My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 664 - She Does Not Exist, The Huge Difference Between Two Territories! Part 2  

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Chapter 664: She Does Not Exist, The Huge Difference Between Two Territories! Part 2


Su Mo left Feng Long and Guan Yuan in the back with some doubt in his heart. He strode forward and quickly caught up to Feng Mengyue, who was giving orders to the refugees in the front.

“Hmm? Why do you look a little unhappy?”

Feng Mengyue sent the refugees away and immediately caught on to Su Mo’s unsuppressed emotions after carefully observing his expression.

Su Mo refused to answer her question directly and instead shook his head.

“I heard from Guan Yuan that her elder brother went to Origin Territory to investigate their transactions. Is she still unaware…”

“You’re correct. I didn’t have the heart to tell her yet. Peace isn’t someone who can calmly think through problems. Although she is extremely gifted in commanding skills that we lack, her personality is far from mature.”

Feng Mengyue did not hide it since Su Mo had roughly guessed the situation.

“It’s a really long story about how fate brought us here. We’ll have a good talk about it after we reach a place to rest.”

Feng Mengyue pointed to the large building that had appeared in front of them. She swept her hair to the side and smiled proudly.

Instead of choosing to live in a natural cave in the mountain, they insisted on taking the hard path of building a residential building with the few resources they had.

Rows and rows of neat stone accommodations extended outward along the stone walls.

The gravel that could be found on the crisscrossing mountain paths was the foundation of each room’s wall and connected each independent accommodation.

Due to the lack of time, the shape of these stone-wall accommodations was not elegant nor constructed in detail.

However, the large numbers of them were astonishing at first glance!

“My territory now has a total of 712 people, and we’ve built 69 residential houses for people to live in, including the individual and public houses we built in the earlier stages.

“I usually stay in that building next to our conference room!”

Feng Mengyue’s fingers pointed across the houses in front of her and finally stopped at a larger accommodation in the gathering place’s center.

Su Mo, who was also a territory lord, quickly grasped the reason for such arrangements and some of the structure’s specific details that only those who participated in the construction would understand after her introduction.

The full name of Feng Mengyue’s territory was Mountain Moon.

The mountain was taken from the last word of Guan Yuan’s brother Guan Shan, and the moon was taken from Feng Mengyue’s name.

They combined their names and formed this secret base hidden in the mountains.

Their territory had plenty of advantages.

This included the ownership of private houses that even Su Mo had not realized in his territory.

They managed to decentralize their land first so that a small group of refugees could have their own accommodation and improve the territorial unity of Mountain Moon.

Another advantage was how they relied on the mountain terrain to gather available food and water resources despite not having many resources in the earlier stages.

They could use these rare resources found in the mountain to trade with other people and accumulate a considerable amount of resources.

However, the territory also had many disadvantages.

They would be fortunate to not encounter any natural disasters such as earthquakes while living in a territory on a mountain and survive through other disasters.

However, if they were unlucky and a disaster similar to an earthquake happened, it would be necessary for them to move out of the mountains because their days and months of effort to gather resources would be wiped out overnight.

Additionally, if an enemy were to attack them, they had nowhere to find shelter to recollect themselves and form a strategy because they were between two mountains.

They had plenty of escape routes and could run in any direction, but no matter how talented Guan Yuan was, they would be in a very passive situation and slowly exhaust their energy until their deaths.

Both of these shortcomings were fatal.

‘I would never choose to set up my territory here even with such tempting advantages.’


“It’s pretty good to stay here for now to survive the early stage disasters and gather a large batch of resources.

“However, I suggest you move out if you have the chance!”

It was easy for Su Mo to lie and flatter another person.

However, with his current status, knowledge, and considering his friendship with Feng Mengyue, flattery was unnecessary.

It was best if she listened to him, but if she refused now, he knew that he had ways to persuade her to move out in the future.

Fortunately, Feng Mengyue was extremely intelligent.

“Yeah, the location may seem advantageous, but there are countless shortcomings. Our resources greatly limit our development, and the grounds are also really bad for construction,” she nodded and agreed.

“This place can only be an expedient measure for now. I would never have chosen this place to recuperate if it weren’t for various reasons in the past.”

Su Mo followed the group into the village.

He immediately could sense the difference between the territory and Hope Village.

Although everyone in Hope Village was on the poorer side, there was still enough bedding for each villager.

However, bedding was a rare commodity in the Mountain Moon.

The stone houses looked imposing from the outside, but through the windows, they could be observed to be extremely simple, with only tables, chairs, and wooden beds made with dried planks.

Inside the inner parts, they had a basic canteen serving the residents meals.

It was really dark inside and had zero sanitation. There were even some food scraps that had not been completely cleaned up.

Additionally, their rubbish was casually piled up in front of the houses.

The place would be overwhelmed with a pungent smell if it were not for them living in a mountain environment that was well ventilated. Otherwise, living and eating in such a filthy space would have been impossible.

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