voice promptly rang from the direction of the white tower.

“I advise all of you not to cause trouble. Without the Tower Master’s orders, no one’s allowed to act on their own accord. Otherwise, they’ll be severely punished.”

With that, the white-clad cultivators fell silent like cicadas in winter.

Lu Zhou and the others only waited for a moment in the passage before they appeared in a forest.

Yu Zhenghai observed their surroundings briefly before he said, “Master, we’re here back in the red lotus domain.”

Lu Zhou nodded. He turned his head to look at Si Wuya and said, “Open the passage to the Evil Sky Pavilion in the golden lotus domain as soon as possible.”

Si Wuya said, “I’ll rush Zhao Hongfu. If nothing unexpected happens, we should be able to complete it within half a month.”

All of a sudden, a strange scream rang from the forest.

“There’s movements.” Shen XI flew out like an arrow with his long halberd in hand. Primal Qi gathered around his long halberd immediately.

Lu Zhou walked out of the runic passage and looked at the lush forest in the distance.

Si Wuya said, “Someone might have discovered this runic passage, but it leads to the white lotus domain so it’s not too important.”

At this moment, Conch raised her beautiful brows and said, “It’s a fierce beast!”

“A fierce Beast?”

“It seems to be calling for help.”

At this moment, they suddenly recalled that Conch could understand the tongue of beasts.

“Let’s go take a look.”

Everyone took off and flew forward.

Conch followed the sound and finally came to a stop in front of a thicket.

Soon enough, everyone saw a fierce lying in the thicket. Its body was drenched in blood, and its aura was very weak.

Si Wuya exclaimed in surprise, “Ying Zhao?!”

It had the body of a horse, a pair of bird wings, and a tiger’s head; what else could it be if not Ying Zhao?

At this moment, Ying Zhao that was drenched in blood looked as though it had just escaped from hell. Its mouth opened and closed, making incomprehensible noises.

“What is it saying?” Lu Zhou asked.


Lu Zhou looked at Ying Zhao and frowned slightly. “Who hurt you?”

Conch immediately acted as an interpreter. “Fierce beasts. Stronger fierce beasts.”

“Where?” Lu Zhou asked.

“The Southern Kingdom… Land… of Chaos… They wanted to eat… people…” Conch paused intermittently when she spoke due to Ying Zhao’s frequent pauses.

Lu Zhou asked, “You’re a fierce beast as well; why did they attack you?”

Ying Zhao lay its head flat on the ground as it moved its mouth slightly, making noises.

Conch seemed surprised as she listened to it. She did not speak until Ying Zhao finished speaking. “Master, it seems like the fierce beasts are highly intelligent like humans but are more ruthless and vicious than humans. It said the sea beasts in the southwestern sea have invaded the Land of Chaos, and the group of fierce beasts Ying Zhao belonged to in the Land Chaos was defeated. You… Since you took its life heart away, it was punished by the beast king when it returned. It… It almost lost its life when it escaped…”

Lu Zhou nodded. “You brought this upon yourself. I advised you to leave, but you insisted on staying. Moreover, why do you have to eat people?”

Ying Zhao struggled to lift its head. Then it began to make strange noises in a voice that was much hoarser than before. It spoke quite a lot.

Conch said, “It said that humans are delicious to fierce beasts. It said human cities are like orchards to fierce beasts. If humans can eat fruits, why can’t fierce beasts eat humans?”


This statement rendered everyone speechless.

Powerful fierce beasts looking down on humans were like humans looking down at the sheep in a pen. There was nothing wrong with the logic. Then, in that case, who was keeping who in captivity?

Humans with their ridiculous hubris claimed to stand at the top of the food chain. However, if Ying Zhao’s words were true, what kind of chaos would descend on the world?

Si Wuya looked at Ying Zhao and asked, “If what you said is true, shouldn’t humans have gone extinct long ago?”

It was a valid question. After all, fierce beasts were much stronger than humans.

Ying Zhao made a bunch of unintelligible noises again.

Everyone looked at the Conch, waiting for her to translate.

Conch spread her hands helplessly. “Seniors, don’t look at me. It’s dying…”

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