My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 985 - Jealousy

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Chapter 985: Jealousy

Fu Shiyi turned to Gu Weiwei. “Why did you rent his place?”

Gu Weiwei frowned. “It was not him who signed the contract.”

“Uncle Wang is the agent,” Qin Lv said.

“You…” Fu Shiyi put his arms over his shoulders and forced him into a corner. “Have you forgotten that she is your aunt? ”

“She was before, but not anymore, right?” Qin Lv said with a smile.

Her and Fu Hanzheng’s wedding in Slovakia had been cancelled and they were divorced.

So there was nothing wrong with him appearing next to her again.

“Even if she is not now, she will be sooner or later,” Fu Shiyi said with his teeth clenched.

“Who knows what will happen in the future.” Qin Lv moved away Fu Shiyi’s arm and greeted everyone with a smile.

Fu Shiyi scratched his head anxiously. His brother and sister-in-law had just divorced, not really broken up.

What did he mean by coming to suck up to her the moment he heard about the divorce?

Gu Weiwei now knew that the building of their studio was under Qin Lv’s name, so she asked Jolin, “Did you not find out anything before?”

“Because the location and the rent are both good, we signed it and it was Mr. Wang who signed it.” Jolin glanced at Qin Lv’s direction and asked with a small voice, “What should we do now? We are open for business, can we still close it and return the rent?”

Gu Weiwei thought for a while. “Forget it.”

At this stage, if they left the place, they would have to find another place. It would take them another month.

It was just a rented apartment and they would not have much contact with each other.

However, Fu Shiyi was not happy and said as he took hold of her, “What about not opening today but somewhere else?”

If his brother knew that her studio was in the building under Qin Lv’s name, he would be so jealous that he and Fu Shiqin would drown.

“You make it sound so simple. There are so many people watching the opening ceremony, and you want to change to another place just like that?” Gu Weiwei glared at him.

If she moved to another place, it would take some time before the renovation was completed. Where did she have the money and time to squander?

“But…” Fu Shiyi got so anxious. His poor brother was getting jealous.

“Even if you are afraid that I will climb over the wall, you should at least let me find a better wall than your brother’s, right?”

Having said these words, Gu Weiwei left the room under the urging of Jolin and several staff.

Fu Shiyi could not persuade her, so he stared at Qin Lv, trying to stop him from approaching her.

Did he think that his brother and sister-in-law’s divorce would give him the opportunity?

As long as his brother was around, nothing would happen.

The opening ceremony was brief and the media interviewed the reason behind Gu Weiwei’s departure from Shiyi Culture.

She already had the experience of dealing with the media, so she was able to deal with the media’s questions freely.

When the media asked about the new movie, Life Reboot, which was about to start, someone came to deliver flowers one after another and congratulated the opening of the studio.

Gu Weiwei could not accept it, so she gave the flowers to Jolin and her assistant.

Although Qin Lv was an unexpected guest, he had not invited anyone else, had he?

Where did these flowers come from?

She was just feeling confused when a tall and handsome foreign man came in with a bunch of flowers.

“Weiwei, congratulations, I look forward to our collaboration.”

It was Anthony Gustav, who had just moved to Yijing Pavilion and become her neighbour.

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