My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 4558 - Su Yu’s Additional Story (8)

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Chapter 4558: Su Yu’s Additional Story (8)


Huo Mian left after saying that.

If it weren’t for the overtime pay of 3,000 yuan, she wouldn’t have given this abnormal fellow an injection.

3000 wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to cover Zhixin’s living expenses for two months.

Therefore, sometimes, Huo Mian had no bottom line for money.

After Huo Mian left, Su Yu lay on the hospital bed and looked at his arm. He felt so blessed after Huo Mian’s injection.

Those who didn’t know would think that he was crazy…

But he knew himself. He wasn’t crazy. There had never been a time when he’d been more awake than this moment.

This hard-won happiness…

Even though he knew he still had no chance of winning after transmigrating back to this time since Huo Mian already had Qin Chu.

Judging from this, Huo Mian and Qin Chu were probably already married in secret.

However, it was enough for him to see Mian again. Hearing her speak and seeing her bright eyes…

Su Yu raised his left hand that did not have the IV drip and touched his neck.

The amulet was still there…

He looked at his left wrist. The peace rope that Master Wu had given him was also here.

These items constantly reminded him that he was from the future.

Suddenly, he thought of something and made a call…

A second later, Wei Liao and Tang Chuan rushed in.

“Young Master Su, how is it? You injured that leg… will it affect your posture?”

Sure enough, Young Master Tang still spoke dirty, just like his personality.

Wei Liao didn’t say anything and just smiled at Su Yu.

Seeing his old friend again… he felt excited.

However, Su Yu had to pretend to be calm. “You guys came to visit me empty-handed?”

“What else? Do I have to bring a rooster for you?” Tang Chuan teased.

Su Yu was speechless.

“Or black chicken soup?” Wei Liao added.

“I’m not in confinement… Stop bullshitting me…” Su Yu was speechless.

“Haha, that’s enough… Young Master Su, how did you get into an accident this time? Your driving skills are god-like, how could you lose to that kid?”

“No, his car was tampered with… He lost control and almost fell over the cliff…”

“You saved him?” Tang Chuan was surprised.

“I guess so. I couldn’t just watch him and his car flip over…”

Su Yu thought back to the car accident many years ago, when he had a ligament tear and was hospitalized at South Side.

He had been racing with a young racer, but that young man’s car had malfunctioned.

He had almost died in the accident. Su Yu saved him in a moment of desperation, but he was stuck and his ligament was injured.

Speaking of which, this was one of the most low-profile things Su Yu had ever done.

“Wow, our Young Master Su is even doing charity now…”

“Don’t just spout nonsense. When I’m better, should we arrange a drinking party? I want to drink,” Su Yu said eagerly.

He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he last drank with these two fellows.

“No problem. You can drink whatever you want in my wine cellar after you recover…” Tang Chuan was generous.

At this moment, the door to the ward opened again.


When An walked in, Su Yu felt his nose sting as he felt touched.

This brat had been following him for many years. Even in the dreams, he never left him behind.

After everyone left the dream, he wondered how An was doing.

“Boss, the thing you asked me to investigate…” An was about to speak.

Su Yu interrupted him, “Ahem… there’s no rush, we’ll talk about it later. Go get us something to drink, I want orange juice.”

Su Yu sent An away.

After Tang Chuan and Wei Liao left, Su Yu called An in alone.

“Boss… I found out what you wanted me to find out.”

“How is it?” Su Yu wanted to ask how long Qin Chu had been back and how long he and Huo Mian had been secretly married.

“Boss, are you mistaken? There’s no one named Qin Chu… At least, we don’t have one here… If we check all the household registers in the country, there are many but their ages and educational background don’t match. Most importantly, the ‘Miss Huo’ you asked me to check on did have a boyfriend, but his name is Ning Zhiyuan… I heard they’ve broken up and Miss Huo is single now.”

“What did you say?” Su Yu looked at An in shock.

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