My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 4840 - In The Remaining Lifetime (20)

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Chapter 4840: In The Remaining Lifetime (20)

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“Can I attend your coming-of-age ceremony?” he asked, enunciating each word.

Pudding was just about to refuse. After all, her coming-of-age ceremony was a small-scale event, and all of the guests were VIPs. She didn’t plan on inviting outsiders, nor did she invite any employees.

“Don’t misunderstand, haha… I just want to meet my senior, Ni Yang… I heard that he’s back in China, and the media is hyping him up… He was so popular back then, and he sang so well… He must have a lot of tricks up his sleeve. I want to talk to him and have a chat. Just let me fulfill my wish. I’ve liked this idol for so many years, but unfortunately, he stayed abroad for so many years and never came back.”

Pudding had long heard that Liao Muchen liked Ni Yang.

When Ni Yang was famous, the twins weren’t even born yet.

After Ni Yang retired, his last album went viral for five years.

Liao Muchen didn’t sing well, but he liked Ni Yang’s style, so it didn’t seem like an excuse.

After some thought, Pudding replied, “I’ll think about it.”

Yes, she did not give a clear answer. Even if Liao Muchen expressed his intention to attend the coming-of-age ceremony so badly, she only said that she would consider it.

Aside from sending out invitations to those who had to be invited, Pudding did have more than 10 invitations. As a popular superstar, it was no problem for Liao Muchen to attend and hype up the atmosphere.

But… if Mom saw him… would she…

After leaving the hospital, Pudding’s heart was still in a mess.

She sat in the Lamborghini and didn’t start it immediately.

Instead, she sat there in a daze for a while…

Only Pudding, Little Bean, and Master Wu knew about Liao Muchen’s secret.

That was a secret that even Liao Muchen himself did not know.

That was because… Liao Muchen, he looked very much like Su Yu.

Master Wu erased all traces of Su Yu’s existence in this world, so even the Su Family couldn’t remember having a son like him.

Only Pudding and Little Bean had their memories because of the Jade Gourd Lu Yan gave them.

So many years later, when Pudding saw a newbie in the entertainment industry named Liao Muchen, she was dumbfounded.

He looked like Su Yu, but his personality and aura were completely different.

Everyone thought that Pudding signed Liao Muchen because he was a money tree and could make a lot of it.

Only Little Bean knew that his sister did this because he looked like Handsome Su.

Huo Mian didn’t care about the entertainment industry, nor did she read any reports, so she only knew that one of Pudding’s young celebrities was very popular.

But she had never seen him before…

Pudding once wondered if her mother would remember something if she saw Liao Muchen one day.

Pudding was conflicted. She was afraid that her mother would remember, but she was also afraid that she would forget.

Although she knew that forgetting Handsome Su was the best thing for her parents, forgetting Handsome Su meant that no one remembered what Handsome Su had done for her mother, father, her, and Little Bean.

Little Bean had warned her sister many times not to let her mother see Liao Muchen to avoid a series of unhappy events.

However, the moment Liao Muchen said he wanted to come, Pudding hesitated again.

Fifteen minutes later, Pudding’s car left South Side…

Liao Muchen stood in front of the window on the fifth floor and watched the car drive away. He muttered to himself, “What a strange little girl. She always seems to be full of worries.”

It was already 11 PM when Pudding returned to South Hill Manor.

The guests were either resting or going home.

The two elders of the Su family and the two elders of the Qin family had long rested.

Pudding thought everyone was asleep, but to her surprise, the moment she walked in, she saw a heartwarming scene.

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