My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Junior Seems To Be Very Clever

Gu Mang said, “There’s no need for that, I’ll just take the Medical Informatics examinations straight away.”

Principal Ren and Yang Tianming looked at her calm face. They were a little afraid that the exam would defeat her. The examinations for the specialization were notoriously tough. Preparing for it took years. Even the best students required at least two years.

Gu Mang wants to take the exam right away?

Shao Jin felt like his understanding of the world was renewed.

After being silent for a few seconds, Principal Ren spoke up with mixed emotions. “Alright, I will discuss this with the school and see when they can arrange the exam for you.”

“Thank you, sir.” The corner of Gu Mang’s lips were slightly curled up. “I remember that there is an AI lab associated with the medical association. I will reopen the doors of the research lab.”

The girl spoke slowly, but when they met her eyes, they were absolutely convinced of her conviction.

When Yang Tianming heard that, he was so excited that his fingers trembled slightly. Gu Mang’s words meant that she had agreed to join the medical association. Shao Jin looked at the excited gazes of President Ren and Professor Yang and didn’t know how to react.

His junior seemed to be very clever.

Did they invite him along to the meal because he knew her? Was he so lucky?

When they finished their meal, it was already 9pm. They parted ways at the school gates.

Principal Ren and Gu Mang left first. Yang Tianming had things to inform Shao Jin of so the two of them stood by the road.

“Gu Mang will join the research institute tomorrow. Make the arrangements in advance.” Yang Tianming looked at Shao Jin.

Shao Jin answered, “Got it, Sir.”

Yang Tianming nodded. “I heard that the Student Union and various clubs went to Gu Mang’s dormitory to fight over her today. Go and talk to Yu Mufeng and tell the group of students to give up. They are not allowed to fight for Gu Mang’s time. Let me know if Yu Mufeng refuses to listen to you. I will speak to his dad if that’s the case.”

Given the number of secret identities Gu Mang had, she had enough things to busy herself with. She would have to make time to come to the research lab. If she had other commitments, what would happen to their research institute?

When Shao Jin heard the words ‘speak to his dad’, the corner of his lips twitched and he answered with mixed emotions, “Sir, I heard that Gu Mang rejected all of them.”

Yang Tianming smiled in relief. “That’s good.”

Principal Ren’s answer came very quickly.

Gu Mang’s phone rang just as she reached the ground floor of her dormitory. She had been texting Lu Chengzhou.

As soon as she picked up the call, Principal Ren said, “Gu Mang, I’ve finished talking to the school about you taking the Medical Informatics exam. You have to attend classes with them first and there will be an exam at the end of November. As long as you pass it, they will let you into the specialization.”

Gu Mang answered politely, “Thank you, Sir.”

In the first week of school, Gu Mang was very busy. The classes for Medical Informatics were very packed. There were at least two long classes every day. For the rest of the time, Gu Mang was at the research institute.

Those from the traditional chinese medicine department were shocked to see Gu Mang not attending the classes for her own major and instead attending those for the Medical Informatics specialization.

Everyone specializing in Medical Informatics was a postgraduate and also top geniuses who had been recognized by various big research institutes.

Gu Mang had only just entered university and yet she was attending classes meant for geniuses. Many thought she was biting more than she could chew.

Few believed that she would be allowed into the Medical Informatics specialization.

Zheng Miao and Tang Xiaoxiao went through numerous difficulties before they made it into the Student Union. Zheng Miao went to the publicity department while Tang Xiaoxiao got into the learning department.

Recruitment for the Student Union ended in three days. Preparations for the welcoming night were in full swing.

On Thursday night.

The instructor came to Room 409.

“I am here to inform you guys about something.” The instructor smiled and looked at them. “A new student will be joining you next Monday. Since this dormitory happens to have a vacancy, she will be joining your dorm.”

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