My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1825 - Still Brooding  

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Chapter 1825: Still Brooding

“Our family doesn’t look down on others less well-off than us. Sis, don’t you think that you and Ling Xuyao are very compatible?”

“Qingling!” Qi Huiyin unhappily reprimanded Mu Qingling again. She lectured, “Look at your sister’s condition right now. Can you not be so biased when it comes to your concerns? Is your sister’s health more important right now, or is Ling Xuyao? Your sister is a very shrewd person. If Ling Xuyao really is a good match for her, she will know whether she should accept him or not. Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong!”

Mu Qingxuan pursed her lips. “I’m just curious. Ling Xuyao went to look for Sis, so why is she in the hospital today? Sis, where is he? He didn’t come to watch over you when something happened to you?”

Mu Qingxuan sneered. “Mu Qingling, I only asked you how Ling Xuyao found out that I was at Royal No. 1 KTV yesterday. That’s all I wanted to know. It’s as if you knew from the very start that Ling Xuyao would come looking for me and that something would happen to me. You and he must be in cahoots!”

Mu Qingling was stunned. Her expression was a little resentful. She pouted and said like a cute little girl, “How would I know anything? I was just guessing.”

“Guessing? You guessed that he would come to the KTV to find me? You guessed that he would stay by my side when I was in trouble? Did you tell him to go to the KTV to find me yesterday?”

In the midst of Mu Qingxuan’s interrogation, Mu Qingling’s eyes were a little evasive. “I didn’t. I don’t know him. I just think that he looks good, and he treats you well. I really think that you two should date.”

Mu Qingxuan sneered. She then looked at her father and said, “Dad, Ling Xuyao came to the KTV yesterday and got someone to drug me. He tried to rape me. That’s what happened at Royal No. 1. I believe that you won’t tell anyone about it. As for whether anyone else knows about it, I don’t know.”

Qi Huiyin instantly became anxious. She quickly explained, “Qingxuan, Auntie knows that Qingling can be insensible and that you don’t like her very much, but… But Aunty has treated you like my biological daughter for so many years! How could Aunty do anything to harm you? Your father cares about you more than anything else in the world. If I didn’t treat you well, your father would have kicked me out of the house a long time ago.”

Mu Qingxuan’s expression turned cold, and her gaze was like a knife being tossed at Qi Huiyin. “Is that so? Are you really good to me? When I was five years old, Mu Qingling snatched a toy of mine away because I refused to give it to her. We got into a fight. Who was it that pushed me off a bridge and into the river?”

Qi Huiyin looked as if she had suffered a huge blow. She looked at Mu Xigui helplessly. However, Mu Xigui looked out the window and did not comment on either of the three women’s words.

Qi Huiyin could only say, “Qingxuan, you worked yourself up into such a rage back then, so you imagined that someone pushed you in. You even said that our neighbor, Big Brother Ye, saved you, but he was washed away by the current before he could save himself. But you learned later that he had actually moved. If he had actually been washed away by the current, wouldn’t his mother have come to our house looking for compensation? Qingxuan, why are you still brooding over this nonsense after so many years? If it wasn’t for Aunty seeing you fall into the water and saving you, do you think you would be where you are today?”

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