My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 663 - She Does Not Exist, The Huge Difference Between Two Territories! Part 1   

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Chapter 663: She Does Not Exist, The Huge Difference Between Two Territories! Part 1


“Zhong Qingshu?” Guan Yu repeated.

She observed Su Mo’s slightly expectant expression and was somewhat bitter in her heart.

The National Defense of Science and Technology University was full of talented and gifted students.

Many famous people graduated from the university. Not to mention the countless outstanding freshmen that were enrolled every year.

Those who were geniuses shined the brightest amongst the crowd, outshining everyone else regardless of the competitive environment.

Those on top were often spoken about and became role models in teaching materials for others.

Meanwhile, few would remember those who were merely ordinary students, even though these people were considered geniuses when placed in society.

“Hmm… Zhong Qingshu…”

“I’ve studied at the National Defense of Science and Technology University for five years, but I don’t recall the person you mentioned. Do you know if the name she gave you was a nickname?

“Many people go by their nicknames when they leave school!”

Guan Yuan scratched her head, tried to search her memories, then suggested a piece of critical information.

It was like business executives who liked to name themselves for convenience of communication or, more often, to give a professional impression to others.

These cadets also practiced such habits.

However, the purpose of their nicknames was different from the business executives. It was more to hide their identities in simulated training.


“Let me think…”

Su Mo began thinking carefully about the night the two first met.

Zhong Qingshu did not reveal much information about herself.

She had only mentioned that she was a second-year postgraduate at the National Defense of Science and Technology University. There was no further information about her apart from that.

Zhong Qingshu remained tight-lipped about her background even when they traveled to the ruins of time.

In the past, Su Mo did not doubt her identity.

He frowned as he suddenly realized that there was something strange about her.

“Are there any postgraduate courses in your university?”

Hearing Su Mo’s question, Guan Yuan, who was whispering to Feng Long, was taken aback and immediately shook her head with a smile.

“We’re a military academy. We only go by military ranks. A graduate will join a military team after completing their education. We don’t have such a complicated education system like an ordinary university.”

“So, basically, there aren’t any postgraduate courses?”

Su Mo got confirmed that there was no such thing as postgraduates in the academy and instantly recalled Zhong Qingshu’s non-standard military salute.

His heart pounded heavily.

Most of the clues he had about Zhong Qingshu were now cut off.

He had no idea where she came from, if she had any relatives, or even where she might have gone in the wasteland.

In the current circumstances, he had to either gather more information about her or acquire more powerful tools to identify her location.

Otherwise, the probability of finding her was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Guan Yuan noticed Su Mo’s obvious disappointment. She glanced at Feng Mengyue, who was walking in front of them and then quickly turned to comfort Su Mo.

“Well, if you can confirm that this…Zhong Qingshu was in my university, I could ask my elder brother when he returns.

“He was a social butterfly in our school, so he’ll definitely know more than me!”

“Your brother?” asked Su Mo.

“Yup, my brother also graduated from the same university, but he was three years ahead of me and in the same class as Feng Mengyue.

“He led a team to the Origin Camp deep inside the Great Mountains a few days ago. It’s about time he returns. He can surely recall this person if they really existed in our school.”

In psychology, two strange phenomena often occur, called mirroring and projection.

The simple definition of the former was that a good-natured person would be surrounded by people of a similar nature.

Meanwhile, the latter happened when a wicked person, who committed evil and betrayed others frequently, would often project his insidious and cunning behavior onto others, always fearing that people around him would betray him.

Su Mo was very magnanimous, so the people who surrounded him were typically kind-hearted and honest. Even the occasional exceptions would gradually be affected and change subtly with time.

Thus, Guan Yuan was also equally sincere as him.

Despite not meeting or having any interactions in the past and risking their lives in the previous battle, Guan Yuan willingly tried her best to help Su Mo when the latter needed it.

“I finally met a bunch of good people!”

Su Mo nodded in relief and glanced at Guan Yuan gratefully after receiving her genuine kindness.

However, he immediately went silent after realizing the information she had revealed.

“You two can continue chatting first. I’ll ask Feng Mengyue if she knows anything.”


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