My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 1573 - I’m Very Angry (1)

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Chapter 1573: I’m Very Angry (1)

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The power in the abyss flowed into Lu Zhou’s Dantian’s sea of Qi. He tried with all his might to break free from the power, but it was no different than a stone stirring up a thousand waves in his body.

The power continued to surge in all directions, trying to suppress Lu Zhou.


A blue lotus appeared beneath Lu Zhou’s feet instantly. Fourteen leaves spun around, radiating light in all directions.

Following that, the avatar appeared and soared up along with Lu Zhou.


The incomparable powerful energy tore through space, and with a loud pop, energy rippled in all directions.

Lu Zhou and his avatar rushed past the area where the power was the strongest, finally obtaining freedom as he appeared in the sky.

Lu Zhou felt the fresh air and the gentle breeze. Despite the harsh environment in the Unknown Land, it was incomparably better than the dark stifling darkness of the abyss.

Lu Zhou was filled with energy and continued to fly upward.

“I’m free.”

Lu Zhou had never felt so excited about being free. Anyone would have felt the same if they were in his shoes. It felt good to soar in the sky.

He suddenly remembered something he overheard in his previous life: Life is precious, and love is even more precious, but both could be thrown away for freedom.

He had been bound in the abyss for 100 years. Now that he had regained his freedom, how could he not be excited?

He did not know how long he flew.

Meanwhile, the power from the abyss gradually receded into the abyss once they could no longer restrain Lu Zhou.

After flymg for some time, he circled back to the crack where the Confinement Seal was wedged. He could not help but sigh at how reckless he had been back then to kill Tu Wei.

When he arrived near the Confinement Seal, he pressed his hand against it.


Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Confinement Seal buzzed, trying to break free from the crack.


Stones were dislodged and kept falling down on both sides.


The Confinement Seal broke free and shrank rapidly as it flew into Lu Zhou’s hand. It had finally returned to its owner.

Lu Zhou surveyed his surroundings before he looked at the abyss. Although the Confinement Seal was gone, the abyss did not close up.

Lu Zhou flew up to the sky above the abyss, leaving behind a streak of blue and gold light.


He looked down at Dunzang. During the past 100 years, Dunzang had been razed to the ground. Flowers and trees grew densely in the place.

The Pillar of Destruction at Dunzang was like a mountain now, formed from the rubble. It was entwined with vines.

Lu Zhou inhaled the air in the Unknown Land deeply.

“It’s been 100 years…” Lu Zhou sighed.

After 100 years, even the seas would turn into mulberry fields.

He wondered how his wicked disciples were doing.

Since he transmigrated, the only thing he worried about was his disciples.

Lu Zhou stabilized his cultivation briefly. When he was done, he used the power of sight to observe his disciples.

However, he only saw mountains and rivers in the distance; he did not see his disciples.

“Hm?” Lu Zhou was puzzled. After trying again, he still saw the mountains and the rivers. He could even see the seedlings that had just sprouted in the

distance. The meridians in the trees and the Primal Qi in the air revealed themselves before his eyes.

‘Did the power of sight become a vision-magnifying ability? After the system has been upgraded, it should be stronger. Why did it cancel this useful ability?’

Lu Zhou was very angry. No matter what, the power of sight should have improved greatly.

“Forget it. I hope they’re fine.”


Lu Zhou landed next to the abyss. It felt good to have his feet on the ground. Perhaps, this was the greatest joy of being human.

He walked toward what was once Dunzang’s Pillar of Destruction. After walking about 100 yards, he saw a tombstone. He frowned slightly and walked over. When he looked down, he saw the words on it: The grave of my friend, Lu Tiantong.

Although Lu Zhou was not Lu Tiantong, it was not hard to figure out that the tombstone was erected by Duanmu Dian.

‘I’ve not even died yet, but this fellow had already erected a tombstone for me! What bad luck! Let’s see how I deal with you later!’

Lu Zhou waved his hand casually.


The tombstone was instantly reduced to rubble.

Then, he continued walking toward the Pillar of Destruction as he thought to himself. The existence of the tombstone meant that Duanmu Dian was still alive. During his fierce battle with Tu Wei, he really could not spare any energy to protect Duanmu Dian. At that time, he really did not know if Duanmu Dian was dead or alive.

When he arrived at the Pillar of Destruction, he flew around it and observed for a while before he confirmed that the pillar had truly collapsed.

After a moment, he sighed. ‘If the sky truly collapses, will I be able to hold it

He raised his head and looked at the sky with a huge question mark in his heart.

After he collected his thoughts, he decided his next course of action was to look for his disciples.

He would also have to settle the accounts with the Great Abyss Land. Ming De was dead, and Jiang Wenxu had probably died sometime over the past 100 years.

‘Ming Ban?’ A name suddenly appeared in his mind. Then, he brought the Vast

Sky Bag out. With just a shake, a pile of bones fell out. Clearly, Ming Ban had died some time during the past 100 years in the Vast Sky Bag as well. Since his senses were sealed at that time, it was normal that he did not notice it.

Just as Lu Zhou was about to leave…

“Hurry up and look for it! We must find it!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

More than ten cultivators rushed over, flying at a low altitude.

Lu Zhou looked at them suspiciously. Who would be so bold as to come to Dunzang?

The cultivators’ speed was not slow. Based on Lu Zhou’s estimation, they should have passed about two Birth Trials..

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