Nine Star Burden - Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: The matchmaker

Jiang Xiao was woken up by a phone call at noon the next day.

God knew what he had experienced last night. Qin Wangchuan was a devil!

He only let Jiang Xiao off when he was unable to get up on the track.

Jiang Xiao didn’t even dare to use blessing to ease his pain, for fear that Qin Wangchuan would see that he had “come back to life” and continue to train to death …

It was already FiveO’ clock in the morning when Jiang Xiao and Gu Shi ‘an returned to the dormitory.

The dormitory manager Auntie downstairs didn’t have a good expression at first, but when she saw the two of them in such a sorry state, she guessed that the two of them didn’t go out to eat, drink, and have fun, but to train. So, although the Auntie was mumbling, she didn’t snitch on them.

Tutor Zhou Xinghe was in charge of a student’s studies and life from every angle. If the Auntie really said that a student reeked of alcohol and returned to the dormitory in the middle of the night, that student would be in trouble.

When Jiang Xiao and Gu Shi ‘an returned to the dormitory, they happened to catch up with their other two roommates, Ren Shu and Han Xin, who had gotten up. Jiang Xiao then remembered that they were going to participate in the off-campus practical training class organized by the school today.

Gu Shi ‘an didn’t even have the strength to say hello. He struggled to climb into his bed and fell asleep.

To this, Jiang Xiao only had two words to say: Hmph, stinky man.

However, Jiang Xiao was different. Since the two brothers had already woken up, he went straight into the bathroom.

Han Xin waited outside for a long time and finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He wanted to knock on Jiang Xiao’s door and urge him to hurry up, but he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

However, she suddenly heard the strange voice from the bathroom.

Han Xin was shocked. His hand that was about to knock on the door froze in mid-air, and he suddenly realized that he could hold it in again …

To this, Jiang Xiao also had a comment: Heh, a real man!

While washing his body, Jiang Xiao crazily wished himself well. The strange voice that came from the bathroom lingered in the ears of his two roommates for a long time.

More than ten minutes later, Ren Shu and Han Xin looked at Jiang Xiao, who was glowing with health, and walked out of the bathroom. The two of them quickly turned their heads and looked around.

Jiang Xiao was amused and thought, if I’m not embarrassed, why are you two embarrassed?

We’re all adults, what’s with the quality?

Blessing was a divine skill! A true divine skill!

Jiang Xiao’s body, which had been trained to the limit, quickly regained its strength and the soreness all over his body disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a warm feeling.

Of course, although his body had recovered, he was not mentally. Jiang Xiao was extremely exhausted. After giving Gu Shi ‘an two blessings, he climbed into his bed and fell asleep.

Gu Shi ‘an’s thunderous snores suddenly stopped, and he made strange sounds in his sleep. If he was not really tired, he would probably have been woken up by the milk …

When Jiang Xiao opened his eyes, it was already threeo’ clock in the afternoon. His other two roommates were not around, probably because they had gone out for training with the school and had yet to return. They might not even be back in the next few days.

For the first-year students, the cultural classes of the Star Warriors in Beijing were more important than the practical training classes. This rare practical training class would probably take three days to finish.

Another characteristic of becoming an apprentice of the wasteland reclaimers was reflected. After Jiang Xiao became an apprentice of the wasteland reclaimers, he realized that all the practical training classes he had in school had been replaced by practical training classes.

And more importantly … Jiang Xiao initially thought that the wasteland reclaimers would be trained in their own teams. However, he didn’t expect that the students in the Galaxy stage were taken out for training by the wasteland reclaimers. Only the few of them in the Nebula stage were left behind in school and left with Qin Wangchuan …

“Ring, ring, ring …” The old-fashioned ringtone of the phone woke Jiang Xiao up again. He hurriedly grabbed the fruit mobile phone and glanced at the “dead pig” on the opposite bed. Jiang Xiao got out of bed, walked out of the dormitory, and answered the call.

“Teacher hai? You’re here. ”

On the other end of the phone, hai Tianqing’s gentle voice came through.”The famous Jiang xiaopi invited me here. How could I dare to embarrass the National champion?”

Jiang Xiao was rather surprised.”You’re really here. Aren’t you going to teach the students?”

Hai Tianqing chuckled and said,”I’m taking an annual leave. I’m the champion instructor now. Principal Yan can’t wait to give me two more days when I take leave.”

