My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 214 - Flying Ceremony, An Epic Level Treasure Chest!

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Chapter 214: Flying Ceremony, An Epic Level Treasure Chest!

Under the temptation of the abundant energy contained in the Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll card, the dragon’s greedy expression could be seen at a glance.

“In Western fantasy works, the depiction of these monsters is rather appropriate. They really are just a group of greedy creatures that do not care about life or death.”

Different from the positive image of dragons in eastern fantasy works, dragons in western fantasy works were mostly evil villains.

They had an incurable obsession with treasures and, depending on the situation, were either extremely shrewd or extremely stupid.

The same could be said to be true for the Abyssal Dragon named Zeta!

Looking at the Abyssal Dragon, Su Mo slowly took a few steps forward, reaching the ten-meter mark.

Right now, Su Mo could easily pull out the Type-80 machine gun and shoot the dragon until it became a sieve, sending it to hell to slowly repent of its greed.

However… the gold rewards would likely not even reach one-thousandth of the value of a legendary level reward!

Seeing that the Abyssal Dragon was still unresponsive and unable to move, Su Mo let out a sigh of relief and continued moving forward.

Eight meters…

Five meters…

Three meters…

Closing the distance, Su Mo cautiously glanced at the Abyssal Dragon’s longing gaze and then began to look at the blood oozing from its skin all over its body…

“Poor dragon, it doesn’t even have scales…”

Su Mo stretched out a hand and touched it…

His actions did not make the dragon angry. On the contrary, after realizing that Su Mo was not attacking it, it lowered its guard significantly.

“Hu…human, the Abyssal Dragon is willing to form a friendly alliance with you as long as you present me with this card”

“The Abyssal Dragon will always protect his friends!”

The immobile dragon could hardly contain its undisguised greed. Occasionally, killing intent leaked from its gaze and it was still speaking nonsense. Su Mo removed the pretense from his face in an instant after pulling off his mask, his expression cold and merciless.

“Okay, Lord Dragon, but before that, we need to carry out the flying boom welcome ceremony of the human race.”

Su Mo turned back to the vicinity of Zhong Qingshu and, moving back and forth, all the explosives were placed under the dragon by using the storage space.

Uneasy, Su Mo picked up the dragon, which was currently the size of half a person, and placed it in the center of the explosives.

Throughout the whole process, the poor little dragon looked dazed and did not understand what Su Mo was doing.

However, the next segment was the part it desired the most.

After making sure that everything was prepared and the three time fuzes were all linked, Su Mo took out the Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll card and gently attached it to the dragon’s body.


The gray and black starlight sensed the connection between the two objects and, like a charger plugged into a socket, the energy began to flow and surge out of the card, gradually transferring over to the body of the dragon.

This energy infusion made the Abyssal Dragon tremble uncontrollably, and roars of comfort buzzed from its throat.

Summoning the system, Su Mo saw that the probability of the dragon advancing to gold level had filled up after just a few seconds of energy infusion. Su Mo decisively shouted, “Ignite the fire, ten minutes!”


The second after Su Mo’s voice ended, Zhong Qingshu, who looked tense and fully focused, lit the fuse.

The ten-minute red lead wire began to slowly burn, and a section of the lead wire began to deflagrate.

Time fuzes could be used in many situations.

However, Su Mo’s usage of it in an actual battle like this was unprecedented!

The Abyssal Dragon, busy absorbing the energy, did not notice the approaching burning lead wire in front of it.

It was swimming in an ocean of energy, and a refreshing feeling burst forth like a tide, enveloping every part of its body.

“Ah~ha~ com…comfortable!”

“All… redemption, must die!”

As the dragon repeated and spat out the word “comfortable”, the progress bar on the system panel rose quickly.

In less than two minutes, the platinum level advancement bar was also filled up, and the gold level bar disappeared entirely, with the dragon now at the lowest level of platinum.

“It’s moving too quickly! Light up the five-minute fuze, hurry!”

The dragon’s rate of absorption was too fast, and there was still more than seven minutes remaining for the ten-minute fuze. It was unable to keep up with the speed of the dragon’s absorption and advancement.

Fortunately, Su Mo had already made three levels of preparations and, as the five-minute lead began to deflagrate, time became increasingly urgent.

He had to match the timing of the dragon’s absorption and advancement, while leaving himself about a minute and a half to escape. Time management was crucial for this operation to succeed.

When three hundred catties of explosives ignited, if he was within 300 meters, it would be fatal.

If he was within 700 meters, the vibrations and shockwaves from the explosion would injure him seriously.

One kilometer away was the safest distance!



The epic level progress bar was soaring upward as the energy infusion continued. The energy in the Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll card was still sufficient, and the starlight on the card had not reduced at all.

At the same time, the dragon’s body began to undergo earthshaking changes, and a pair of yellow wings had completely grown out.

When it fully expanded its wings, it was approximately 1.5 meters wide.

As it absorbed more energy, solid black and red dragon scales began to form on the surface of the dragon’s body.

“Light up… the three-minute fuze!!!”

Its evolution speed and direction far exceeded Su Mo’s estimation but, fortunately, things were still under control.

After the three-minute lead wire was ignited, Su Mo began to use tricks as he observed the progress bar.

Since there was insufficient time for the dragon to reach the legendary level, the epic level would suffice!

Su Mo lifted the card back and, before the dragon could be angry, Su Mo put it back again to continue the energy infusion.

He repeated this process and, each time when the dragon was about to roar in anger, Su Mo always put back the card in time. Although the energy supply was intermittent, there were no problems.

Epic progress 100%…

Legendary 11%…

Feeling the abundance of energy, this greedy dragon did not stop at the epic level, and continued to make strides toward the legendary level!

