My Vampire System - Chapter 1256 - The Creation Of The Blade Family

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Seeing Brock standing there for some reason he didn't look too out of place with the rest of the Blades, despite the fact that he was actually a vampire, but then it hit Vorden. The reason he didn't look out of place was because Brock wasn't.

Ever since Vorden had been in the family he had known Brock, for he had been the Head Butler of the entire castle. When the others had found out about him, Quinn had updated them on who Brock really was, how he had been working for Eno and through the years of working for the Blade family would constantly change his appearance.

Since he had always been part of their life, none of them had ever asked themselves the question about just how far back Brock's history with the Blade family actually dated?

'It would make sense that Brock started to follow the Blade family after they had settled on the island or once the Demon tier beast came into play, but if he really knows that much about the Hilston Blade's past, could it be possible that he was following him even before that? But why?' Was the question running through Vorden's mind?

Of course, Kane, Tina, Vicky and Pai were left quite confused as to why the Head Butler would know more about the Blade family than themselves.

"I want to know, Brock please if you can, tell us!" Sil requested..

Sil didn't care why Brock knew, he just wanted answers.

"Then let me start from the beginning of Hilston Blade's life. He might not have looked like it, but he has lived for far more years than any of you might imagine. He has long since gone beyond the limit of a regular human, in more than just one sense." Brock started to explain, but even his first words were confusing for the Blade family.

What did he mean by this? The only beings able to outlive normal humans they knew of were vampires, but Hilston had never shown any signs of being a vampire whatsoever. The more they heard the more questions they started to have, but Brock's demeanor made it clear that he wasn't about to stop until he finished answering Sil's request.

"When I start my story, the beginning of this tale might sound awfully familiar to some of you. For you see, Hilston grew up without any family. As an orphan, he had been unaware of any other living relatives and during the time period he had been born into, it had been nearly impossible to trace back or find out who his true family were."

"Growing up, he had been bullied by those around him that were of a similar age, and he had no support whatsoever. The only thing he had been able to do was steal and fight to survive. However, as a small child there had been many others who had beaten him once they had caught him, stealing what little he had."

"This continued for nearly his entire childhood life until someone had come into his life, a stranger had decided to pick him up. His days of being beaten and bullied had suddenly been over. No longer had he been forced to steal or rummage through bins for stale food, able to enjoy his life for the first time. In fact, it was that person who had inspired him to take on his last name."

"After pampering and looking after Hilston for two years, he had kicked him out of the house. This had come as a shock to young Hilston, who had done no wrong. He had been ready to dedicate his life to the person who had gotten him off the street, wondering why the man had suddenly abandoned him?"

"Hilston had begged and pleaded to at least get an explanation. After waiting in front of his benefactor's door for a week, the man had eventually opened the door, telling him a few simple words: 'Do you know why those other people kept on beating you? It was because you were weak. If you wish to return to my side, then become a Blade that I can use, one stronger than any other.'"

"These words had sprouted in his head as he had received kindness for the first time since he could remember. Young Hilston had been unable to understand the meaning behind those words at first. No matter how many times he came back and pleaded to the man, he would beat him and leave him barely alive."

"One day, while following him, he found that the man had picked up another young boy. One that was similar in age, and was treating him with the same kindness that he had received. 'Why, Why does that boy deserve that man's kindness and not mine, is he stronger than me?' was Hilston's thought.'"

"This was when Hilston started to go down the dark path, he wanted to prove to the man that he was stronger, and in doing so he had brought back the body of the boy that the man had looked after in his hands to his door."

"Usually people would be frightened by this fact, would have called the child a demon but instead. The man smiled and took in the boy encouraging his actions. Perhaps Hilston thought that would be the end of his troubles, but once again the pattern had repeated. Hilston was kicked out again and sent away, the process repeated itself with Hilston proving he was stronger than the others he was replaced with, until a boy who had been taken in his place, had an ability."

"Remember, abilities existed before the Dalki war. They were rare but people either kept them secret or taught them within their family line, but it seemed like even this boy was unaware and the man wanted to grow it once again."

"I could imagine the thoughts going through Hilston's head at this point, that he was weak, he needed to get stronger so the man, the only person who had accepted him, would take him in. Once again, Hilston set out to kill the new man's favourite boy, but with an ability how would he fare?"

"It was only then that Hilston had discovered while fighting his opponent, that he too had an ability and it was the same as the boys. This was the start of the Blade family ability. One would think he could finally live in peace with the man as he had always wished for but instead he had become paranoid."

"He had already experienced being replaced by some stronger than himself and it was not a feeling he wished to relive. Hilston grew a strong body by training day and night with this fear, and even if he was to meet other ability users, his ability and body put together were strong enough to combat theirs."

"As he got older he no longer needed to rely on the man but stayed as a close acquaintance until he eventually had raised a family of his own. Eventually his wife blessed him with a beautiful child, a boy. The man that had taken Hilston in was treated by him like his father, and one day he had come over as a grandfather to play with the boy. Then at a certain age, Hilston's own son was known to have an ability, the same ability as himself, only it was slightly better than his."

Listening to this part of the story, Vorden thought it was similar to all the Blades' today. Their powers varied in how many abilities they could carry. Still, he let Brock finish his story.

"The mysterious man frequently visited their household but instead of paying attention to Hilston he only had eyes for the boy."

"So many years had gone by with no problem whatsoever, that nobody realised that the true fear had struck in Hilston once again. 'What if that man was to stab me again?' He did what no father would have ever done, and just like many times in the past. Hilston had proved that he was the Blade that the man needed, not his son."

"You see from his Dark past I can only fill in the pieces of what else I know. The man and Hilston at some point separated, but his desire to please this person had never left. The Blade family ability has one crucial weakness, and that is the fact that it requires other abilities in order for its powers to be used. Otherwise it only lasts for twenty four hours."

"Coming to this realization Hilston became obsessed with growing stronger and he couldn't stand this one weakness. He believed that the answer was in the soul weapon. He had seen through his family the ability grow stronger. So perhaps there would eventually be one with a soul weapon that could cover for this weakness"

"But why did this benefit him? Without realising it, through the years Hilston had been able to gather abilities that would slow down the aging process, heal his insides wounds and disease , and also was able to obtain a superhuman body where the cells aged at a slower rate, but even all of those things wouldn't explain how he had managed to live for so long."

"The answer, you two might already know for yourselves." Brock said, pointing towards Raten and Vorden. "If you haven't guessed, he used the same ability that the boy Shiro has, and transferred his mind into theirs. Swapping bodies and killing his old self inside. Whenever he found someone stronger than himself this would repeat this pattern. So now you know the reason why Hilston was obsessed with getting Sil back."

"As for why he asked you all to be treated as a family I do not know the answer. Maybe it was because he never had a real family growing up. Or perhaps it was due to him trying to forget of the perfect family he had in the past that he himself had ruined. Perhaps running away from this all, but that is everything I know about Hilston Blade."

The others were left speechless not knowing what to say. However, it left a lot for them to think about, in particular Vorden was struggling with the story that Brock told for a few reasons. How did Brock know so much detail about Hilston's past from when he was a child?

The way he spoke about Hilston's thoughts were certainly strange and it sounded like it was more than just Brock's assumptions. Lastly, the scariest thing about the story was the mysterious man.

The man who had turned Hilston into the monster he was today, it almost seemed as if his actions had been intentional. It was a scary thought that there might be a person out there who was more cruel and messed up than Hilston Blade.

Vorden just hoped that this person was no longer alive.


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