My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1217 - Tanning Botched

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Chapter 1217: Tanning Botched

When the servant heard the noise, she came in from outside. She wanted to pick up the broken cup on the floor, only to see Feng Shengxuan cover his indescribable area with a book.

Feng Shengxuan’s figure was so good in the eyes of ordinary people that even though this servant was already over 40 years old, she still could not stop herself from crying out when she saw Best Actor Feng’s figure. She blushed.

This old lady loved binging drama shows and she had always been a fan of Feng Shengxuan. Now that she was old and had suddenly seen her idol’s body figure, even the old lady could not help but feel a surge of energy that roared inside her.

Feng Shengxuan, “…”

He felt like he had been tainted!

“Aunt Li, you go out first. You can clean here later.”

Chi Zeyao said a little unhappily.

“Yes.” Aunt Li realized that she had overreacted, so she quickly left with a blushing face.

Old Master Chi really did not know what to say. It was Chi Zeyao who said calmly, “This is Z Country after all. If you want to sunbathe in the future, remember to wear your underpants. There are many servants at home.”

Feng Shengxuan, “…”

Chi Zeyao could not help but add, “Being under the winter sun only helps with the absorption of calcium. It’s cold in the north, so the sun won’t tan you.”

Feng Shengxuan, “…!!!”

Then, before Feng Shengxuan could say anything, Chi Zeyao gave the old master a hand. “Dad, I’ll accompany you to the garden.”

“No need. I just came back from the garden. Do you want to play chess in my study?”


Chi Zeyao was very filial. He would follow almost anything the old master said.

Watching the two—one old and one weak—leave, Feng Shengxuan suddenly hated this place.

It was probably written somewhere in his fates to not be compatible with this place.

It was clearly the enemy’s home, but he had let his guard down so easily. Today’s humiliation was nothing, but he suddenly felt like a frog in a pan with slowly rising fire.

After finding his underpants and clothes, Feng Shengxuan returned to his room gloomily.

He called his subordinate and vented his anger.

“Are you guys eating shit? Why haven’t you found Bai Liyue yet?”

“King, it’s not that we don’t want to look for her, but we really can’t find her. We can’t even track her phone signal. King, I’m sorry, we’re useless.”

“Call me Big Bro. I’m outside.”

Although he knew that the Chi family did not install any listening devices in his room or phone, Feng Shengxuan was still very cautious.

“Yes, Big Bro.”

After hanging up, Feng Shengxuan’s worry started to expand. Eventually, he gave in and gave Dan Qi a call.

“Luna is missing. Help me find her.”

On the other end of the phone, it was not Dan Qi’s voice that answered him. Instead, it was a woman who shouted loudly—

“Dao Mingshi, you pig head!”

Feng Shengxuan, “…” What the hell?

“Dan Qi?”

“Hmm? Oh? Big Bro, what’s the matter?”

Feng Shengxuan, “…”

After taking in a deep breath, Feng Shengxuan said, “Luna is missing. Help me locate her.”

“But didn’t Big Sis Nuannuan say Big Sis Luna didn’t want to talk to you on purpose? If I help you find her, wouldn’t I be betraying Big Sis and BIg Sis Luna? I won’t do it.”

Feng Shengxuan, “…”

“Big Bro, Big Sis Luna will come back after she thinks it through. Don’t worry. Even though she likes you, she’s not the type to be narrow-minded. When she comes back, she’ll definitely change her mindset and stop pestering you.”

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