Jiang Xiao suddenly fell silent.

“Xiaopi?” hai Tianqing asked.

Jiang Xiao said,”hai Tianqing, you’ve changed. You’re being sarcastic and smug. You’re no longer the hai Tianqing I know.”

Hai Tianqing was speechless.

“Go away. I don’t want to see you again,” Jiang Xiao said.

“I’ll leave after I kill you,”hai Tianqing yelled.

To Jiang Xiao’s surprise, the voice did not just come from the other end of the phone, but also from downstairs.

Jiang Xiao smiled and hurriedly ran down.””Aiya, don ‘t. Let’s talk this out. I was just joking with you.”

While they were talking, Jiang Xiao had already run to the first floor and happened to see an interesting scene.

Hai Tianqing, who was dressed in a royal blue suit and leather shoes, looked elegant and handsome. He was confronting the dormitory manager at the door.

The aura of the dormitory manager Auntie was really too strong. She could hold off ten thousand people by herself!

The middle-aged woman stood at the entrance of the dormitory building and stared at hai Tianqing. She was on guard and had a broom leaning against the door frame.

Hai Tianqing didn’t even dare to go up the stairs and could only stand outside the building and call Jiang Xiao …

Jiang Xiao was almost amused by the scene and thought, you’re The Night Watcher? Lighchasers?

Hai Tianqing, quit the team!

Uh, wait … You really seem to have retreated …

“Big … Auntie, this is my brother. ” The aunty’s aura was too strong. Although Jiang Xiao was laughing at hai Tianqing, he stuttered a little when he walked past her.

Only then did the middle-aged woman turn around and walk into the building. However, she took out a stool and returned to the entrance. She sat down like a landlady and stared at her “tenant” chatting with the “idlers” of unknown origins.

“Very good, xiaopi.” Seeing that Jiang Xiao was in a good state, hai Tianqing couldn’t help but Pat his shoulder with a look of relief.

Jiang Xiao thought to himself,”that’s because you didn’t see me this morning. Have you seen me before?”

I’ll be the same as the dead dog!


No, I have to adjust my state of mind.

‘Why have I been dissing myself recently …’

I’d better bring you to see that dead pig in the dormitory!

“I’m so touched to see you from so far away, teacher hai. ” Jiang Xiao hurriedly said,”wait for me to change my clothes. Let’s go out and talk. I know a cold drink shop. Wait for me, I’ll be right out.”

Hai Tianqing looked at Jiang Xiao’s back and heaved a sigh of relief.

Why did he come all the way from Beijiang to the imperial capital?

It was because hai Tianqing was indeed worried about Jiang Xiao, especially after the 923 incident. Hai Tianqing had spoken to Jiang Xiao on the phone many times and was concerned about his mental state.

Although the child had been acting very well over the phone, hai Tianqing had been very worried.

Five days ago, Jiang Xiao suddenly invited hai Tianqing to come to the capital to play during another chat with him. After some thought, hai Tianqing finally applied for leave from the school and boarded the flight to the capital.

At the end of the day, he was still worried. He had taken care of Jiang Xiao for an entire year and watched as the child rose to the top step by step and shone brightly. He really didn’t want any accidents to happen to Jiang Xiao during his growth.

In addition, he also missed these three little fellows a little.

Hai Tianqing even thought that since he had plenty of holidays this time, he could visit the northern University of National defense technology in liaolian city to see how li Weiyi was doing. However, that military school was not like the Star Warriors Academy in the imperial capital. It was a completely closed-off school, so it was not easy to meet him.


Half an hour later, in a coffee shop.

Hai Tianqing was very curious as to why Jiang Xiao had changed his taste. Logically speaking, skewers, hot pot restaurants, and roadside stalls should be Jiang Xiao’s favorite.

Sigh, this child has changed. She came to the big city and learned to drink coffee.

However, hai Tianqing was wrong again. Jiang Xiao really didn’t drink coffee. He ordered one cup of chocolate sundae after another, and hai Tianqing felt that his stomach was hurting because of them.

The two of them chatted about their recent situation. Unfortunately, his other two students had been taken out for training by the wasteland reclaimers, which hai Tianqing felt was a pity.

