My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 213 - gendary Level! The Mystery Of The Chameleon!

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Chapter 213: gendary Level! The Mystery Of The Chameleon!

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“Wait here. Don’t come over yet. There is a difficult mutant creature over there, so I will go over and observe the situation.”

Su Mo raised his rifle and released the safety mechanism. Hearing what Su Mo said, Zhong Qingshu was shocked when she saw that Su Mo did not look like he was feigning it. She took two steps back.

In her eyes, if Su Mo, who was holding a rifle and wearing a full set of equipment, found it difficult, it must be a “tough guy”.

Facing such a monster, she would escape if she could.

“Hey… Pay attention to your safety!”

Seeing Su Mo cautiously moving over, Zhong Qingshu could not help but yell as she hid behind a small tree.

Su Mo smiled and did not pay attention to the terrified Zhong Qingshu behind him. His entire focus was on the chameleon.

Compared to the first hunt, Su Mo observed the situation more carefully this time, and at the same time became more frightened.

“It turns out that this chameleon was not an ordinary monster. It hasn’t moved for such a long time… Is it performing some kind of ritual?”

When he killed the chameleon in the main world, Su Mo had not known about foreign races and their battles.

After discovering it through the monster illustration handbook and finding out that it was a monster, he stabbed its heart with his spear before the chameleon could even react.

This time, in the ruins of time, after observing the painful appearance of the chameleon, Su Mo restrained himself and continued to wait for further changes.

The small tree under the chameleon seemed to slowly surge forth with imperceptible light that then poured into the chameleon’s body.

Every ray of light would cause the chameleon to tremble with pain, but it could not move its body and escape the tree.

Time passed minute by minute…

When the sun began to shift to the west, the chameleon finally began to transform.

Starting from its ugly head, the dead skin began to fall off its body.

At the same time, some yellow spots light gushed out from its body and circled around its body as it continued to transform.

A pair of thin, fleshy, wings grew out of the chameleon’s body and spurted blood as they were stretched open into the air.

Two horns began to protrude from its head, looking like two small bumps, as its head elongated into a “horse-like” shape.

“This…this is…!”

The more the chameleon transformed, the more frightened Su Mo became. He felt fear from the bottom of his heart, followed by a sense of relief of having dodged a calamity in the main world.

Observing a creature’s transformation from a close distance, and watching it slowly evolve into another creature, this was a kind of horror that was difficult to express in words.

The chameleon’s evolution process continued, so Su Mo tried to use the monster illustration handbook to scan it again.

This time, there was no information displayed on the chameleon in the monster illustration handbook. Even though the monster was still right in front of him, the monster illustration handbook had evaluated it as something else altogether.

“Thankfully I didn’t make a wrong judgment. I’m afraid I just got lucky during that first hunt!”

Calming his beating heart, Su Mo laid on the ground and quietly approached the little monster that was still undergoing its transformation process.

When he was fifty meters from it, Su Mo focused his thoughts and summoned the system to identify its attributes, which popped up shortly after.

[Abyssal Dragon (Gold~Legendary)]

[Description: A chameleon that possesses a complete abyssal dragon bloodline. Has intermediate intelligence and high physical strength. Such a monster shouldn’t have been born within the first year of the wasteland, but because of the unique use of the ??? item, the chameleon was used as its carrier, and the ??? ritual was carried out, swallowing the chameleon and forcing the initiation of the reincarnation and metamorphosis process.]


[Reincarnation (69%): Gold]

[Reincarnation (21%): Platinum]

[Reincarnation (11%): Epic]

[Reincarnation (3%): Legendary]

[Current Status: As it lacks energy, its rebirth speed is abnormally slow. Before the completion of the advancement, it does not have control over its body.]

[Comment: Young warriors will slaughter the legendary dragon, but a warrior who truly knows how to play… will ride the legendary dragon!]

“F*ck! Who would have thought that an ordinary chameleon would turn out to be a legendary dragon that was in the process of reincarnating?”

“Who would believe this sh*t?”

Wiping his eyes, he repeatedly confirmed the information displayed on the attribute panel in front of him. Su Mo finally discovered the truth behind his suspicions.

Without mentioning the first day, over the course of a month, the wasteland had spawned various foreign mythical races that were on the ordinary spectrum, like kobolds, rats, taurens and lions.

However, Su Mo had not heard of any higher-dimensional races in the wasteland.

Some humans even thought that such creatures did not exist, and that these humanoid creatures encompassed the entirety of the foreign mythical races.

Now, looking at the giant dragon in front of him, Su Mo’s heart was trembling.

“It turns out I became a dragon slayer on my second day in the wasteland!”

“It’s no wonder Oreo, a super wasteland creature with multiple bloodlines, could appear in the treasure chest rewards from that one hunt.”

The reality was very “sobering”, while the ruins were full of “surprises”.

All the mysteries near the Underground Shelter were revealed, one by one, during this replay by Su Mo.

Whether it was Magoo’s shelter core or the legendary dragon in front of him, they were all unimaginable treasures in the main world.

“The legendary dragon’s rank is already at the golden rank as soon as it was born, and its level of strength is extraordinary. However, it should be impossible for it to evolve to the legendary rank!”

