My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 1574 - I’m Very Angry (2)

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Chapter 1574 I’m Very Angry (2)

In the nine domains, the cultivators’ cultivation could be considered quite high.

However, in Lu Zhou’s eyes, their speed was as slow as a tortoise.

When the ten cultivators rushed over, they finally saw Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou had been in the abyss for a long time. Although 100 years had passed, he did not show signs of aging. Only his hair and beard had grown longer. That was something that could not be helped. With his senses sealed, where would he find the time to take care of his appearance and image? However, the divine mark robe was still very clean. Since cultivators were unlike humans and rarely not secrete filth, he looked just like an old man with a long beard and long hair.

“There’s someone.”

The cultivators came to a halt in the air.

One of them asked, “Old sir, why are you here?”

They were all very vigilant.

Lu Zhou raised his head to look at them. “Who are you?”

The ten cultivators looked at each other for a moment before one of them answered honestly, “We’re here to hunt.”

“Hunt?” Lu Zhou was puzzled. “Duzang’s Pillar of Destruction has collapsed. Are there still fierce beasts around?”

That person said, “It’s been 100 years since the collapse of the pillar.Compared to the other nine Pillars of Destruction, this place is very safe. Indeed, there are usually no fierce beasts here. However, there’s one…”

“Oh?” Lu Zhuo’s interest was piqued. “What kind of fierce beast?”.

“Old sir, you didn’t see it?”

That person had been honest because he had been hoping to obtain information from Lu Zhou. Who knew Lu Zhou knew nothing about the fierce beast?

Lu Zhou shook his head.

With that, the person cupped his fists together at Lu Zhou before he said with a smile, “In that case, let’s part ways here.”

“Wait,” Lu Zhou called out in a dark tone.

“Old sir, do you have any other questions?”

“What kind of fierce beast?”

Lu Zhou’s tone was deep and sonorous, and his gaze was profound, causing people to shudder.

The person seemed to sense Lu Zhou’s displeasure so he said in a gentle tone, “Old sir, we only came here to hunt.”

Clearly, the person did not want to make an enemy out of Lu Zhou. Those who could travel freely in the Unknown Land were not simple, after all.

“Answer my question, and you’ll be safe,” Lu Zhou said tonelessly.

That person thought about it for a moment. In the end, he thought it was not a secret anyway so he said, “The fierce beast looks like a goat bathed in auspicious light.”

“Whitzard,” Lu Zhou said.

“Old sir, you’re very knowledgeable. How admirable!”

Then, another person said, “This beast often appears in Dunzang. Ever since the pillar collapsed, it has been wandering in this place. Many cultivators would come here often to hunt it. However, it’s very crafty and hard to capture.”

Lu Zhou asked, “Where did you see Whitzard?”

The person pointed at the abyss. “Every other month, Whitzard would hover above the abyss and let out auspicious rain. Then, it would let out a sorrowful cry. We were waiting for this chance to capture it. Calculating the time, it should appear within these two days.”

With 100 years, the humans had long understood Whitzard’s habits. Alas, they were still unable to catch it.

After hearing those words, Lu Zhou called out softly. Although his voice was not loud, it spread far and wide, sweeping in all directions.

The ten cultivators were shocked. With this, how could they not tell the old man’s cultivation base was not low?

Lu Zhou felt slightly disappointed when Whitzard did not appear. Although it seemed like he had endless supplies of divine power now, Whitzard had accompanied him through his most difficult time. How could he not be moved?

“I’ll give you a piece of advice,” Lu Zhou said calmly.

“Please speak, old sir.”

“Give up on capturing Whitzard.”

“Why?” The person was puzzled. Why could they not capture Whitzard? The old man was truly unreasonable.

At this moment, someone pointed in the distance and cried out, “Whitzard is here!”

Everyone looked over, pleasantly surprised.

