My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 571 - Pairing Combinations, Typical Busy Days!  

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Chapter 571: Pairing Combinations, Typical Busy Days!


Reality had proved that one could never have enough survival points to spend!

Even though it only cost 100 points to transform the plants, once greed was aroused, the total amount spent would increase to a terrifying number as the transformation times increased.

Su Mo was down from 37,000 to only 20,000 survival points.

He instantly realized and quickly killed the idea of wanting to continue randomizing attributes for the seeds.

‘When you need to spend money, there is never enough!

‘Even if I had 100,000 or 200,000, it still won’t be enough!’

The transformation panel was on the bottom right.

The total transformation number reached 142, which was 14,200 survival points that had been spent in this bottomless pit.

Based on the accumulation of 1,000 survival points per day, it would take half a month to get enough of these points without spending a dime.

If this was when Su Mo had first transmigrated, it would have been an astronomical figure.

Fortunately, he was able to acquire valuable benefits from the huge bill he paid.

All the seeds that were brought back from the ents’ territory had new transformed attributes and were no longer “trash”.

Su Mo paired complimenting plants and created “combined attributes” to meet the need for some urgently-needed plants in the basin.

He paired them by grade and rarity as well as usage time.

The 94 seeds brought back from the ents’ territory were neatly arranged in a row on a piece of white cloth.

Su Mo turned off the game panel and took out a small notebook to carefully record and number the combination pairs.

The most important plant in the first combination was the rafflesia.

The No. 1 seed was the previous “Dedication” attribute that was randomly obtained by luck, which could allow the second plant with a grade that was not higher than rare, to reach maturity instantly.

The No. 2 seed had a similar attribute to the reverse growth attribute of the land flower, which was called “Backtracking”. The effect of the seed was as its name suggested.

Depending on the amount of energy and gestation time, the plant could be designated to restore a plant to its state an hour ago.

The reason for retaining this transformation attribute was very simple, the No. 1 rafflesia would die after dedicating its life.

When that happened, the backtracking attribute of the No. 2 seed could be used to resurrect it.

That is to say, every seven days, a plant could be designated to reach maturity instantly.

As for the No. 3 seed, it took Su Mo nine tries to get something that met the requirement in his mind.

The transformation attribute was called “Wild Spirit”.

It had a somewhat similar attribute to the land flower’s clone attribute but was not exactly the same.

The seeds of the ents’ magical plants could not be obtained by pollinating them after flowering to continue cultivating them.

It was like the first two attributes of the rafflesia. No matter how mature they grew, it was impossible to find any seeds in the flowers to be sown.

This was the ents’ countermeasure against seeds being spread outside of their territory.

It was also the reason the Dream Plant Workshop could sell plants however they pleased!

To acquire a seed, you would either have to go to the most primitive mother plant to harvest its seed or find a way to acquire a plant with attributes such as duplicating.

Therefore, in order to continue propagating the rafflesia and land flower to raise the basin’s development as a whole, Su Mo had to reluctantly spend a lot of points to replace the clone attribute to get two flowers with a wild duplicate attribute.

When the plant entered a mature stage, 1 to 10 seeds could be collected every two weeks, depending on the growth condition, and be used to cultivate new plants.

‘Reverse growth, golden stone, dedication, backtracking, and two wild duplicates.

‘I’ll have to cultivate the first reverse growth plant to improve the soil fertility.

‘When the soil fertility reaches a nutritious state, I’ll have to plant the dedication plant, backtracking and wild duplicate quickly. I’ll use the dedication plant to obtain a few batches of seeds, and then I’ll be able to get rid of the ents’ constraints.

‘When I have 30 to 50 seeds, I can spend some survival points, and no matter what transformed attributes they become, they can still be put to good use!’

Growing flowers.


No matter how powerful the subsequent plants, the growth time and soil fertility requirements were two obstacles difficult to overcome.

The winter gave him sufficient time so he was not anxious, nor did he think of wasting time.

After recording the remaining seeds on the paper and sticking a small note on it as a bookmark, Su Mo waved his hand, putting the temporarily unused seeds into the pouch and into the storage space.

‘I still have 20,000 points left. Just enough to resurrect an additional three people…

‘That means including Ouyang Guo, Ai Jianqiang, and Yan Xiaqing, a total of six people can be resurrected!”

Su Mo had already chosen in his heart the three resurrection candidates.

At this stage, as Lu Kuan’s assistant, Ji Yang had to be resurrected.

