My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 1059 - Subduing the Intelligent Beast

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Chapter 1059: Subduing the Intelligent Beast

Lu Zhou stopped stroking his beard and looked at Ying Zhao who was on the verge of death. He said, “Since you came to me, I believe you’ve thought things through.”

Ying Zhao made a gurgling noise.

Everyone looked at Conch again.

Conch said, “The first part of the noise it made was just the sound it made from enduring the pain. Following that, it said that it’s willing to… muddle along with master…”

“Muddle along?” Yu Zhenghai asked, “Little junior sister, it really said that?”

‘Please don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only translating…’ Conch remained silent.

Lu Zhou waved his hand and said, “Since you’re willing to follow me, I’ll save your life.”

He raised his right hand, swinging his sleeve. With his palm facing downward, a blue lotus fell from his palm.

As soon as the blue lotus appeared, rich vitality energy began to converge, resulting in the surrounding trees and flowers to grow rapidly. The trees grew taller while hundreds of flowers bloomed. The sound of birds chirping happily rang in the air. This scenery was the complete opposite of the WTC’s barren snow land.

After the blue lotus landed on Ying Zhao’s body, it quickly healed its internal injuries and flesh wounds.

At the same time, Whitzard flew next to Ying Zhao. It lowered its head and made soft noises before raising its head to let out a cry that resounded in the sky.

With this, Ying Zhao seemed to be greatly encouraged. It raised its head with great difficulty, looking like an exhausted warhorse. Following that, as though it had found hope, it struggled to rise to its feet. After it stabilized its footing, it spread its wings and began to flap them, stirring up the wind and causing birds to fly away in shock. It somewhat resembled a pegasus at this moment.

Although Ying Zhao’s current condition was not dissimilar to an injured tiger that could even be bullied by a dog, its natural noble aura was still more than enough to scare away ordinary fierce beasts into fleeing in all directions.

Whitzard cried out softly at Ying Zhao.

With this, Ying Zhao hurriedly tucked away its wings and nodded twice at Whitzard as though it was saying, “I understand, Eldest Brother. I’ll listen to you…”

Whitzard looked at Ying Zhao, clearly satisfied with its attitude.

Lu Zhou broke the silence and said, “You have to think this through. Once you commit to it, there’s no going back…”

Ying Zhao flapped its wings lightly and nodded at Lu Zhou.

“Very good.”

“Ding! You’ve obtained the mount, Ying Zhao.”

“Let’s return.”


In the evening.

In the royal palace’s Preservation Hall.

Lu Zhou paced back and forth as he fired questions after questions at Ying Zhao.

Ying Zhao obediently answered Lu Zhou’s question. Naturally, there were questions he did not have the answers to.

Needless to say, Conch was present to act as a translator.

“It doesn’t know where the Great Void is?” Lu Zhou asked Conch with his hands on his back.

Conch replied, “That’s right. To be precise, it has never heard of the Great Void. However, it knows of incredibly powerful humans. It said the powerful humans and the beast kings had reached an agreement that they wouldn’t fight each other needlessly in the past. However, not all humans and fierce beasts adhere to the agreement. Until now, there are humans who hunt fierce beasts for their life hearts, and there are fierce beasts who invade cities to eat humans…”

“Doesn’t this mean humans are strong enough to contend with fierce beasts?” Lu Zhou asked.

Conch translated Ying Zhao’s reply and said, “That’s what the beast kings think. However, Ying Zhao thinks fierce beasts are much stronger than humans. It said all the human territories added up aren’t even comparable to a corner of the Endless Ocean…”

Si Wuya, who was sitting nearby, nodded in understanding.

In conclusion, powerful fierce beasts and powerful humans reached an agreement to stop killing each other needlessly to prevent both sides from falling into a hopeless situation. At the same time, both sides turned a blind eye to the violation of the contract by the lower-level fierce beasts and weak humans to promote their respective growth. As for captivity plans, it seemed like some highly intelligent fierce beasts did implement them. Apart from that, powerful fierce beasts were also limited by the heaven and earth shackles. Unlike humans, the energy in human cities was not enough for them to cultivate. Humans were blessed in terms of cultivation; they did not need to live in harsh conditions to make progress in their cultivations like fierce beasts did.

