Nine Star Burden - Chapter 889

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Chapter 889: I have something to say …

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Jiang Xiao arrived at the MU black market and had a good dinner before being dragged back to his room for a meeting by the coaches.

Not only did they have a meeting, but the Beijing Star Warriors team of four also reviewed the rules of the competition under the guidance of Assistant Instructor Bai Yin.

A kind person would see the good in everything, but the world was not beautiful. The Huaxia leaders were not paranoid, because those disgusting people and things really existed.

In fact, the opponents of this kimchi team in the previous round, the team from the arpany Republic, were still protesting and complaining to the organizers of the competition …

The fate of the Republic of aping was really rough. In the Star Warriors world Cup, it actually repeated what it had encountered in the Football World Cup.


On the Chinese internet, some netizens left interesting comments. “I’ve seen this episode before. It was in 2002 …”


It was not until 10 O’ clock at night that the national team’s coaching team left.

Xia Yan couldn’t help but purse her lips and said,””I’m so nervous. ”

“It’s normal. ” Jiang Xiao smiled and said,”I’ve experienced this once during the 2017 Star Warriors world Cup. Just fight normally and try to avoid any follow-up actions. Once you’re on the lookout, stop attacking immediately. ”

“Yes, Xia Yan. Your combat style and character may be at a disadvantage. During the competition tomorrow, you and Gu Shi ‘an will guard me.” Han Jiangxue said,”I’ll be the main attacker tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Unexpectedly, Xia Yan was very obedient and said casually,”anyway, there are still many rounds to go. I’ll have plenty of opportunities to perform.”


July 8th, mu black market, Alian Stadium.

Phoebe Yu’s influential voice was transmitted to thousands of families in China through the TV screen,”The first match! The No. 1 seeded team from China! Could the four-man team of Beijing Star Warriors give us a beautiful opening? Let’s wait and see!”

“In terms of strength on paper, the kimchi Kingdom is comparable to the Yuehe Kingdom,” Jing Xinyue said.

“Before the game, the major media also released news that China’s imperial capital Star Warriors team has drawn a good lot. Let’s look forward to the good news from the Chinese athletes.”

“The players from both sides are ready. They’re going on stage!” Yu Feifei looked at the students who went on stage and stared at the formation of both sides.”The formation of the Chinese team today is still the classic 2-1 -1-1! As for the members of the kimchi team, they were similarly in a 2-1-1 formation.

Let’s hear what they have to say in their pre-match exchange session. ”

Yu Feifei and Jing Xinyue stopped their explanation and listened carefully to the microphone, but … However, there was no communication between the two sides. Instead, it was the players of kimchi country who were talking about something.

The voices were originally very low, but the arguments between the team members seemed to become more and more intense due to differences in ideas.

The two emcees looked at each other in bewilderment, and Jiang Xiao and the others were at a loss.

What was going on?

Why are you still quarreling when you’re already on stage? To resolve the internal conflicts of the team off the field? Why did you bring him here?

What was the reason? Shouldn’t the tactics and strategies be decided before the game?

What were they arguing about?

It was wrong!

Jiang Xiao frowned slightly and thought, is he trying to play tricks?

While they were thinking, the four-man team from Star Warriors of imperial capital were stunned because they saw the referee team entering the arena.

There were three judges, and two of them were mentioned in the information. But the main judge …

Under normal circumstances, the Star Warriors students wouldn’t study the judges. However, due to the fact that the opponents were rather special, Jiang Xiao and the others also studied the three judges after studying the rules last night.

What was going on?

Why did the main judge change?

The audience might not know, but the students did. Even the host who was holding the name list knew.

“There seems to be a small change in the game. The main judge is not the one who was previously confirmed?” Phoebe Yu carefully compared the list of judges and said curiously.

The four-man team of Star Warriors from Beijing looked at the coach team who was replacing the substitute seats.

Chief commander Zuo Yiheng personally supervised the Army. He crossed his arms and looked serious, not saying anything.

Beside him, assistant Bai Yin smiled at the four of them and gave them a thumbs up.

Changing the referee on the spot?

From Bai Yin’s smile and posture, it seemed like China had taken the initiative to pressure the organizers to change the main judge?

“Pfft …” Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“What’s wrong?” Han Jiangxue turned around and looked at him.

Jiang Xiao waved his hands and remained silent.

In fact, he was already thinking about the comment he saw on the internet yesterday:

“I’ve seen this episode before. It was in 2002 …”

It was the same football field, but the type of competition was different. Changing the referee on the spot, well done!

Jiang Xiao turned the giant sword in his hand and was originally in a good mood. However, he suddenly felt a sense of frustration.

