My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 979 - Join Hands? Do You Mean Marriage?

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Chapter 979: Join Hands? Do You Mean Marriage?

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Elder Bai suddenly broke the silence, “Shall we call Ms. Leng here to discuss the handover ceremony?”

Even the way he addressed Leng Xuan had changed.

The Head Elder seemed to only have recovered and he glanced at everyone. “I will arrange a meeting. Let’s go back first.”

When the others heard this, they had no comments so they got up and left.

The Head Elder was the only person left in the meeting room. He still sat there without moving at all.

After a while.

The Head Elder suddenly took his phone out and made a phone call. “Mr. Brahma, it’s me. Let’s meet up, I have some things to talk about.”


At the Ye manor.

The main hall.

All servants were sent out.

Ye Junci and Leng Xuan sat on the sofa.

Leng Xuan wore heavy makeup on her face which covered her skin which had not fully recovered yet. She seemed to be in a good mood.

“Madam Ye, you should know that on Jijing Island, important members of the big clans are not allowed to marry outsiders.” Leng Xuan spoke slowly.

Jijing Island takes blood relations very seriously, especially when it comes to the various big families.

Ye Junci laughed. “Whether or not it is allowed, I have already done it. Who are you to tell me about the rules?”

“Madam Ye, you have misunderstood me.” Leng Xuan’s attitude was still humble and respectful. “That’s not what I meant.”

Ye Junci smirked mockingly.

Leng Xuan continued, “But if it weren’t for Young Master Lu’s power behind your back, you would definitely not be able to avoid being interrogated by the Elders’ Association. You should be very clear about the consequences.”

Despite the turbulent situation in Jijing Island, the Ye family was still unworthy for the Elders’ Association to take seriously.

It’s just that with the addition of Lu Chengzhou, the Elders’ Association did not dare to take them lightly.

They could only acknowledge Lu Chengzhou’s identity in silence and they did not dare to utter a word about it.

“Of course I am well aware of that.” Ye Junci lit a cigarette. “Don’t beat around the bush with me, cut to the chase.”

Leng Xuan answered, “As long as the power behind you is great enough, no one would dare to mess with you, right?”

Ye Junci did not answer.

Leng Xuan continued, “The Leng family and the Ye family have been friendly for so many years. But, Gu Mang is backed by the Killer Alliance,. If our two families joined hands, we would have both Red Flame and Base 102. I don’t need to enumerate the benefits with you, you should know better than me.”

Ye Junci looked at her and spat out some smoke. Then, she squinted, “Joining hands? You mean marriage, right?”

Leng Xuan’s intentions were exposed on the spot but she was unbothered. She smiled calmly, “Doesn’t Young Master Lu need medicine too? Staying with me will only benefit him.”

Just then.

“Young Master, this way please.”

Ye Junci and Leng Xuan looked over, and saw Butler Ye leading the way with a respectful attitude. Lu Chengzhou was behind.

The man was dressed in full black and he stuck his hand in his big coat. He gave off an aura that was clear and a little cold.

Leng Xuan stood up gracefully and slanted her body slightly. She greeted him first. “Young Master Lu.”

Lu Chengzhou did not even look at her. He walked to the 1-seater sofa on the other side and sat down.

Butler Ye served a cup of tea to Lu Chengzhou, and then he retreated.

Upon seeing that Lu Chengzhou was ignoring her, Leng Xuan clenched her fist slightly and her eyes sank a little. She managed to suppress her anger after a while, then she sat down.

She looked at Lu Chengzhou. “Young Master Lu, did you just come from Gu Mang’s villa?”

Lu Chengzhou’s eyes were drooping down. He adjusted his collar slowly and said in a cold and casual tone, “So Ms. Leng is here to talk crap with me?”

Leng Xuan smiled, “Does Young Master Lu think that once Gu Mang takes over Base 102, she will be able to provide you with the medicine you need every year?”

When Lu Chengzhou heard Leng Xuan’s words, he crossed his legs and leaned back slowly. Then, he said casually, “And so what if I do?”


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