My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1118 - Qin Lv’s Fiancée 2

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Chapter 1118: Qin Lv’s Fiancée 2

However, just when she had lifted the cup and was about to throw the water, Yuan Meng grabbed the cup.

And she even lifted it and poured it over her head.

Instantly, her hairstyle and makeup were ruined.

Guo Ting gritted her teeth in anger and was about to attack Yuan Meng, when she was stopped by Yuan Meng.

“What are you doing?”

“I am lecturing you on behalf of your parents.” Yuan Meng snorted with her arms crossed.

This kind of spoiled rich lady truly thought herself as someone important.

Annoyed, Guo Ting wiped off the water on her face and pointed at Yuan Meng and Gu Weiwei.

“You are seducing someone else’s fiancé, and you think you are being reasonable?”

Yuan Meng rolled her eyes. “Let’s get this straight, your fiancé is hovering around us like a fly and we can’t drive him away.”

“But it was you, Mu Weiwei, who was so indecent in middle school and tried so hard to seduce Qin Lv, and now you are running the studio that’s downstairs to his company. What on earth are you doing?” Guo Ting furiously interrogated.

She had only been abroad for two years and Qin Lv had changed completely.

“A capable woman knows how to deal with men, not cause trouble for others like a b*tch.” Yuan Meng snapped back.

And she was seducing Qin Lv? Qin Lv must call her Aunt now!

With such a wonderful man like Fu Hanzheng around, no one would fall for any other men.

Yuan Meng did not even give her a chance to counter Guo Ting, so Gu Weiwei was glad to have her save herself some trouble.

If she had known that she was such a person, she would not have bothered to meet her.

“You…” Guo Ting was about to say something when she saw Qin Lv coming towards her. She rushed out of the door with a wronged expression. “Brother Qin Lv, look at them…”

Yuan Meng snorted and went up to Qin Lv.

“President Qin, please take care of your fiancée, don’t let her behave atrociously in someone else’s territory. If there is a next time and I accidentally hit her too hard, she might lose arms and legs.”

Having said these words, she threw a threatening look at Guo Ting.

Qin Lv did not care about anything else. Hearing Yuan Meng’s words, he explained to Gu Weiwei who was standing behind Yuan Meng.

“Weiwei, she is not my fiancée, she took my words too seriously one time.”

Hearing that he was trying to clarify their relationship after being splashed like this, Guo Ting got even more annoyed.

“Brother Qin Lv, they have ruined me!”

“You should be glad that you were not holding a cup of sulfuric acid, otherwise…” Yuan Meng snorted.

Without saying a word, Gu Weiwei threw a look at the ringing phone and said to Yuan Meng, “Let’s go home.”

She did not want to argue here.

Many girls did not think that it was a man’s problem when they found out that the person they liked had changed his heart. Instead, they thought that there was something wrong with the person the man liked and thought that they had seduced the man who belonged to her.

But between her and Qin Lv, he would have to call her Aunt.

“Weiwei…” Qin Lv looked nervous when he saw her being so unconcerned.

He had come downstairs and saw her car parked downstairs, so he guessed that she was here at the studio and came to take a look.

But instead he saw Guo Ting making a fuss.

“President Qin, please console your fiancée, don’t let her misunderstand you.”

Having said these words, Gu Weiwei followed Yuan Meng into the elevator and left the studio.

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