This was not the first time they had seen Whitzard. They had chased after it countless times, but it was in vain. Whitzard’s speed left them in the dust. Moreover, the Unknown Land was complex. It was truly difficult to capture it. However, this time, they saw hope. Whitzard was flying very close to them. They watched as it circled twice above the abyss, releasing a torrent of auspicious rain. Then, it let out a mournful cry before it flew high into the sky.

“Catch it!”

The ten cultivators could no longer hold back their excitement when they saw Whitzard and was about to attack.

Lu Zhou pressed his hand down.

Just like that, all ten cultivators fell to the ground, unable to fly.

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong with me?!”

“Why can’t I fly?”

The ten cultivators turned pale in fright.

Then, Lu Zhou said slowly and clearly, “Whitzard.”

When Whitzard heard the familiar voice, it turned around and looked at Lu Zhou who was standing nearby. Then, its eyes widened, and the auspicious light on its body grew brighter, illuminating a radius of ten miles. Previously, it had tried to dim its light as much as possible to avoid detection. Now that it saw its master again, it was overwhelmed with excitement. It released its power to show its excitement as it let out a loud cry.


The ten cultivators were dumbfounded. The fierce beast they had tried so hard to capture was now flying toward them.

Whitzard landed about ten yards in front of Lu Zhou. Then, it trotted slowly toward Lu Zhou.

Everyone: “???”

Lu Zhou looked at Whitzard.

After 100 years, Whitzard had aged slightly as well. It looked more mature now. Its fur was fuller, and its aura had become purer. Regardless if the world and people had changed, Whitzard was still Whitzard.

Whitzard’s eyes were brimming with excitement.

Lu Zhou felt warmth and gratitude suffused his heart.

‘Old friend, you’re finally back!’

Lu Zhou gently placed his hand on Whitzard’s back and stroked it a few times.

Whitzard kneeled down, as though inviting its master to get on its back.

Lu Zhou did not refuse. He leaped onto Whitzard’s back and said, “Let’s go.”

Whitzard stomped on the ground and flew up, bursting with light. In just a moment, they streaked across the sky into the distance.

The ten cultivators were left behind dumbfounded. Who knew what they were thinking at this moment?

Four hours after Lu Zhou left.

A runic passage appeared, and several cultivators emerged from it.

Little Yuan’er and Conch looked at the abyss.

“We’re here.”

Conch said, “Today’s the anniversary of master’s death. I wonder if our senior brothers and senior sisters will come.”

“I don’t think so,” Little Yuan’er said, “Compared to the others, Emperor Shang Zhang is rather lenient. The others also likely avoid the Great Void.”

Conch nodded.

“Don’t think too much. I’ll contact them later,” Little Yuan’er said.

Then, they walked toward the abyss. They brought out the sacrificial offerings they had prepared and descended slightly into the abyss.

Soon enough, Little Yuan’er discovered the Confinement Seal was gone. A puzzled expression appeared on her face as she exclaimed, “Eh?! Where’s the Confinement Seal?”

Conch flew over as well. She asked in confusion, “The Confinement Seal belongs to master? How could it disappear?”

The cultivators who accompanied the duo here felt that something was amiss. One of them said, “Ladies, there’s no need to be anxious. Please tell me if there’s anything.”

Little Yuan’er frowned trying to look for clues. However, how could there be clues in the abyss? A sorrowful expression appeared on her face as she said, “Even master’s things are gone!”

Conch sighed. “Perhaps, the crack widened, and the Confinement Seal fell in there.”


Little Yuan’er sobbed softly as she called out for her master.

After an unknown amount of time had passed.

While the duo was still in the midst of paying respect, one cultivator said, “It’s time to go. The emperor has said that it’s inappropriate to leave the Great Void for too long.”

“Let’s stay a little longer. Can’t you give us more time since it’s our master’s death anniversary?” Little Yuan’er asked.

“Very well, Miss Ci. Let’s wait for another two hours.”

The cultivators knew Shang Zhang placed great importance on the two girls so they did not dare to be rude.

With that, the duo stayed near the abyss for a little longer.

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