My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 2069 - Scams

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Chapter 2069: Scams

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“W-who is your father?”

“He’s the governor of Sea District, Wu Jingzhong.”

“…Y-you must’ve lost your mind! Who do you think you’re lying to?”

“It’s true! I’m not lying to you. 22 years ago, my father was the one who put up those missing person posters everywhere. He was the eldest young master of the Wu Family and is now the governor of Sea District. When he saw me, he recognized me immediately as his daughter. He asked me to take a paternity test with him. Grandma, you might not know what that is, but it’s a way of testing your genetics. With just a simple blood test, you can definitively determine who you’re related to. Grandma, I’m his biological daughter. I’m not related to Zhou Menglu or Sze Dafa at all. Zhou Menglu has been arrested by the police over of this matter. Now, my father is ready to thoroughly investigate the Zhou family. Zhou Hua, the daughter of the Zhou family who died during childbirth, was the woman he had had relations with. She was my mother. Grandma, why did you lie to me and say that I was Zhou Menglu’s daughter? Why didn’t you tell me about Zhou Hua? Grandma, who exactly is she? I heard that Grandma had another daughter named Zhou Hua, if Zhou Hua is really your daughter and really Zhou Menglu’s biological sister, then why does the blood test say that Zhou Menglu and I are not at all related? Grandmother, where are you now? I’m prepared to ask my father to look for you.”

Once Sze Lingyun stopped speaking, the voice at the other end of the line angrily rebuked her. “What blood test are you talking about? What do you know about those scams? To actually believe in such superstitions at such a young age! Zhou Hua is my daughter! She’s my youngest daughter! As for you, I only asked Menglu to adopt you back then because we pitied you for not having a mother. You ingrate! I’m warning you! Quickly get someone to release your mother and your aunt, or don’t be surprised when I disown you!”

After saying that, Old Madam Zhou hung up.

Looking at his smart daughter, Wu Jingzhong’s face had a doting smile on it.

He patted Sze Lingyun on the shoulder and said, “She probably won’t call you again. I’ll send someone to keep an eye on her.”

“Okay.” Sze Lingyun nodded and said, “Grandpa, Dad, it’s late. Let’s go home.”

“Okay. Let’s head home!” Wu Jingzhong put his arm around Sze Lingyun’s shoulder, and everyone happily went home together.

When they arrived home and started preparing for bed, Elder Wu asked somewhat embarrassedly, “Nuannuan, are you going back tomorrow? What time do you plan to leave? I’ll arrange a helicopter to send you guys back.”

“Ah? Nuannuan, are you going to leave? I-I can’t bear to have you go! Can I come to Emperor District with you? Anyway, after the summer vacation, I’m going to study at the Military Medical Hospital.”

Sze Lingyun also looked at Nangong Nuannuan with a reluctant expression.

Seeing her wife being so missed already by this group of people, Chi Yang, who had his arms around Nuannuan’s waist, “…”

Nangong Nuannuan was about to head back to her and Chi Yang’s small villa, but she was mildly stunned by Elder Wu’s question.

When had she said that she was leaving?

Elder Wu saw how stunned she was and quickly explained himself. “Previously, you told Lan Weisong that you would only stay in Sea District for three days before you left. That’s why you sent Lan Weisong to prison today. Nuannuan, if you and Chi Yang are okay with it, we’d like you to stay in Sea District for a few more days! You’ve helped our Wu family so much, but you haven’t even had a good meal or any fun here yet on our behalf! If you go back just like that, I’ll feel very bad!”

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