Hai Tianqing had long known about the important life choices of the students. He was not surprised that the three of them had embarked on the path of wasteland reclaimers. After all, the parents of the three of them were all from the wasteland reclaimers.

Hai Tianqing was just worried about Jiang Xiao. He repeatedly reminded Jiang Xiao that no one could stop second last once she got angry.

Jiang Xiao waved his hand and immediately told hai Tianqing,”She’s a Lynx in front of others, but a big cat in front of me.

Hai Tianqing didn’t dare to continue the conversation …

The teacher and student chatted in this elegant room for a few hours without feeling the passage of time. It was only when it was almost six in the evening that there was a knock on the door.

Hai Tianqing initially thought that the waiter was here to see if there was anything he needed in the private room, only to discover that Jiang Xiao was in a strange state. Did this kid actually go to open the door?

“Teacher Fang, how are you?” Jiang Xiao opened the door and said,”come in quickly.”

Hai Tianqing couldn’t help but push up his gold-rimmed glasses. In his line of sight, a beautiful woman walked in with an apologetic expression.

“I’m sorry, there’s a traffic jam on the road. ” Her voice was soft, and her expression was even gentler. She was wearing a champagne-colored dress and high heels, looking noble and elegant. Her black shoulder-length hair made her look even more beautiful.

“It’s not even Sixo’ clock yet. Why are you apologizing? we’ve just arrived.” Jiang Xiao hurriedly let teacher Fang Xingyun in.

“Hehe.” Fang Xingyun smiled. She saw the seven empty sundae cups on the table. Did they just arrive? You drank seven glasses in a row?

Fang Xingyun did not point it out, which showed that he had a good upbringing. He nodded at hai Tianqing in a friendly manner.

Jiang Xiao blushed and knew that he had been seen through. He leaned forward and waved at the service staff standing not far away.”Please help me clear the cups and bring me the menu.”

Jiang Xiao turned around and returned to the room, only to see that Fang Xingyun was already sitting opposite hai Tianqing. She was gentle, beautiful, and natural.

Fang Xingyun clearly knew what he was here for, but the problem was … Hai Tianqing didn’t know!

The two of them sat on the sofa while Jiang Xiao took a small stool and sat on the narrow side of the long table.

Hai Tianqing looked at the elegant, gentle, and generous woman in front of him. In an instant, he connected all the WeChat messages that he had received from Jiang Xiao over the past month.

This is bad!

He had been tricked!

This kid had planned this for a long time!

Now, it seemed that those inexplicable and strange words were all indirect approaches!

Hai Tianqing suddenly recalled that Jiang Xiao had asked him on WeChat five days ago,””When are you going to find me a master’s wife? I’ve recently taken a fancy to a Platinum Star bead. That dimensional space is too dangerous. I can’t bear to let you take me there …”

At that time, hai Tianqing directly chided him with a voice message,””Where am I supposed to find you a master’s wife in the starry sea? If you have the ability, then find one for me!”

That night, hai Tianqing received an invitation from Jiang Xiao to come to the capital to play …

“Hello, Sir. Here’s your menu.” The waiter said in a friendly manner.

Jiang Xiao took the menu and asked,””Do you have any desserts in your store that can quickly bond a man and a woman?”

Upon hearing this, Fang Xingyun couldn’t help but look at Jiang Xiao with a reproachful expression.

And hai Tianqing … He was still in a state of confusion.

The waiter had a professional smile on his face and did not respond.

Jiang Xiao flipped through the menu and hummed a tune.””Who I meet, what kind of conversation will I have. The person I’m waiting for, how far away is the future~”

Fang Xingyun was looking at hai Tianqing with an admiring gaze. When he heard Jiang Xiao’s tune, he immediately turned around and blinked his beautiful eyes.

Jiang Xiao flipped to another page of the menu and continued to hum.””I heard the wind from the subway and the sea of people. I’m in line, holding the number plate of love …”

Jiang Xiao turned around and looked at the woman with bright eyes, after which he winked at her with his left eye.


Back then, you were the ones who forbade us from dating at such a young age!

Now, on behalf of the vast number of students, I, Jiang Xiao, will return good for evil and take the two of you on a blind date!

I’m not trying to prove how good I am. I just want to tell you that this is the result of you not falling in love at a young age!

Damn it,

‘I’m really a little poison who twisted logic and distorted black and white …’ Uh, little matchmaker.

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