Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? - Chapter 1151 “Healing The Dragon“

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Looking at the dragon in front of her, Shiro narrowed her eyes.

Dragons have one of the strongest vitalities in the world, just second to demons. Especially someone like Madison. For her to 'heal' him to death, she had to find a way to force the dragon to tap into this vitality which wasn't easy.

After all, their natural healing was already tremendous.

When tapping into a person's vitality, they need a catalyst to stimulate this change, something that forces them beyond their limits. A berserk skill would be classified as such as it taps into a person's vitality, unleashing power beyond their normal limits.

Shiro's act of stacking Berserker Skills can be called suicidal if not for her tenacity and ridiculous vitality. And even then, she was near death the moment the skills wore off.

While healing the dragon, Shiro wondered how to forcefully make them enter a berserk state so that they continuously drain their life force away.

Thinking about it, Shiro realised that Error was probably the best way for her to accomplish this. With Error, she'll be able to tap into their source code and possibly activate their skills through brute force.

Curling her lips into a grin, Shiro couldn't retrain the laughter within.

"Pft hahahaha! Dragon o dragon, you have no idea what I'm about to do to you. Are you curious? Why am I healing you? Fufufu~ Who knows except me~ Don't look so afraid now, it's only a little bit of healing. Don't tell me you're afraid of a small woman like me? I'm barely the size of your arm! Come come, let me nurse you back to full health." Shiro grinned as both Nine and Iris shivered seeing Shiro laughing maniacally.

"Do you think she's got a screw loose?" Nine whispered as Iris furrowed her brows.


"Her mana doesn't suggest that? It seems like she's just saying what she's thinking out loud." Iris replied.

Frowning slightly, Nine looked at Shiro who jumped off the building and landed on the dragon's head.

Raising her right arm, it turned black as red circuits appeared from her fingertips.

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"Let's give this a try shall we?! I'll make sure it's painless for you!" Shiro shouted out as she slammed her hand down.


Red circuits exploded out from her hand as it wrapped around the dragon's body. Since Shiro was familiar with controlling Error's main body, controlling extensions was an easy task for her.

Suddenly, the whites of her right eye shifted to black as red circuits could now be seen in her eye and the area around it. It was similar to a tattoo that flickered with an ominous light.

Instantly discovering the dragon's code, her eyes scanned everything in a moment and discovered what she wanted to find. While she may not be able to remember everything with a single glance like before, all she needed to do was find certain sections of the code. Everything else could be ignored.

With her target in sight, Shiro adjusted her grip and funnelled mana through her arm. All of the circuits started to glow as they embedded themselves into the dragons flesh.

Meanwhile, Nine couldn't believe his eyes.

In front of him, the dragon's level started to increase while there was a new status effect next to his name.

[Juvenile Void Dragon LVL 830 Berserk State]

As the level continued to rise, the name tag also changed.

[Ancient Void Dragon LVL 980 Berserk State]

Wit each passing moment, the dragon's physique started to grow as its muscles bulged. Runic patterns appeared on his scales as grey hairs could be seen. Despite the growth in power, the dragon was panicking.

[Ancient Void Dragon LVL 999 Berserk State]

Continuing to funnel mana into the dragon, Shiro noticed that it wasn't reaching level 1000.

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"What's wrong? Can't reach level 1000? Well I suppose to do so would be equal to getting a divinity. Unfortunately, you're just tapping into your life force to grow in level. But I wonder what would happen if I give you one last push." Shiro narrowed her eyes as the dragon widened his eyes.

As the last pulse of mana entered his body, the skies started to change. The clouds parted to reveal the sunset that was now being washed over by an all consuming light, descending onto the dragon's body.

Jumping off, Shiro watched as the dragon cry out to the skies before slowly losing colour. Its scales started to fall off one by one as it its body crumbled to ash.

Once the last bit of the dragon scattered away, the skies returned to normal.

Looking at the remains, Shiro frowned.

During the process, she felt more destructive energy than creation. If she was to use this to cultivate her class then it'll be no different from her destruction divinity.

Clicking her tongue, Shiro pouted and kicked some debris away, causing it to smash through a building.

Sensing that Iris and Nine was approaching her, Shiro turned towards the duo.

"Thank you for saving us. We owe our lives to you." Nine bowed as Iris did the same.

"It's fine, it was just coincidence. If I didn't follow the dragon, I wouldn't have found you. It's not safe near cities, was there any reason for you to be in London?" Shiro asked as Nine looked at Iris.

"We weren't meant to be here but we teleported after being chased down by an unfriendly group of survivors. Thankfully, they didn't teleport to London so me and Iris spent a few days here to recuperate. We were planning on leaving today but the monsters started to act strange. As for the rest, you know since you saved us." Nine smiled however he had a few doubts in his heart.

Both him and Iris have a special passive that allows the two of them to avoid detection. But that's only against monsters and demi humans that are classified as such. An example being Demon.

If Shiro couldn't detect the two of them then that means she was either a monster or something akin to a demon. Seeing her power first hand, Nine understood that regardless of what she was, if she wanted to kill them, she would. It's as easy as flicking a finger.

"Hm, do you have anywhere to go after this? I do have a place that you can go to but it's pretty far from here." Shiro asked as Nine shook his head.

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"We we're planning to wander around and rest wherever we can."

"Well you should find a place soon since the world is going to change again. First it's monsters becoming common, next is gods descending. Quite a few of them are rather hostile and if you don't bow down to the first one you see, you might die." Shiro shrugged as Nine paused in surprise at the information.

Seeing the seriousness in Shiro's eyes, Nine knew that she wasn't joking.

"I see…" Before he could continue his sentence, Iris tugged on his shirt and walked towards Shiro.

"Miss, if you don't mind, would it be ok for us to follow you for a short while? Until we find a place to stay." Iris asked as Shiro raised an eyebrow.

"I mean sure, you can tag along but the places I'm going to and the enemies I face will be dangerous. I can send you to the safe place right now if you want." Shiro offered but Iris shook her head.

"It'll be an enlightening experience to travel with you." Iris smiled as Shiro nodded.

"Well in that case then I suppose our first task is to leave this place. I doubt I can find what I want to find here. Unless you two have something you need to do, we should be able to leave through this path." Shiro said as Iris shook her head.

"There's nothing else for us to do in this city. If you follow this tunnel, you'll reach the highways out to the fields. There are high level monsters roaming around but with the power you demonstrated I'm sure you'll be fine." Iris smiled as Shiro nodded her head and glanced towards the tunnel.

"Since your friend here wants to have a word with you privately, I'll wait by the entrance. Just give me a shout when you are ready to leave." Shiro shrugged as Iris nodded her head.

Watching Shiro leave, Nine turned to Iris.


"I know what you want to ask and this is something we must do. If we don't, there are dire consequences." Iris said as she manifested a tier 5 magic circle. Recognising it to be the divination tool that Iris uses to determine some of their choices, Nine raised his eyebrows curiously.

"If we stay with the young lady, our fortune will be good. The path will be difficult but it will bring good fortune. But if we are to part ways here and now, the mirror shows nothing. Our path will end. Even if we are to go to the place she mentioned, the dead end doesn't change." Iris explained as Nine frowned.

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"But that's not all. It's not just us who reach a dead end. From the response of the mirror, if we don't follow her, a lot of people will die." Iris shook her head.

'Who is she to affect so many lives?' Nine thought in his mind while glancing over at Shiro who was waiting by the tunnel, freezing and killing any monsters that approach.

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