My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 980 - Solving The Jijing Island Mystery! The Biomedical Core Office!

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Chapter 980: Solving The Jijing Island Mystery! The Biomedical Core Office!

Ye Junci looked at Lu Chengzhou.

If she did not know what Lu Chengzhou did for Gu Mang, she might have thought the same as Leng Xuan.

She would have felt that Lu Chengzhou was only getting close with Gu Mang because of her identity.

Before he meddled into the black market, she had almost never come into contact with him before.

However, she couldn’t be more clear about Lu Chengzhou’s style of action. He used harsh methods and he did everything he could. No matter what he did, he only looked at the results.

The number of people who died by his hands were uncountable.

He had destroyed so many people but for Gu Mang, he would give up everything that he had and offer her everything with both hands.

He was merciless towards everyone.

But to Gu Mang, he was merciless to himself.

The medicine was nothing to him.

Leng Xuan held the teacup and rubbed it with her fingers. “If Young Master Lu is doing this for the medicine, then you have placed your bets on the wrong person.”

Lu Chengzhou scoffed. “What? Should I have gone to you then?”

Leng Xuan smirked confidently. “At least, Gu Mang still doesn’t have the drug prescription now, isn’t it?”

Lu Chengzhou did not answer.

“And another thing, you should have heard that there was once civil strife on Jijing Island.” Leng Xuan looked at him, “Base 102 was almost destroyed. The juniors of several big families were never seen again, dead or alive. Over 20 core researchers from the Biomedical Core Office died, leaving only me and my master, Gu Xian.”

When Ye Junci heard her mention the past, she frowned. “Don’t tell me that it was related to Gu Mang.”

Gu Mang had only been a young little girl that year.

“Gu Zhen and Bai Xu did it.” Leng Xuan said, “That’s why the Elders’ Association and the Gu family took action against them.”

Lu Chengzhou narrowed his eyes.

Leng Xuan said, “There is a genetic disease on Jijing Island. The advantage of this genetic disease is that the person’s physique would be special, and all aspects of talent on them would be several or even hundreds of times that of ordinary people. It varies from person to person.”

In fact, be it a special physique or an extraordinary talent, it was already rare to be an unforgettable person like that.

Meanwhile on Jijing Island, one could say that the number of special talents were ‘overflowing’ when compared with the outside world.

All talents were arranged into major research institutes in accordance with the “main research direction”.

Leng Xuan continued, “That’s why there are ratings on Jijing Island. Starting from the age of two, we have the testing of the sensitivity of numbers, language talent, and memory, and then we train people in batches according to their level. It is because of this genetic disease that the medicine is needed.”

“I already know what you just said.” Ye Junci flicked the ashes on her cigarette, “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Ye Junci was unsure when such a genetic disease began to exist either.

She only knew about it from the information provided by her ancestors.

The genetic disease had existed on Jijing Island for many years.

The Gu family was the first to discover such a genetic disease. That time, everyone in the Gu family knew ancient medicine as it was passed down in the family.

A research team was formed to develop a drug to suppress this genetic disease.

In the beginning, this medicine had to be used every day, and all the people who used the medicine did not live past 30 years old as the side effects of the medicine were very strong.

Later, it was discovered that it only needed to be used once a month, which prolonged the lifespan of these patients.

Now, everyone only took the medicine once a year, and the effect on the body was no longer as harmful.

The Gu family’s status on Jijing Island also rose increasingly because of this.

When the younger members of the various family clans met with accidents, there was no evidence the Gu family did it. So even though all the families were furious, none of them thought of killing the entire Gu family.

They allowed the Gu family to continue staying at Gu manor.

This was top secret on Jijing Island. Everyone who knew about it had to keep this secret strictly confidential.

Leng Xuan said, “The Biomedical Research Core Office studies genetic diseases. My master and I want to study how to cure this genetic disease without affecting other aspects of the body.”

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