Once the beginning of the advancement had started, it could not be stopped. If the energy infusion stopped and the Abyssal Dragon wanted to complete the evolution process at the epic level, it would still take awhile for it to complete the transformation, and it would still be stuck in the state of being unable to control its body.

“Enough! Zhong Qingshu, let’s go!”

After pulling off the Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll card and putting it into the storage space, Su Mo retreated decisively and ran toward the motorcycle.

“Hey…human, power, come back!”

The dragon, who was still enjoying his hot spring spa, suddenly found that the energy source had disappeared. As it stared at Su Mo who was running away, it was momentarily unable to figure out what had happened.

Zhong Qingshu acted smartly. When she noticed Su Mo running over, she pushed the motorcycle upright and pushed the stand back into its riding position.

Once Su Mo stepped onto the motorcycle, Zhong Qingshu got on as well. Su Mo revved the engine and twisted the accelerator!


Woo woo woo woo!

The power output of a cross-country motorcycle was not big, but its torque was something else entirely.

As he pushed hard, the front of the motorcycle tilted upward and, after the rear wheel slid across the ground for a while, it landed heavily on the ground once more and sped away.

In just three seconds, relying on Su Mo’s excellent control, the indicator on the motorcycle’s speedometer exceeded 100!

Using this speed his familiarity with the basin and its surroundings, Su Mo had the confidence to escape successfully!

The dragon behind him started to roar frantically and angrily as he watched Su Mo running away.

However, because of the abundance of energy, it had begun to advance to the legendary level, and it was left with no other choice than to continue its process of advancement.

“Huh…what is this…”

Listening to the hissing sound coming from its rear, the dragon opened its eyes curiously and looked at the yellow thread of sparks that was approaching it.

The flickering sparks did not seem to contain any power and, were it not for its rapid approach, the dragon would not have even bothered looking at it.

“Damn human, really cunning. When my evolution is complete, I must…”

Without sufficient energy, there was no hope for it to advance to the legendary level.

Just as the dragon was cursing and ready to end its evolution process at the epic level…

The sky…

Turned bright!

The bright light rose momentarily and, before it could react, a roar loud enough to be heard from dozens of miles away shook from underneath it.




The explosives of human beings, at this moment, possessed enough power to rival the “forbidden curses” of the foreign mythical races!

As the explosive energy compressed and imploded, the dragon did not even have time to roar; it lost consciousness and was completely decimated into nothingness!

The land was crumbled with the explosion, and nearby stones were blown to smithereens!

Feeling the constant vibrations behind him, and seeing the rubble and debris falling from the sky, Su Mo could not but whistle in excitement as he sped across the wasteland.

Warriors often walked on the edge of the blade.

Even in the ruins, it was no exception.

Only those who were bold enough could obtain the richest harvest in every battle.

Su Mo rode the motorcycle until they were about two kilometers away. After a chic and elegant flick, the motorcycle came to a halt.

Raising his head, a terrifying yellow mushroom cloud appeared in the distant horizon in front of him.

The compression of heated air, coupled with the yellow poisonous smoke released by the picric acid explosives, was a spectacular scene that could fascinate anyone who was watching.

“This is the power of technology!”

Taking off the mask and smelling the scent of gunpowder in the air, Su Mo’s eyes were full of emotion.

Holding on to Su Mo’s waist and looking at the mushroom cloud in the distance, Zhong Qingshu’s thoughts were simple.

“What a terrifying explosion, hehe. That monster is dead for sure!”

Such an explosion was unlikely to be seen in modern warfare. The pure explosive energy accumulation and superimposed kinetic energy meant that the efficiency of such a weapon would be insufficient for most modern combat situations.

However, it was enough to deal with the situation in front of them!

“The monster we encountered just now is an epic level dragon. Killing it will result in an epic treasure chest dropping!”

Seeing Zhong Qingshu’s befuddled expression, Su Mo patted his head and began to brief her on various concepts regarding wasteland while they waited for the smoke to clear.

“The level of monsters is divided into… the level of items is too…”

“When encountering ordinary monsters, we should first…, encounter this kind of monster…”

Zhong Qingshu tried to remember everything he was telling her and was left deep in thought. Su Mo nodded in satisfaction as he twisted the accelerator and rushed to the scene of the incident.

After the gunpowder smoke dissipated, a swath of the surrounding basin had sunk even further.

At the center of the explosion, about a hundred meters away, a deep pit had been created by the explosion. There was still some poisonous gas lingering inside it.

However, none of these could attract Su Mo’s attention…

Because, at the center of the explosion, there was a treasure chest shining with a scarlet light. At the moment, it was dazzlingly bright!

“The ruins are probably the most mysterious place in the wasteland world!”

He stopped the motorcycle and gestured for Zhong Qingshu to wait there. Su Mo put on his mask and touched his rapidly beating heart as he strode toward the treasure chest.

Currently, the highest level treasure chest that he had ever obtained was only gold level!

Compared with the one in front of him, the difference was a whole two levels!

These two levels were not the difference between wooden treasure chests and bronze treasure chests, but rather the gap between heaven and earth!

The corpse of the giant dragon had disappeared. When he walked closer, he forcibly resisted the urge to open the treasure chest right there and then to evaluate the items in it. Su Mo kept it within the storage space.

So far, the gains in the ruins of this trip had been more than a hundredfold.

Even if he did nothing and spent the next few days on vacation, his strength would drastically improve after returning to the main world.

“I only have one card to bring things out, so I’ll have to choose between Magoo’s core and this epic treasure chest.”

“The answer is obvious…”

Looking at the two items in the storage space, Su Mo made a decision in his heart without hesitation!

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