My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 986 - Love Rival

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Chapter 986: Love Rival

Wait a minute, he said… collaboration?

She saw the middle-aged man walking behind Anthony Gustav. He was the investor who had invested in their new movie, Life Reboot.

Then it was obvious. The money was from Anthony Gustav, and the investor was just the agent who hid his identity.

If she could barely accept that the studio was opened in Qin Lv’s building, of course she would be very displeased if Anthony Gustav became the investor of the movie.

The journalists were also startled by the arrival of this member of European Royalty, and then they realized that someone was asking a question.

“Prince Anthony, are you saying that… you are working with Movie Queen Mu Weiwei on the new movie?”

Anthony Gustav chuckled and looked charming.

“Yes, she is an actress I admire very much.”

The reporter glanced at the roses in Anthony Gustav’s hands. “Prince Anthony, you brought roses. Do you mean something special?”

“Roses, of course, represent love.” Anthony Gustav did not conceal his pursuit.

“Mu Weiwei, are you dating Prince Anthony?” the reporter asked quickly.

Gu Weiwei laughed dryly and replied, “No, I am still young and I just want to develop my career. Also… Prince Anthony is not my type.”

What was going on today? Why was everyone causing her trouble?

Qin Lv was more than enough, and now Anthony Gustav was here too.

If she had not been able to strike a verbal blow at him in front of the media, she would have thrown him out.

Anthony Gustav sighed in disappointment but blinked and said,

“The path to pursuing love is never smooth or fast. I accept rejection but I won’t give up.”

Still young?

She had once been married to Fu Hanzheng and now she was divorced. Was she still young and only desiring a career?

Gu Weiwei gritted her teeth and showed a polite smile, trying hard to control herself from hitting him.

In the studio, Fu Shiyi dragged Jolin into a corner and interrogated him when he saw Anthony Gustav popping out.

“Why are you working with sister-in-law’s love interests? You rented Qin Lv’s building and opened a studio for her and now you have accepted Anthony Gustav’s investment. Are you trying to p*ss my brother off?”

“How would I know that they are the people behind those two agents?” Jolin countered innocently.

The other party had given him such a good offer, he would be stupid not to sign.

But it seemed that he was now in trouble.

These two seemed to be Boss’ love rivals.

“You pig-brained man, my brother is furious!” Fu Shiyi glared at Anthony Gustav who was standing beside Weiwei.

His brother had finally cut off all available paths for the love interests and gotten the marriage certificate with Weiwei.

Well, after the divorce, she was free again.

These love interests, who had retreated, were now here.

Anthony Gustav had shown his love in such a high profile way today, so he would definitely be on the hot search list online tonight and he would definitely hit the headlines tomorrow.

Finally, the ceremony and the press conference came to an end and Anthony Gustav suggested that they should leave.

“I booked a restaurant, let’s go and celebrate?”

“No.” Gu Weiwei straightforwardly turned him down.

Yuan Meng looked at Anthony Gustav, who was still holding the flowers. “Hey, not only did you move in, but you also got involved in the movie we are going to make. You really don’t quit.”

Anthony Gustav smiled at Yuan Meng and said, “I want to thank you for teaching me how to properly like someone.”

Yuan Meng suddenly thought of the book on flirting with girls that she had given him and regretted it deeply. So it turns out that this man was hired by her.

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