Si Wuya asked, “Have you heard of the Four Great Uncharted Lands?”

Ying Zhao shook its head as it opened and closed its mouth, making a string of noises.

Conch translated its words as best as she could. “It said it doesn’t know… It… It also said that it doesn’t understand why…” She hesitated for a moment before she continued, “It doesn’t understand when humans fight, they jump around like clowns, farting out various colors of energies and stepping on lotuses… It said it really hates these things…”

Lu Zhou and Si Wuya. “…”

They could not refute Ying Zhao’s words. After all, Ying Zhao only had an IQ of a ten-year-old child. It was normal that it viewed humans in this way.

Conch continued to say, “Ying Zhao also said it did not agree to master’s words immediately because humans are inferior so how could he let a human ride on its head?”

“Then why did it agree to it now?” Si Wuya laughed.

Ying Zhao spun around once as it flapped its wings. The sound it made was rather cheerful.

Conch said, “Humans and fierce beasts have one thing in common: they both fear the strong. Ying Zhao thinks master is strong so it decided to follow master…”

Lu Zhou stroked his beard in satisfaction. He was very used to humans flattering him. This was his first time being flattered by a fierce beast; it felt pretty good.

Conch continued to say, “Ying Zhao’s hometown is 10,000 miles south of the Land of Chaos. The places it has been to are limited since it dared not travel too far. Hence, it doesn’t know much about the outside world. When the herd of fierce beasts it belonged to learned of its intention to escape, they labeled it as a traitor. It said that some powerful fierce beasts will definitely come for him so it hopes master will protect it…”

Lu Zhou nodded. “Since you decided to follow me, I will naturally protect you. However, you have to understand the Evil Sky Pavilion doesn’t keep idle people around…”

Little Yuan’er immediately corrected Lu Zhou. “Master, it’s not idle people, it’s idle beasts…”

“You talk too much.” Lu Zhou raised his hand and knocked Little Yuan’er’s head lightly.

Ying Zhao spread its wings and let out a loud cry.

Conch said, “It said it’ll do its best, and it wants its life heart back.”

Lu Zhou said, “When your injuries are healed, I’ll return your life heart to you. Alright, bring it away.”

With this, Conch brought Ying Zhao out of the Preservation Hall.

After that, Lu Zhou turned to Si Wuya and asked, “Old Seventh, what do you think?”

“If Ying Zhao is telling the truth, the problem is more complicated than I thought. Disputes between humans can be solved with human thinking. With the addition of high-level intelligent fierce beasts, things have become troublesome,” Si Wuya replied.

Lu Zhou said skeptically, “Is it even possible for fierce beasts to be more intelligent than humans?”

“Even if they’re not more intelligent than humans, they’re definitely stronger. Ying Zhao is right about one thing: the beasts occupy more territories than humans, hence, it’s clear their numbers are higher as well. If they were more intelligent than humans as well, I’m afraid humans would have gone extinct a long time ago. Even the weakest humans know how to think; the same can’t be said for the weakest beasts,” Si Wuya said.

Lu Zhou nodded as he continued thinking to himself. “Alright, you may take your leave.”

“Yes, master. I’ll return to the Sky Martial Court first,” Si Wuya said.

With this, the others left the Preservation Hall as well.

When Lu Zhou was the only one left in the hall, he brought out Ying Zhao and Pu Yi’s life hearts. The two life hearts were crystal clear.

Lu Zhou said mockingly, “Fierce beasts think humans’ avatars and energies are like farts while humans treat fierce beasts’ life hearts like eggs…”

Lu Zhou thought the world was getting more and more interesting.

Following that, he flicked his hand.

His lotus appeared in front of him. Five Birth Zones flashed in his Birth Palace. His Birth Charts were stable so he could activate his sixth Birth Chart now.

He put Pu Yi’s life heart into the earth area of the Birth Palace, and a crisp sound rang in the air, indicating the life heart was successfully embedded into its position.

All there was left to do was for him to wait now. While waiting, he opened the system interface and began to buy Reversal Cards.

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