They didn’t know what the other side was up to, but this pre-match exchange had become a debate within their team!

It wasn’t just a debate. Looking at their daggers drawn appearance, was there going to be an internal fight?

Gu Shi ‘an stood in front of Han Jiangxue with his hands on his hips. He turned around and said,””Are these people acting as us? What were they talking about? Xiaopi? Can you translate it for me?”

Han Jiangxue chimed in.”Don’t worry about anything else. Just follow the tactics we’ve formulated.”

It was unknown if it was a real act or not, but on the substitutes ‘bench, the leader of the kimchi country ran to the edge of the field and scolded loudly.

The team on the other side finally quieted down. However, looking at the Furious expressions of two of their team members, it seemed that they were extremely indignant and were only suppressing their anger.

Gu Shi ‘an knew that Jiang Xiao could speak Korean because the team of four was an apprentice wasteland reclaimers who had gone to Jindalai to carry out a mission together.

However, Jiang Xiao’s Korean wasn’t very good, and he was also a kindalai student. Hence, he couldn’t understand kimchi’s soft accent and some of its words. After all, Jiang Xiao was in the crash course for a few months and was taught by a kindalai child.

“Listen to me”,”fight like this”,”you’re wrong”,”we discussed it last night”…

That was what Jiang Xiao had heard just now, but he didn’t know if he had heard correctly. Now that the other party was no longer speaking, Jiang Xiao didn’t have the chance to understand.

Jiang Xiao shook his head helplessly and his eyes turned slightly red. Dark clouds began to gather in the sky.

“Are the members of both teams ready?” The main judge looked at both sides in turn. After confirming them one by one, the small flag was suddenly waved down.”The game begins!”

Xia Yan’s body suddenly arched like a sharp sword that was about to be unsheathed! It instantly attracted the attention of the four-man enemy team!

Under the watchful gaze of the enemy, Xia Yan did not move her long legs. Instead, she smiled and her suave posture was filled with ridicule.

Xia Yan brandished her huge sword continuously, and crimson sword arcs were thrown out one after another, tearing through the tender green grass and charging towards the enemy formation.

Before the sword could reach the opponent’s camp, Han Jiangxue’s ice roar had already swept over!

She stretched out her hand, and the heavy Platinum Ice roared and exploded in the opposite camp.

In Gu Shi ‘an’s pitch-black eyes, a pair of pupils suddenly appeared in each eye, looking at the team members at the forefront of the enemy.

At the same time, Jiang Xiao’s net tears and domain tears also fell.

Jiang Xiao, on the other hand, had to bear more responsibilities. He raised his hand and shot a Platinum silence.

No one moved in the group of four. Two were in charge of output and two were in charge of control. They had built a well-defined and well-organized artillery battery!

Attacking from the spot!

The dense mist floating in the enemy camp seemed to have purified Jiang Xiao’s silence domain very quickly. To Jiang Xiao’s surprise …

In the domain of domain tears, Jiang Xiao only felt that the grass under his feet was a little strange. He suddenly moved his body to the side and a water pillar shot out. The powerful water pillar brushed past Jiang Xiao’s side and shot into the sky!

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

What was the meaning of this?

Attack me?

Have you lost your mind?

I’m like a F * cking ghost, I can flash around the whole scene. This is something the whole world knows, and you guys actually came to attack me?

Little jiangxue waved her hands again. ‘You’re going to be crushed by her. Why are you attacking me?’

Are you looking down on our little jiangxue?

What made Jiang Xiao even more dumbfounded was that as the water pillar shot up, there were sounds of cursing and swearing coming from the mist that was getting thicker in the opposite camp!

Perhaps Jiang Xiao’s Korean wasn’t up to standard, but he could completely understand what they were saying!

This was a very strange phenomenon. When learning a country’s language, Jiang Xiao would always be the first to learn the vulgarities of the country …

“You’re a F * cking idiot. Han Jiangxue is the target. We’ve discussed %¥#!” You $#$%! Idiot!”

“You %%! The coach has given us the main point of attack, so we should listen to his orders!”

“I’m the commander, listen to me on the field! We had an agreement last night! The coach’s tactics were wrong! There’s no way we can win if we fight like that!”

Jiang Xiao thought to himself, you still have a teammate who’s about to be crushed by Han Jiangxue, yet you’re still quarreling?

Han Jiangxue’s combat intelligence was really high!

She didn’t pay any attention to the two quarreling members and quickly adjusted her battle plan on the field. She didn’t even use ice roar anymore, for fear of affecting the two quarreling members.

She immediately chose to use the dark blue scepter to kill the enemy melee fighter!

