Nine Star Burden - Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: Nocturnal disaster mountain

Mount nocturnal disaster. Under the starry sky.

In a vast wilderness.

“Shh, Shh, Shh~” a slim figure sneaked to a tent and made a small sound to a huge figure.

In the tent, the huge figure was extremely alert. When he heard the sound, he opened his eyes and went from lying on his back to lying on his stomach. He saw a small opening in the tent, and a figure was outside the tent looking at him with a smile.

Fei Xue knew who she was. She was from the same batch of Night Watch apprentices as him, so she could be considered … Yes, his second Senior Sister urged Yin ni.

The two of them also had a senior brother, but that senior brother never communicated with them. He was a mute … No, senior brother wasn’t mute, because Fei Xue had heard him having a brief conversation with second last. Fei Xue had to speculate that senior brother might be autistic.

“Fat Xue, let’s go and see the stars.” Outside the tent, Yin ni said with a smile.

Fei Xue didn’t like this nickname. His surname was Fei, and he had three names. However, this lively Senior Sister kept calling him “Fei Xue.”

Fei Xue wasn’t fat, but to others, he was a little too big.

He was 206 cm tall and weighed more than 300 pounds.

When a two-meter-tall giant weighed more than 300 pounds, but still didn’t look fat, one could imagine his muscles and iron bones.

“Here.” Yin ni reached in with her right hand, holding a piece of candy that glowed with a light blue light between her index finger and thumb.

Obviously, this wasn’t a real candy, but a candy made of star power.

Only then did Fei Xue get up, toot to himself. He grabbed the candy with one hand and stuffed it into his mouth before climbing out of the tent.

The dimensional space of Mount E ye was not cold, but it was always dark.

The night breeze ruffled Yin NI’s long hair. She wrapped her clothes around her body and looked up at the starry sky. At the same time, a huge figure climbed out of the tent.

Even though Yin ni was over 1.8 meters tall, she still looked like a child beside him.

The difference in height wasn’t the main thing. The most terrifying thing was the difference in body size.

“Master!” Fei Xue crawled out and whispered,”we’ll be scolded by master.”

Yin ni opened her palm, and another light blue candy appeared in her palm. She handed it to Fei Xue and said,””Master scolded you?”

Fei Xue immediately lowered his head and sucked the candy away from her palm. He then said with a silly smile,””No, I’ve never heard master swear, but when his sharp eyes swept over me, I lost half my life.”

Yin ni really wanted to express her disdain at Fei Xue, but she seemed to have thought of something and couldn’t help but shiver. She left behind a faint “stupid big guy” and strode forward.

Fei Xue ruffled his short hair and strode after them. He knew that the destination of this trip was the cliff not far ahead.

From there, she could not only see the sky full of stars but also the boundless wilderness.

The night wind ruffled Yin NI’s hair. She reached out and tucked her bangs behind her ears. As she walked forward, her eyes that were looking up at the starry sky fell on the wilderness below.

To be exact, it was the pitch-black figure in the wilderness below.

The pitch-black figure stood quietly beside a huge rock. He held a huge blade in his hand and moved it back and forth.

The figure’s movements weren’t large. Every step was small, and the body’s movements were even smaller. The two-meter-long broadsword in his hand was like a dagger, attacking and defending against the Boulder from all angles and postures.

Even though the huge rock was lifeless, from the movements of the figure, it seemed like a martial artist who was training with him.

Fei Xue stood on the high cliff and looked down at the darkness below. He couldn’t help but ask in a daze,””You saw him again?”

Even though the sky was filled with stars, Fei Xue couldn’t see anything in the distance, only darkness.

“Yes.” Yin ni let out a soft “hmm” as her gaze locked onto the tiny figure in the distance. She suddenly asked,”it’s been 35 days. Have you heard little 9th speak?”

“I think I’ve heard him say something to my master in the tent,” Fei Xue said with uncertainty.”But I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination.”

“You’re really stupid. Really, why wasn’t I by the tent back then?” Yin ni said in dissatisfaction.

Fei Xue scratched his head in a daze and said,””Is it because he doesn’t speak, so he is an official night watchman?”

That’s right, although the three of them were senior and junior apprentices, Fei Xue and Yin ni were only apprentices on Night Watch, while their senior apprentice brother was an official Night Watch with a code name.

To be exact, they were regular lighchasers, and were even more special than the night watchers.

His senior brother’s code name was nine tails. His master had always called him by this code name during missions.


Her master’s code name was second last. What did that mean?

This meant that there was a place for senior brother in the light-chasing team and tail feather team!

Yin nI had specially asked second last about nine tails. According to second last’s master, although her senior brother was already nine tails, he was still an apprentice, just like Fei Xue and Yin ni.

Yin nI had been trying to figure out who this apprentice and official light-chaser was. Unfortunately, he never spoke and always wore The Night Watch uniform. The black mask on his face was never taken off.

Why did she call him “little nine”?

Although the mask had never been taken off, it had been broken once in the battle.

To be exact, the lower half of his mask was broken, revealing the lower half of his face.

When Yin ni saw the lower half of that young face, she knew that this mysterious person was only a child. He could even be a high school student.

Second last’s teaching didn’t follow the rules of traditional teachers. During the missions, people would call each other by their code names.

Yin ni was in the first grade, Fei Xue was in the second grade, and that person was Nine-Tailed.

Since then, Yin nI had changed the way she addressed Nine-Tails. Little nine.

Second last didn’t mind, and nine tails never spoke.

Everything continued naturally.

Yin ni used to be a fourth-year student at the Northwest Star Warrior University, and Fei Xue was one year younger than her. The two of them had taken a break from school and were “recommended” to train under second last by the Northwest Night Watch Army.

