My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1818 - Public Display of Affection  

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Chapter 1818: Public Display of Affection

“Fangfang, what about you?” Nuannuan looked at Yan Fangfang.

Yan Fangfang’s face was full of pride.

“I have to help my dad with our family business in the future. Although our clothing factory is only a small one, I still have to carry on the legacy of this hard-earned business. So, I plan to learn fashion design and develop our small factory.”

Nuannuan looked at Gu Xiaoli again and asked, “What about you?”

Gu Xiaoli was a student of Jia Yong. Her parents were both farmers who had moved to the city to work. Her family was a lot poorer than Mu Qingxuan’s and Yan Fangfang’s families. However, Gu Xiaoli’s results had always been very good. “I plan to enter medical university, but there are too many people taking the exam. I don’t know if I can get in.”

“You can do it!” Nuannuan gave her some encouragement.

After all, Gu Xiaoli had been a doctor in a military hospital in her previous life, so Nuannuan knew very well that she would succeed.

“Nuannuan, don’t make fun of me. Do you think I’m as good as you, with a photographic memory?! My results have been fluctuating recently. If the Military Medical University’s score line for the other provinces is raised this year, I might not be able to get in.”

“You will get in, it’s 100% certain. Trust me! Come, let’s have a toast! I hope everyone’s wish can be fulfilled.”

“You haven’t even said which university you want to get into.” Mu Qingxuan pointed out with a smile.

“Nuannuan is already the boss of Tianheng Holdings, and she and Young Master Leng are partners in international business. Do you still need to ask? It must be the Emperor District Business Academy,” Gu Xiaoli guessed.

“I want to apply to the same university as you, so in another two months, we will be able to meet at Emperor District Military Medical University. Come on! I wish us all a bright future.”

“What? You want to apply to the Military Medical University?” The few girls exclaimed in unison, surprised by Nangong Nuannuan’s choice.

After all, as the daughter of the Nangong family and the chairman of Tianheng Holdings, Nangong Nuannuan already had almost everything a businesswoman could ever want.

The Business Academy would be the best path for her.

However, this heiress actually wanted to be a doctor?!

After Nangong Nuannuan nodded, everyone asked in unison, “Why?”

“Don’t you guys think that I’ve already done all I could ever do in the business world? Is there any real use for me to get a degree for it?”

Everyone was stunned and instantly understood.

It really made sense!

Although not everyone knew that Nangong Nuannuan was not only the chairman of Tianheng Holdings, but also the chairman of the Imperial Phoenix Group, to them, Tianheng Holdings was impressive enough—it was one of the Top 50 Mega Corporations in the world. Nuannuan was chairman of one of the top 50 corporations in the world, and she was not even 18 years old yet. Forget going to business school. If she went to business school as a visiting professor and then became the Honorary Vice Dean, no one would bat an eyelid.

“Besides, now that I have Big Brother Chi Yang, if I go to medical university, I can be a military doctor in the future. I’ll be able to stay closer to him.”

This public display of affection for her man… It hit the others as suddenly and as hard as a brick. They were caught off guard!

Her three roommates, who were all single, looked at the unconcealable pride and smile on Nangong Nuannuan’s face, then at the military general who was sitting next to him and not saying anything or singing. He was only looking at his wife with a gentle expression. Envy was written all over their faces.

After a while, the door was opened by the KTV attendant, and a familiar face walked in.

“Guo Junhao, why are you here?” Yan Fangfang asked. After all, Guo Junhao usually did not interact with Nuannuan much.

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