With his assistance, Lu Kuan’s research and development speed would increase by more than a notch, which would skyrocket the progress of the shelter’s basic research projects.

Zhuo Junfan, the biologist scholar, could not be missed this time.

Whether it was the lizards in the basin that had extraordinary potential or the problem of accelerated cell aging, his talent was greatly needed to conduct further research on these matters at hand.

Apart from these two, the last place naturally belonged to Su Deben.

Winter training was a must down the path of becoming stronger.

With Su Deben’s firsthand training, presumably after this winter, the combat strength of the basin would show visible improvements.

‘It’s only been a few times, and I’m already about to resurrect eight consciousnesses trapped in the brain box.

‘It would be great to find such talents in the next ruins…

‘The Great Mountain…’

Su Mo remembered that in another seven to eight days, Marshal Wang would be reporting back with news, and Su Mo could not suppress his joy, looking forward to that day.

He was overwhelmed with emotions and tried to calm himself down, but he realized it was not possible to calm down. He did not continue to sit still.

Reviving six people was not troublesome.

Excluding the marks used for more than 60 villagers, there were at least a little over 50 marks, which was sufficient.

Since he already had experience, this time, Su Mo simply woke up the consciousnesses in the brain box and entered the virtual reality to announce the news, then began the process of fusing marks.

First up were Yan Xiaqing, Ouyang Guo, and Ai Jianqiang.

They completely matched the anchor points and fused a mark without any problem. It took less than half an hour to successfully learn to control the mark and load templates into it.

The grayish-black light flickered, and the resurrection ended.

The three of them were on the ground, looking at each with astonished expressions.

“This ability is amazing! I never would’ve imagined that I’d have a chance to recover a physical body!”

The three had just obtained their physical bodily autonomy, and their brains were not fully linked to their previous memories, which made them unable to control their arms and legs flexibly.

However, that did not stop them from glancing at each other.

Feeling a slight cold breeze blowing against their body, a faint fragrance entered her nose.

The template that Yan Xiaqing loaded was a Level 2 cyborg woman who remodeled her left hand into a mechanical prosthesis and various tools could be added to it.

Her appearance did not resemble her gentleness and beauty in the virtual reality at all.

“I’m an old woman who has lived for decades, and I’ve no intention to engage in romantic relationships. External appearance is just decoration. It must be heaven’s will that I’m still alive so that I can continue burning my value and make contributions. In my heart, the practicality of the template is far greater than its appearance. It would be nice to get a template that helps me with medical treatments if there are any available!’

Based on the personal wishes collected before the resurrection,this was what Yan Xiaqing said.

On the other hand, Ouyang Guoze loaded a cyborg whose both hands were transformed into iron.

His reasons were also outrageous.

“When I was a graduate student, I followed my senior to conduct an experiment. In order to protect me, his left hand was blown up by chemical reagents. In the end, the instructor offered him money to send him to the capital to install iron hands that could physically hold a 200-degree beaker and centrifuge. He could directly blow it with hot air to dry and I was really envious!

“Now that I have a chance, I want to have two iron hands no matter what!”

As for Ai Jianqiang, he was the most serious one out of the three.

He needed to be able to measure the properties of the building and the length of some projects, so he only chose to modify his eyes into multifunctional mechanical prosthetic eyes just like Lu Kuan.

At this stage, the prosthetic eye could only zoom in and out to observe objects and see them at night.

In the later stage, he could implant the corresponding decoding chip into it to achieve the effect of seeing whatever he wanted.

“Can you imagine how many lives this could save if used in modern medicine?

“What a pity, what a pity!”

As a medical professional with a high requirement for motor control, it took Yan Xiaqing only 11 minutes to get used to her body.

She was able to stand up and move around without a problem successfully.

This was an astonishing record-breaker of Lu Kuan’s 14 minutes.

She got accustomed to the new body that had no difference from her previous human body and shook her head repeatedly with a sigh.

Su Mo did not say anything to interrupt them and allowed them some time to completely adapt to their new bodies. He smiled gently and stood up when they finally got used to the bodies.

“This kind of body modification is not the end of science.

“We only have this feeling because we are looking at today through the lens of the past.

“Five years or ten years in the future, we will feel as if we’re watching ourselves from the sky when we look back on today!”

The ignorant are fearless.

Unlike Lu Kuan, Yan Xiaqing, and the others who had not reached the limits of their research and were wandering in front of the shackles, Su Mo was not worried at all.

Su Mo even had great faith that before the technology tree was completely restored to the time before the transmigration, the pace of humankind’s development would not stop in the next ten years to even fifty years.