If everything went as planned, they would become night watchmen who would conceal their identities after they were acknowledged by second last. As for whether they could become special lighchasers, it would depend on their luck.

Therefore, the academic qualifications in the secular world were not too much of a concern for the two star Warriors who were determined to be night watchers.

Of course, if their strength and willpower were not up to standard and they were sent back to school, they could continue their studies. That was another story.

The creatures of other dimensions here aren’t strong. How long do you think we have to stay here?” Yin ni slowly sat down with her arms around her knees. Her gaze was fixed on the figure in the wilderness below.

Fei Xue thought for a while and said,”master said that when we truly calm down and no longer yearn for the chaotic greater world, we will only enter the next stage after we get used to the night and loneliness.”

Yin ni hugged her knees and mumbled,”Then I might never be qualified. I even need you to accompany me when I come out to see the stars.”

Fei Xue suddenly laughed. He slowly sat down beside Yin ni and looked at the pitch-black wilderness.”Then I’ll accompany you.”

“That wasn’t your attitude when I called you just now,” Yin ni pouted.

Fei Xue scratched his head awkwardly.”I’m just a morning temper. I’m just a morning temper. Please understand.”

There was no such thing as empathy in this world.

If the knife did not cut your hand, you would not feel the same pain.

Just like the two of them now.

In Yin NI’s eyes, this was a vast wilderness, and there was a lonely figure in the distance. He repeated one simple and boring action after another.

In Fei Xue’s eyes, it was pitch black below. Other than the Galaxy above his head, there was only the people beside him.

He didn’t know who was more beautiful, Xinghe or her.

He only knew that the candy was very sweet during the night Watch.

Yin NI’s eyes gradually blurred, and she said softly,”Do I really have to be like him? Only by becoming a lonely mute can I be considered a qualified night watchman?”

Fei Xue looked at the darkness and said,””Maybe.”

“I hate him. I don’t want to become someone like him,” Yin ni said, shaking her head continuously.

“Do you have anyone you’re worried about?” Fei Xue asked after a long silence.

“No,” Yin ni shook her head. This might be an important reason why I was selected as an apprentice of The Night Watch. And you?”

When Fei Xue heard this question, he looked at Yin NI’s lonely side profile and opened his mouth. In the end, he still said,””I don’t have any, either.”

Fei Xue once again turned to look at the void below.””Since you don’t … Then it doesn’t matter. ”

Yin NI’s eyes gradually reddened.”But I miss the small path in front of my house. I miss the sounds of the small shops selling their wares at the corner of the street. I miss the stray cats wandering around the entrance. I miss …” I want to …”

The collapse seemed sudden, but it was not something that could be done in a day.

35 days. In this dark world, Yin ni could clearly remember the time, even every minute.

Fei Xue was silent for a long time before he softly asked,””Do you want to quit?”

Her voice became increasingly choked as she covered her face with both hands and shook her head continuously.”No, no… I just don’t want to become someone like him. ”

Fei Xue’s expression showed that he was struggling, but it was obvious that he was struggling even more in his heart. He hesitated for a long time, and as he looked at the girl who was sobbing softly, a starry light gathered in front of his chest.

A few seconds later, a fat, orange cat-like creature appeared in his hand. It did not seem to realize that it had been summoned and was still sleeping soundly.

Fei Xue placed the orange cat in Yin NI’s arms and said,””Don’t tell master. ”

Yin ni hugged the orange cat in her arms, but her mood did not improve. She continued to sob softly.

They did not know when, but a huge figure stood quietly behind them, and a hoarse voice entered their ears.””Go back to the tent and rest, immediately.” He ordered.

Fei Xue stood up in a hurry, stammering,””MA … Master. ”

Yin ni stood up as well, but her head remained lowered the entire time. Her tears continued to fall on the orange cat in her arms, finally waking it up from its deep sleep.

The orange cat-like creature leaned forward and kept licking the tears on her face.

Second last only glanced at the two of them and stared at the figure below the cliff.

At some point, he had already placed the giant blade behind his back and was quietly staring at the huge rock in front of him.

At the same time, in the Star Warriors Stadium in Beijing, under the White Street lights, a figure sprinting at full speed, drenched in sweat, kept slowing down and slowly came to a stop. His knees went soft and he half-knelt on the synthetic race track.

His entire body was already drenched, as if he had just been fished out of the water. His eyes were closed, and his mind was connected.

A simple message was transmitted from the internal star map.

“Xia family swordsmanship upgraded! Gold quality level 3!”

“I’m tired … Are you tired?” Beside him, another person who was also sprinting slowed down and stopped beside Jiang Xiao. He placed his hands on his knees and panted heavily.

To be able to make a star Warrior with extremely strong physical fitness sweat like rain and have his breath in disorder, it was enough to show the intensity of their training.

“If you want to use blessing, then, use it. Don ‘t, force yourself.” Gu Shi ‘an’s chest heaved up and down violently. Under the streetlight, he stammered and reached out his hand.

On the football field, Qin Wangchuan, who was tossing the ball, suddenly stepped on the ball and shouted angrily,””Jiang xiaopi! Was this his limit? You’re not dead! You’re not dead! If you’re not dead, stand up!”

Jiang Xiao grabbed the thick palm and stood up with difficulty. Without saying a word, he strode forward again.

“Gu Shi ‘an! You’re not tired? If you don’t overtake him in three minutes, get out of Team 3!” Qin Wangchuan’s angry roars could be heard one after another,”hurry! Faster! Jiang xiaopi! Your goal is to die on this track!”

Mount nocturnal disaster, in the vast wilderness under the starry sky.

The lonely figure looked at the huge rock in front of him and struck again without a sound.


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