My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1214 - Rejection

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Chapter 1214: Rejection

Gu Weiwei blinked and asked, “What should I do?”

“Don’t worry about the Fu Family, what do you want to do?” Fu Hanzheng asked again.

Although she had only met Cayman Dorrans once, she had been looking for him for years when she was at the Gu Family.

Cayman Dorrans was in a dangerous situation and she could not help but worry.

Yuan Meng should have told her long ago, but she had never mentioned anything to him, so he asked her for her opinion.

“Yuan Meng and Yuan Shuo agreed to stay with him and help him through the crisis,” Gu Weiwei said.

Honestly, it would be better for Cayman Dorrans if she asked Fu Hanzheng for help.

But with her conflict with the Fu Family, she could not drag the Fu Family into the fight against the Dorrans Family.

Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin had reminded her about this matter.

“The Dorrans Family is facing three forces, and Yuan Meng and her husband alone are not a foolproof plan.” Fu Hanzheng reminded her.

What was more, they had a child with them.

Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a while and said calmly, “He asked Yuan Meng to pass on the message, so that I would not be involved with the Dorrans Family.”

“So… you think so too?” Fu Hanzheng asked.

The Fu Family should not interfere with the Dorrans Family’s fight.

However, he was worried that if anything happened to Cayman Dorrans in this battle, she would regret it.

So when there was still room for negotiation, he asked her to make her own choice.

If she really wanted to help that person, even though his father or the Old Lady would object, he would help her.

Gu Weiwei thought for a while and nodded.

“I believe that he has his own plans.”

She was very surprised that Fu Hanzheng would mention this matter.

Since she did not want the Fu Family to be involved, she had not mentioned anything to him, not even when she asked Yuan Meng and Yuan Shuo to go to Italy.

But the information network of the Fu Family would not hide anything from him.

He asked her today because he wanted to know if she needed his help to get Cayman Dorrans through the trouble.

If she opened her mouth, he would probably help her aid Cayman Dorrans, despite the family’s opinion.

Fu Hanzheng stayed silent for a while and did not force her any more.

“If you need anything, you can ask me. I won’t turn you down.”

He thought that as long as it was her request, he would not turn down anything other than a divorce.

Gu Weiwei smiled brightly. “Okay.”

She did not mention this matter, and he could just pretend that he did not know anything and ask nothing, but he was afraid that she would lose her family, so he took the initiative to mention it.

Apart from him, she had never met anyone else who had thought so much for her.

“Don’t worry too much about the Fu Family. Apart from helping Cayman Dorrans, I am also helping myself,” Fu Hanzheng said.

Because Gu Siting was involved too.

After the wedding, Gu Siting had not come to her or tried to contact her.

He later knew that because Cayman Dorrans was threatening him and his family, they had this peaceful and stable life.

And the reason why Gu Siting was working with Will and the Anderson Family was because he wanted to get rid of this threat.

So when he got rid of Cayman Dorrans, the next step would be to come to her.

Therefore, this was not only to help Cayman Dorrans, but also to give them a long period of peace.

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