My Vampire System - Chapter 1214 Abandon the ship

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Chapter 1214 Abandon the ship

When transferring energy from himself to the Dalki's body that Quinn was currently in. He made sure not to overdo it for a few reasons. The first there was simply no need to. The power of a two spike was simply too much for any one spike to deal with. This was something that could be used to their advantage because even though Quinn had the power of a two spike, two spikes did not appear on his body.

However, there was still Vincent who was outside roaming close to the camp. During the testing the energy that was transferred to the Dalki body would eventually be returned, but if he was to take up too much energy, it would only make his body weaker. At the end of the day, the Dalki could die, but Quinn's original body could not.

The next task was for Quinn to escape from the ship, it took a lot to get one Mark and he didn't want to go through the process again. With the ship floating down falling from the sky, Quinn needed to brace himself. Another Dalki had already taken the ship he had come in and flown off.

'I guess I can only jump off and hope it doesn't break my legs.' Quinn thought. 'Wait a second.' Another idea had struck him.

Eventually, when going to the outside area, he found the spot where he wanted to jump from. Powering his legs and using the Dalki's incredible strength, he managed to leap through the air going a great distance away from the ship. Still, he would be affected by the ship's crash if he stayed in the area.

When coming close to the ground, he could eventually see a shadow beneath him, touching it slowed down his velocity and he was able to safely land in one piece after entering the shadow space.

'I see you have gotten the hang of using my body." Quinn said.

"And it looks like you did a good job as well." Vincent replied back.

Now heading back to the Shelter, Quinn decided to switch so he was back in his own body. He wanted to still practice using the demon tier amulet more and controlling the Dalki. He didn't have much time to practice, so he had to use all the spare time he could get, at the same time there was something else that he wanted to check out.

'Its as I thought. Even though I destroyed another Dalki ship, it didn't add to the quest. After all this is one of those that belong in the Graylash faction. So I need to destroy all the ones in the Cursed faction area.'

Looking through his system, he soon found even more bad news, a third planet had been taken over. Quinn knew what he was doing though. At the rate the planets were being taken over there was no way for him to complete the quest, unless he was able to receive some help of some kind and this was most likely the only way.

Looking at the system even further, Quinn noticed one last change that had happened.

[Amulet slots 1/2]

'It increased, but how? Did it also take the energy from the Dalki I killed as a mark?' When looking at himself, he noticed that there was some fresh green blood on his two gauntlets. Blood that couldn't have been there too long.

'Looks like you caught me.' Vincent said. 'While you were in there, I decided to roam around a bit, and I came across another scouting group. They spotted me so I really had no choice, and it looks like it helped you out in the end.'

If it was anyone else controlling his body, Quinn perhaps would have said it was risky, but it was clear that Vincent was a skilled leader who had some fighting capabilities, even though he wasn't much of a fighting leader in the past.

'With another slot, I can get another Dalki that will just help us out even more.'


Heading back they soon saw the Shelter ahead of them. Everyone was in high spirits. The attacking Dalki had been dealt with, so they had time to rest and organise themselves. On top of that, they just witnessed the enemy mothership falling.

However, during this time, nearly everyone had their eyes glued to a screen of some kind. At least the civilians inside and the members of the Cursed faction.

Going through the Shelter, Quinn soon found himself in a large hall where all the injured were being placed. Inside here was where Linda and Wevil were present sitting next to each other against a wall.

Popping out of the shadow, Quinn appeared.

"Quinn! Behind you!" Linda screamed seeing him, and immediately launched forward with her fist but the punch was soon stopped by Quinn himself. Wevil too was quick on his feet grabbing his dagger and went to attack the Dalki, but Quinn suddenly appeared in front of him as well, slapping the dagger out of his hand.

'Oh right I completely forgot, this is the normal reaction if one was to see a Dalki.'

[Shadow lock]

'It should be fine if he stays in the shadow space, right?' Quinn thought.


After explaining himself, and why exactly he had a Dalki with him, the panic and almost heart attack Linda had received had settled down.

"Why would you do that? It's a good thing a lot of people weren't watching you and you got rid of it quickly." Linda complained. "Still, I can't believe you can really control a Dalki, and more than one. That's nearly stronger than an ability. Demon tier items are really something else."

While Linda was thinking of the amazing things one could do with the Demon tier item, she soon felt Wevil giving her a nudge and saw him point to his wrist watch where the video he was watching was still playing.

"Oh right, Quinn there's something you have to see." Linda said, and soon bringing up the video, Quinn could see what was currently happening on the Cursed ship. At the moment, the video was switching between many perspectives.

It showed that a group of Dalki were on board and the Cursed faction were fighting against them, not just them though. There were also ability users that Quinn didn't recognise.

"I know you've been busy so I'll try to give you as much information as I know." Linda started to explain. "The Cursed faction were suddenly attacked by the Blade family, but they had sent a load of ability users first, perhaps to weaken our forces. Later on though, they ended up coming themselves, the Blade family. I don't know when, or how but the Dalki started to invade the Cursed ship as well."

Quinn had gathered that from what he knew before, watching the videos Quinn did see some good. The Cursed and Chained that were fighting just moments ago. As soon as the Dalki appeared, they had almost put their battles aside to deal with the oncoming threat. That's when the video had finally changed to another scene. A fight between a five spiked Dalki with a large long tail, and Hilston.

The two of them were in the training room going back and forth, neither one giving in.

"Tell Logan or Sam that the teleporters are back online on some of the planets. Get the Cursed faction members that are unable to fight to come to the Daisy faction or here.Worst case scenario abandon the Cursed ship. They don't need to risk their lives fighting for it." Quinn answered.

"Wait Quinn, you're not going to go back and fight them!" Wevil said surprised after hearing his answer.

"From the looks of things, the situation had actually gotten better for them since the Dalki invaded. The Dalki and Hilston seem to be equal in power but in the end one of them will lose out. Sil is still there and I can tell if someone is in serious danger. At any point I can travel to them. If I went now, honestly I'm not sure I could beat either one of them.

"The Cursed ship isn't my only responsibility, and something dangerous is happening at the Cursed planets as well."

Something in Quinn's gut was telling him that the takeover of the Cursed planets were unnatural. He could tell when arriving on this planet. The Dalki were making a base, planning to stay here a long time, thinking that the battle would last.

So just what was taking over the Cursed planets so fast.


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