My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1724 - Simple and Violent 2

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Chapter 1724: Simple and Violent 2

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Frightened, Qin Man watched this gentle and lovely girl suddenly become so lethal.

She gripped the baby’s pacifier in her pocket. Morally speaking, she should take it out, but… she did not know what trouble it would bring to the Qin Family.

She had intended to get some clues about the child from Lv, so that she could help them find the child.

By that time, even if Lil’ Lv was at fault, at least they would not fall out with each other when the child was found.

But it was one thing if she gave them the clue, and another if they forced it out of her.

“Weiwei, let’s talk nicely, this is way too over the top.”

Gu Weiwei glanced at Qin Man and said coldly, “My son went missing from the Qin Family banquet, do you think I have time to talk with you politely?”

“We really don’t know anything. If you keep doing this, we will call the police.” Qin Feng looked furious, but he was just trying to conceal his guilt.

According to the plan, they would not know anything until two days later when the Qin Family and the Gu Family took action against Fu’s Enterprise.

Fu Hanzheng’s wife looked young and innocent, but at this moment, she started the fight without any evidence.

Now Lv’s life was in her hands, and he had no idea what to do next.

All the plans had been ruined by her.

If they did not tell her the truth, Lv would suffer and he might even lose his life.

But if they did tell her, everything would have been for nothing.

“Uncle Qin, if calling the police would work, we would not have come in person,” Fu Shiyi said coldly.

But what his sister-in-law did had totally frightened him.

His brother and Fu Shiqin suspected Qin Lv too, but they had no evidence, so they did not do anything to him.

Before his sister-in-law came to poison someone, he had only thought that she was here to ask some questions or look for some clues.

Seeing the cold-looking Gu Weiwei and the tormented Qin Lv, Qin Feng turned pale.

The matter between the Qin Family and the Fu Family would not be solved even if the police were called. Instead, the situation would get worse.

“Weiwei, we know that you are anxious about losing the child, but… don’t kill anyone.” Qin Man tried to persuade her.

However, Gu Weiwei ignored her and looked at Qin Lv who was curled up on the sofa.

“If it were just one or two things, then it would have been a coincidence. But the Gu Family came to you and it happened at the Qin Family residence. You were not at the birthday banquet when the child was missing, so all of these coincidences are not just a coincidence but are things that were arranged deliberately.

“Also, I know better than you what Gu Siting is like. Do you think that you are working with him?

“Actually, you are just a step for him to achieve his purpose. Now your plan has been exposed, do you think that you still have a chance to work with him?”


Fu Shiyi came to Kuroda Keiko’s side and whispered, “Watch out for my sister-in-law, I need to make a call.”

Kuroda Keiko nodded. “You can go now.”

Fu Shiyi instantly walked out of the study and called his brother as he stood outside the door.

The phone rang twice before his brother answered.

“What is it?”

“Brother, my sister-in-law said that she wanted to go to the Qin Family, so I brought her here, but…”

“But what?” Fu Hanzheng’s voice lowered.

“But sister-in-law has poisoned Qin Lv and she is trying to force a confession out of him. I am worried that someone might die…” Fu Shiyi said with a trembling heart.

However, the man stayed silent for only two seconds and said ruthlessly, “Let her be, keep your sister-in-law safe.”

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