My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1725 - Simple and Violent 3

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Chapter 1725: Simple and Violent 3

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Fu Shiyi sighed. That was not a surprising answer.

He had thought that since Qin Lv was the eldest grandson of the Qin Family, it would not be proper for sister-in-law to do what she did without any evidence.

But his brother did not care, so what else could he say?

“When you are done, bring her back.” Fu Hanzheng stressed.


He truly had not expected that she would visit the Qin Family.

Although it was not very appropriate for her to do that to Qin Lv without any evidence.

After all, the two families had been friends for so many years, and it would not work without any evidence.

That was why he asked Shiqin to keep an eye on the Qin Family, but he had not expected that Weiwei would think that it was better to have a more direct and violent method.

She could do whatever she wanted now; it was better than waiting for her to panic.

“Okay.” Fu Shiyi agreed after hearing what his brother said.

His brother allowed his sister-in-law to do whatever she wanted, so of course he supported her.

Although there was no evidence, yet Qin Lv was indeed suspicious.

But if what sister-in-law said was true and the Qin Family were colluding with Gu Siting to bring down Fu’s Enterprise, then he had been wrong about them.

The two families had been friends for decades and they had helped each other through many difficulties, but now, they were turning against each other.

The Fu Family would not tolerate anyone who was involved in kidnapping Youyou or colluding with the Gu Family.

He returned to the study and Gu Weiwei looked down at Qin Lv.

“Gu Siting can’t give you what you want, but even if he can give you what the Qin Family wants, I can make whatever you have got disappear.”

Hearing these words, Qin Feng snorted.

“You are too arrogant for Fu Hanzheng to do that.”

She was just Fu Hanzheng’s wife, and she was using the Fu Family’s power to do whatever she wanted in the Qin Family.

Fu Hanzheng would not dare to utter such arrogant words even if the Qin Family was ruined, but she did.

If she had not married into the Fu Family, she would have been nothing more than an actress.

Gu Weiwei ignored Qin Feng’s sneering and said to Qin Lv, “You want to do something in two days, right? But that is no longer a secret. Your life is in my hands, what else do you think you can do?

“I just need to know who took my son away and where he is now. As long as you tell me what you know, I will forgive you for what happened last night.”


Qin Feng felt a bit guilty. How did she know about the plan in two days?

He tried his best to calm himself down, but cold sweat had already broken out on his forehead.

Just as she had said, now that she had seen through everything and Qin Lv was in her hands, they were really stuck.

She was not going to let go of this rare opportunity.

Also, they helped the Gu Family and kidnapped her and Fu Hanzheng’s son, now the Fu Family would not forgive them easily.

Qin Lv looked at this strange girl in pain. “You are not Weiwei, not someone like you…”

“Of course I am not her, I just look like her.” Seeing the young man’s eyes full of pain and disappointment, Gu Weiwei said, “Or, you can call me Vivian Dorrans.”

“Vivian Dorrans?!” Qin Feng turned even paler and he asked with a quivering voice, “You and Cayman Dorrans…”

“He is my father,” Gu Weiwei said with a cold voice, “You may not be able to bring down the Fu Family in this round, but even if you manage to do that, I can turn everything you have into dust.”

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