The system panel indicated its lack of energy. Since the system had no problem scanning god-level creatures, a legend-level creature would pose no issues for it either.

The rewards for killing the gold-ranked dragon were certainly rich, but compared to the legendary-ranked dragon…

Looking at the few god-level cards in his backpack, Su Mo smiled slightly. However, just as he was about to withdraw, his eyes fell upon the Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll card.

A bold, but crazy, idea suddenly appeared in Su Mo’s heart.

“A lot of energy is stored in the Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll card. If I can provide enough energy, then maybe…”

“If this dragon can evolve to the legendary rank. At that time…”

“I might even obtain… a legendary treasure chest!”

Su Mo slowly exhaled. Looking at the painful and immobile dragon in the distance, the cogs of Su Mo’s mind spun rapidly, and his muscles began to tighten and twitch involuntarily.

In Su Mo’s eyes, the Abyssal Dragon had turned into a living treasure chest. It only required some proper…


Then it could be harvested like cutting leeks!

“Zhong Qingshu, come over here and do me a favor!”

Gesturing for Zhong Qingshu to come over, Su Mo was incomparably excited and began to quickly take out packs of explosives as he kept an eye on the motionless chameleon.

As he had rushed out in the wee hours of the morning, aside from the large amount of ammunition, he only carried with him thirty catties of explosives.

To deal with this Abyssal Dragon, thirty catties would not be enough…

Su Mo gritted his teeth, but once he thought of the legendary treasure chest that might net him another legendary card, he no longer hesitated…

2680 survival points disappeared from his points reserves.

The amount of explosive packs on the ground began to expand visibly, increasing from the original 30 catties to 300 catties!

At the same time, a five-minute, ten-minute, and three-minute time fuze was placed on the ground.

If he used a full three hundred catties of explosives at close proximity, even if it was a legendary creature, the resulting explosion would still kill it instantly.

“This is a pack of explosives. You have seen the amount here. The explosion radius is about one kilometer, so we have to make it past that distance if we don’t want to die or be seriously injured.”

“Your task is very simple. This is the lead wire, you take it!”

Looking at Su Mo’s serious and cautious expression, and then at the creature lying on a tree that looked like the dragon from the movies and TV dramas, Zhong Qingshu’s face turned pale, and she instantly understood what the explosion was for!

Without too much hesitation, after steadying herself, Zhong Qingshu nodded heavily and clenched her small fist.

Her behavior and reaction to this task left Su Mo somewhat surprised. Yet somehow, he had also predicted and expected this behavior from her.

Staring at Zhong Qingshu’s anxious face, Su Mo nodded and passed her the three fuzes.

“Remember, three threads, red, white and yellow; red for ten minutes, white for five minutes, and yellow for three minutes.”

“Once I ask you to light it, do so immediately. Don’t hesitate, and just follow my instructions!”

The turmoil in the wasteland over the past few days cultivated Su Mo’s decisiveness in the face of danger!

This kind of determination was usually not eye-catching, but in the eyes of people who had just been transported to the wasteland, he shone brightly like a Super Saiyan.

Watching Zhong Qingshu obediently take the fuzes and prepare them for ignition, Su Mo ran back quickly, rode the cross-country motorcycle over, and placed it in an accessible location in advance. As long as he left the engine on, he could escape at a moment’s notice!

All the preparations were ready. Su Mo summoned the system, and once again looked at the attributes of the Abyssal Dragon. Su Mo tiptoed gently toward the dragon.

“Be good. I’m here to help you level up. I have no ill intentions!”

“Don’t move, don’t move. Grandpa Su Mo loves a good grandson like you!”

The moment Su Mo appeared, the dragon locked gazes with him. However, because it was unable to move, it could only watch as Su Mo approached it slowly.

“Hu… Human, go away. Otherwise…die!”

The white-robed kobold could speak human words so, when the dragon spoke, Su Mo did not find it strange. Rather, he felt happy about this turn of events.

If it could speak that meant that it could communicate…

And if it could communicate, that meant that it could be fooled!

“I, the great king of the human race, Su Mo, am here to help our great partner from the Abyssal Dragon family level up to the legendary level.”

“I beg the king of dragons to protect my human race after your advancement!”

Speaking nonsense, Su Mo’s footsteps were not slow. In a flash, the distance between them was less than 20 meters.

At this distance, Su Mo could even see the mysterious and complicated patterns on the wings of the dragon.

“You…you can’t help me. Go away, go far away, otherwise…”

Abyssal Dragon’s intermittent sentence had not yet finished before Su Mo’s hand flashed, revealing a card. The dragon was immediately stunned into silence!

It was the Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll card, which stored all the power of the Heavenly Dog Pseudo God. Even though Oreo had absorbed the divinity, there was still a substantial amount of energy remaining!

At the very least, other legendary dragons would not be able to absorb even one percent or one-thousandth of it!

This kind of energy made the dragon, who originally had a violent look in his eyes and anger in his words, gape. It instantly turned into a child looking for some candy~

“Give it to me! Give it to me quickly! Give it to me, and I will protect your human race for thousands of years!”

“The Abyssal Dragon will always be a friend of the human race!”

“Zeta will always be a good friend to the king of the human race, Su Mo!”

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