The wasteland was full of both risks and opportunities!

Seeing the thoughtful expressions on the three’s faces, Su Mo did not waste any more time and simply continued the resurrection plan.

According to the standard of 6,500 points per person, the three of them cost a total of 19,500 points.

There were 3,540 remaining survival points.

With the system’s help to fuse a mark, the resurrection time this time was even faster than the previous three.

In less than five minutes, three more people were lying on the floor of the shelter.

“Wow, I actually came back to life!”


“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

Among the newer, three people who were resurrected, except for Su Deben, who chose a template with a muscular man that was 1.9 meters tall, the other two were relatively low-key.

They chose the most basic templates which looked like normal humans.

The sudden appearance of more people made the cold shelter much more lively and energetic.

Seeing a group of people on the ground chatting while lying on their stomachs, Su Deben and the others did not realize anything strange.

Su Chan, who had just arrived with the tea, could not stop herself and let out a laugh.

The scene that appeared before him gave him some new concerns.

‘Now that we have too many people, there isn’t enough space to live on the first floor of the shelter. I’ll have to make the necessary research rooms and residences for them.’

Su Mo rubbed the stubble on his chin, thought about the problem, and soon came to a decision.

He did not have any paranoia about being persecuted, nor was he worried about these people who were basically selling their lives for him.

Additionally, under the eyes of Oreo, it was impossible to overturn him and take control.

However, considering the privacy issues and the various reactions that came with the magical effects of the system…

Su Mo decided to build a new prefabricated room for experiments as soon as possible, relocate all the instruments there, and integrate a general scientific and technological laboratory model.

When the winter was over, the basin would have the resources to construct large-scale infrastructure such as reinforced concrete.

The laboratory could be gradually built and eventually form a composite experimental base with the ground levels, underground levels, and safety retention layers.

Thousands of tall buildings would rise from the ground.

Su Mo planned in his heart.

They were only at the preparation stage.

When outside, big things did not always happen either.

During rest days, after all the work was completed, there would be more time to be idle.

Everything was arranged. There were people in charge to supervise the task delegations and taking care of all the miscellaneous tasks, so there was really not much work for the territory lord, Su Mo.

At seven-forty at night, all the villagers who were mining outside returned en masse.

There were lizards in front and wooden carts in the back.

The three tons of energy stones that Lu Kuan needed were all pulled to the front of the shelter and were a joyous sight to see.

“Hmm? What day is it today?!”

Following the team, Ai Jianfeng also came back.

As soon as he entered the door and looked at the people sitting inside, he was stunned for a moment and then said hello excitedly.

A long time ago, they decided to give up their physical bodies and keep their brains.

Everyone did not bring it up, but deep down, they understood that the chances of regaining their human identities in this lifetime were very low, close to zero.

It was not too long ago when these people could only communicate in virtual reality, and now they were physically human again.

This opportunity could only make people in awe of fate and how it played with them.

“Hey, brother! Shelter leader Su has been waiting for your energy stones to arrive!

“I guess I don’t have free time tonight and will have to work overtime to make sure those converters are completed! Otherwise, I’d be ashamed of the kindness our shelter leader has shown us!”

Ai Jianfeng was an honest man.

Ai Jianqiang, on the other hand, was a little glib.

It was not meant in a derogatory sense, but his professionalism was not as strong as the first few.

If you wanted to gain prestige in the architecture university course, you had to attend various exchange meetings and discuss differences in ideas with others.

The atmosphere was slightly livelier with his jokes.

Soon, after counting the number of energy stones and finishing dinner, the energy extraction and transmission tool that had been in preparation for a long time finally began to be made.

From the device that extracted energy from the energy stones, to the wires responsible for transmission to the demodulator used to balance the voltage and current…

Although there were not enough modern tools to assist, the difficulty was within the acceptable range for these professionals.

The time was eleven at night.

This was when most villagers would have already gone to bed, but Lu Kuan and Ji Yang finally completed the last step of the energy extraction device.

Subsequently, after a simple test, the two quickly joined the production of the demodulation equipment.

Su Mo, who was beside them, was not idle while everyone was busy.

He closely watched the operation practices as a top-level learning process, which he could use to confirm the knowledge he learned from the books.

After watching it for half the night, he had a feeling that everything was connected and was enlightened by the learning experience.

He occasionally contributed some help and the night went by extremely fast.

When the alarm clock rang, everyone was surprised to find that they had stayed up all night, and it was six o’clock in the morning!

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