In order not to disturb their quarrel, Han Jiangxue even ordered Xia Yan to change her target and ignore the two of them …

Outside of the green field, on the substitutes ‘bench, kimchi’s coaching team was completely enraged. They stepped forward and loudly reprimanded the players who were arguing with each other on the battlefield.

The situation at the scene also made the audience dumbfounded.

The kimchi shield warrior was under Gu Shi ‘an’s control and was disrupting the star power.

At the same time, the kimchi shield warrior was also struggling to resist Xia Yan’s continuous sword arcs.

On the other hand, kimchi’s melee fighter was first injured by the ice roar and was now slashed by Han Jiangxue’s lightning.

The other mage and assistant were cursing at each other angrily. They had quarreled so much that they had forgotten that they were on the arena.

Jiang Xiao placed his hands on his waist and didn’t attack. He just looked at the other party from afar and, like his other three teammates, didn’t disturb the argument between the two of them.

Jiang Xiao seemed to have understood the main point of the quarrel from their words.

The assistant from the pickle nation seemed to have a lot of ideas and was also the commander of the team. He probably felt that the coach had made the wrong decision to assign Jiang Xiao as the main attacking point.

However, the commander did not seem to raise any objections when the coach was formulating the tactics. Instead, he chose to communicate with the team members in private at night and change the battle plan to Han Jiangxue.

He had no idea what the rules awakened told the commander, but after they went on stage, the rules awakened still followed the instructions of the coaching team to interfere with Jiang Xiao …

And that resulted in the current situation.

Han Jiangxue looked at the kimchi melee fighter who was bleeding and completely unconscious after being struck by the lightning. She immediately changed her target and aimed at the kimchi shield warrior who had been harassed by Gu Shi ‘an and bombarded by Xia Yan.

Jiang Xiao tried his best to hold back his laughter and raised his hand, after which a blessing landed on the struggling shield-bearer.

For the first time, Jiang Xiao’s blessing was cast so comfortably. Although the light pillar of silver quality blessing was a little small, it completely enveloped the shield-bearer of the enemy.


In an instant, the enemy shield-bearers lost their ability to fight.

As for the remaining rules awakened and support awakened, they probably felt that there was no hope of victory at all, so they did not make any changes and continued to quarrel!

The four-man team of Star Warriors from imperial capital stopped and turned to look at their teammates …

The opponent that had made the four-man team feel like they were facing a great enemy and had a meeting that lasted until midnight actually ended up like this?

On the other side, in the not-so-dense mist, the sound of quarrels and curses continued to come out.

“#$% You stupid thing, sigh ….

“AI Yi Xi $%$* Xi BA ‘er %$%…”

Jiang Xiao felt as if 10000 flies were buzzing around his ears.


He suddenly raised his hand! A shot of silence! Absolute silence!

Jiang Xiao yelled,’I have something to say! Everyone, please listen!”

Jiang Xiao stretched out his hands and smashed into silence madly, trying to snatch control of the area from the continuously purifying water mist. He also prevented the other party from saying anything and maintained the silence of the scene.

However, Jiang Xiao had a look of pity on his face and he continued,””During the era of Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling, the Han Dynasty was on the decline, the eunuchs created disasters, the country was in chaos, and there were disturbances everywhere …”

Everyone was speechless.

On the livestream platform, a huge number of bullet comments appeared.

“Prime Minister? Is that you? The Prime Minister?”

“Oh my God! The little toxic healer is going to tell the foreigners ‘Chu Shi Biao’!”

“If your language teacher heard what you said, he would definitely come out of his coffin and beat you up! Your Chu Shi Biao has these few lines?”

“What the f * ck, what’s going on? Even TV dramas didn’t dare to act like this? Not even the script would dare to write it like this! This was the World Cup! Infighting? They’re quarreling on the field?”

“A dog with a broken spine dares to bark in front of my Army! I’ve never seen such a shameless person!”

“I’ve never seen such a shameless person!”

As the bullet comments flooded the screen, Jiang Xiao, who was on the green field, also said the same thing and shouted at the other half of the field,””I’ve never seen such a …”

“Tutu! Toot!” The referee’s whistle finally sounded. He received a signal from the kimchi coaching team and immediately announced the result of the match,”the match is over! China wins!”

The Beijing Star Warrior trio quickly left the scene with a submissive look.

Jiang Xiao had yet to finish his lines when he was interrupted by the whistle and the referee’s shout. He was feeling extremely frustrated.

Han Jiangxue, who was quickly leaving the stage, felt that someone was missing. She hurriedly turned around and dragged Jiang Xiao, who was blushing from holding back his anger, away from the stage …

During the exit, Jiang Xiao couldn’t hold it in anymore and whispered,””You’re so shameless!”

Han Jiangxue was speechless.

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