My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 2070 - Family Recognition Ceremony

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Chapter 2070: Family Recognition Ceremony

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Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang and blinked her big, round eyes. Chi Yang knew what his wife was trying to ask. He said, “I have half a month of vacation time. Wherever you are, I’ll be there too.”

“But… There’s not much to do here. Would you like to go somewhere else?” Even though she loved being a fly on the wall and had a heart for gossip, she would always prioritize Big Brother Chi Yang’s wants.

Chi Yang looked at Nuannuan. “With you by my side, everywhere I go has the most beautiful scenery.”

Chi Yang had never been interested in scenery or sightseeing. When he was not working, he enjoyed spending time with his family. Wherever they were, he would try to be there too. Wherever they were, he would definitely have a good time there.

He only needed his Nuannuan to have a good time anywhere.

Nangong Nuannuan was delighted by Chi Yang’s words. Her eyes were brimming with happiness as she looked at him. When she turned around to respond to the members of the Wu family, she saw was the whole family looking back at her with mouths slightly agape.

Chi Yang’s iron-blooded, cold-blooded, resolute, and unsmiling image had rooted its place in the hearts of these people. Even Elder Wu could barely withstand Chi Yang’s intimidating aura whenever he spoke to him. He could not understand how Nuannuan, who was so soft, sweet, and had such a passionate gossipy heart, could stare into Chi yang’s eyes so moonily whenever they were together.

Who could have guessed that Lieutenant General Chi behaved completely differently in front of his Nuannuan?

Realizing that he had lost his composure, Elder Wu laughed out loud. “This is great! This is great! There’s not much to visit, that’s true, but Nuannuan, you and Chi Yang should stay in Sea District for a few more days. Didn’t Chi Yang say that our Lil Yun is just like you, a future military wife? Chi Yang is also Li Jingyan’s commander. Now that Li Jingyan isn’t around, it’s wonderful that Chi Yang, his commander, just so happens to be staying behind and will be able to participate in our Lil Yun’s family recognition ceremony.”

With Big Brother Chi Yang’s approval, Nangong Nuannuan could make her own arrangements now. As an experienced fly on the wall, she nodded without even needing to think.

“Okay. Then I’ll have to trouble Elder Wu in the next few days.”

“Nuannuan, how can you say that? You’re being too polite. It makes me sad! You’re our Wu family’s great benefactor. If you can stay, our family will be more than happy to accommodate you! Right, Grandpa?”


“Right, Uncle?”

“Of course!”

“Right, Dad?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Nuannuan is our family’s benefactor. We’re all very happy that she can stay! From now on, our family’s small house will always be ready to accommodate Nuannuan and her husband. Whenever they’re available, they can come and stay here anytime!”

Knowing that Wu Pingting would ask Wu Jingcheng the same question, Wu Jingmin interjected and spoke her mind.

“Good idea! Third Brother, make the arrangements immediately,” Elder Wu said.

“Yes, Dad!”

“Alright, it’s quite late now. Everyone, go and rest. If you have anything to discuss, we’ll talk tomorrow.”

Upon saying this, Elder Wu looked at Wu Jingzhong.

Wu Jingzhong was the one who most needed rest in this room. However, Elder Wu’s son had suddenly found out he had a daughter and seemed very energetic. Elder Wu was concerned that he would not be able to sleep that night.

As expected, Wu Jingzhong pulled Sze Lingyun to the side and asked expectantly, “Lil Yun, are you sleepy?”

The Wu family members, “…”

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