My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1824 - Big Brother Ye  

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Chapter 1824: Big Brother Ye

She had lost control of her rationality and her mind. She was powerless to stop Ling Xuyao’s beastly actions. A tear fell from the corner of her eye.

Just as Ling Xuyao unbuckled his belt and was about to take off his pants, the door was kicked open forcefully. A man wearing an expensive suit rushed in aggressively.

Ling Xuyao’s face turned pale, and he angrily scolded, “You’re…”

Before he could ask who the man was, he was sent flying by a kick. His back hit the table behind him, and with a bang, pain spread throughout his body and knocked him out.

“Little girl!”

Ning Wenhao immediately squatted by the sofa and reached out to grab a bucket of ice and put it on Mu Qingxuan’s forehead.

Her scattered and drowsy mind was shocked back to reality by the ice, and she finally regained some consciousness.

She could vaguely see Big Brother Ye squatting in front of her and still calling her his little girl…

“Big Brother Ye…”

Two streams of tears rolled down from each corner of her eyes.

At this moment, she really missed Big Brother Ye.

The next morning, Mu Qingxuan woke up from a deep sleep in a hospital bed, attached to an IV drip.

Her favorite sunflowers were in the room, and sunlight shone in through the window. Although it looked very hot outside, the temperature in the room was very comfortable.

Mu Qingxuan felt her lower body. She had heard that when a girl lost her virginity, her body would be in pain the next day. However, she did not feel anything at all.

Recalling the moment when someone shocked her back to reality with some ice cubes yesterday, Mu Qingxuan shuddered and sat up

Big Brother Ye!

Suddenly, the door opened.

Mu Qingxuan widened her eyes and peered out of the door. She saw her father, her stepmother Qi Huiyin, and her younger sister Mu Qingling walking in.

“Qingxuan, how are you? Is there anything wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Before her father, Mu Xigui, could speak, her stepmother, Qi Huiyin, had already quickly walked in with a worried look on her face. She asked a series of sincere questions from the bottom of her heart.

“Dad, Aunty.”

Mu Qingxuan called out to her parents, but she merely glanced at Mu Qingling and ignored her.

“Sis, didn’t you say that you were going to karaoke with your friends last night? How did you end up in the hospital? Tomorrow is the college entrance exam! Are you trying to make Mom and Dad anxious?! KTVs are so sketchy, could you have been…”

“Qingling, what are you talking about? Your sister is a pure person, and she usually exerts good self-control. How can you say such things?!”Qi Huiyin looked at her daughter unhappily, her eyes full of warning.

Mu Qingling pouted, and her chaos-seeking mood instantly vanished.

“I’m worried about Sis! After all, the college entrance exams are tomorrow. Even if Sis has already passed her art subjects with high marks, the Emperor District Film Academy still values high exam scores. Her good results will not be enough if she doesn’t perform in the exam.”

“Mu Qingling, let me ask you this. How did Ling Xuyao know that I was going to the KTV with Nuannuan and the others last night?”

Mu Qingling was stunned, and a flash of happiness shot through her heart. Her eyes lit up, but she did not answer the question. Instead, she asked, “Ling Xuyao? The handsome little brother who’s pursuing you? Why, did he come to see you yesterday? Sis, did you agree to be with him?”

Mu Qingxuan looked at Mu Qingling coldly. “You seem to really want me to be with him…”

“Of course! He’s so handsome, his grades are good, and he likes you very much. Of course I want you to be with him.”

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